Even heat throughout your home by radiant energy transfer

Radiant floor heating is accomplished through the floor being heated directly by warm water in the pipes, either in the floor or under the floor.  The floor gets warm which subsequently warms the ceiling, walls, and objects in the room by radiant energy transfer.  You benefit not only from the heat rising off of the floor, but also from reduced temperature swings and in increase in comfort.

Quite and clean

Radiant floor heat is quiet and clean.  There are no noisy fans which can contribute to dust, pollen and other allergens.  It is also invisible; you have no registers or ventilation ducts.

Home Heating & Pluming is the areas leader in this technology and have the expertise to design a custom system for your home or office.  We can help you install radiant floor heat throughout the entire house, or just in your bathroom or other areas of your home.  We can do retrofits as well as new construction. Contact us and we will give you the solution that provides optimum comfort.

Snow and Ice Melt Systems

The snow and ice melt systems that keep hospital entrances clear of snow and ice can do the same for your driveway and sidewalk.  Snow and ice melt systems are configured much like radiant floor heating systems except they are installed underneath driveways, sidewalks, patios, and carports to keep them virtually free of snow and ice.  Make shoveling snow a thing of the past.

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