Commercial and Industrial

We are not your typical duct cleaners.  we are North Dakota’s largest Ventilation Systems Cleaning Contractor.  We have experience with HVAC hygiene and cleaning service, maintenance programs, building investigations, microbial sampling, and indoor air quality (IAQ).  Find out why many of the local cleaning and restoration companies have decided to give us all of their business.  They know that it takes experience, equipment, safety , and conscientiousness to reach the high standards we have set.

HVAC Systems

Although there are endless types of buildings, there are basically three types of HVAC systems:

  1. Light commercial – any business and building, (one story or high-rise) that has an AHU of less than 10,000 CFM.
  2. Commercial – any business or building (one story or high-rise) that has an AHU of 10,000 CFM velocity or greater.
  3. Industrial – any business or building used to manufacture products.

Home Heating specializes in all three.  We are confident you will not regret contacting us to discuss your IAQ concerns.  Day or night, weekday or weekend, we will complete the job efficiently, professionally and safely at your convenience.

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