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If you are looking to add some spice to your home with a kitchen face-lift or are looking to add a bathroom to your house to boost the value, Home Heating and Plumbing can give you the exact plumbing remodel you are looking for. We specialize in plumbing remodels and plumbing replacements, as well as plumbing products. Contact our professional, licensed team. They will accommodate your every need and make sure the finished product goes above and beyond your expectations.

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With a wide variety of products, Home Heating and Plumbing offers some of the most recognized name brands in the plumbing industry. Call our office and schedule an appointment with one of our licensed project managers and they can come to your house and give you a free remodel estimate on a project that you have been wanting.

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Read what our customers are saying

  • Stan Franek
    Great Service!
    Stan Franek
    Fargo, ND 9/21/23
  • David Warren
    Nice crew that did a great job. Highly recommend!
    David Warren
    Fargo, ND 9/21/23
  • Betty Rheault
    I'm impressed with Joe and will ask for him if service are needed in the future.
    Betty Rheault
    West Fargo, ND 9/19/23
  • Bonnie Greenwood
    Jason was excellent on knowledge and how he did the work and explained the procedures.
    Bonnie Greenwood
    Fargo, ND 9/19/23
  • Austin Rust
    Always on time-fair price
    Austin Rust
    Harwood, ND 9/15/23
  • Marie Ellen Swenson
    Keith has always been prompt & knowledgeable. Always had good service from Home.
    Marie Ellen Swenson
    Moorhead, MN 9/11/23
  • Kathy Wold
    Excellent Customer Service!
    Kathy Wold
    Fargo, ND 9/8/23
  • Rod Mathison
    Good service, on time, friendly.
    Rod Mathison
    Hickson, ND 9/8/23
  • Tyler Vandevelde
    Timely and courteous. Answered all of our questions and did a stand up job.
    Tyler Vandevelde
    Fargo, ND 9/6/23
  • Anonymous
    Tech was very Personable & Knowledgeable. Would highly recommend him.
    Fargo, ND 9/6/23
  • John Blazek
    TJ and Mackenzie were great and I am very happy.
    John Blazek
    Fargo, ND 9/6/23
  • Della McClean
    Very nice people to work with-very clean.
    Della McClean
    Yipsilanti, ND 9/5/23
  • Keith Kilber
    TJ is always professional, knowledgeable and easy to communicate with.
    Keith Kilber
    Fargo, ND 9/5/23
  • Jane Cornell
    Joey has done numerous jobs for m e and I've been very pleased with his work.
    Jane Cornell
    West Fargo, ND 9/5/23
  • David Warren
    Josh did an exceptional job fixing my problem with a water leak from upstairs doing damage in the basement.
    David Warren
    Fargo, ND 8/31/23
  • John Blaek
    A more professional representation, work and results could not be expected or asked for!
    John Blaek
    Fargo, ND 8/28/23
  • Jon & Doris Babler
    Always great service
    Jon & Doris Babler
    Moorhead, MN 8/28/23
  • Phil Felde
    Good to have same technician for several years!
    Phil Felde
    Moorhead, MN 8/23/23
  • Tim & Holly Gruba
    These 2 were great, very friendly and professional.
    Tim & Holly Gruba
    Fargo. ND 8/21/23
  • Steven Reiten
    Always a great experience with all their workmanship.
    Steven Reiten
    Harwood, ND 8/21/23
  • Jason Pettys
    Ben & Jason were great. They were professional, fast & left everything very clean.
    Jason Pettys
    Moorhead, MN 8/17/23
  • Lois Aldrich
    Was courteous and professional-Called to confirm before arrival. He even noticed and repaired paint peeling on the frame of the fireplace door which I greatly appreciated.
    Lois Aldrich
    Fargo, ND 8/17/23
  • Dale & Jerri Rust
    Home Heating has always done a great job.
    Dale & Jerri Rust
    Harwood, ND 8/17/23
  • Brian Berferon
    Both were very professional and easy to communicate with.
    Brian Berferon
    Fargo, ND 8/1723
  • Najuway & Lawuo Mulbah
    I almost sold my home due to the high humidity that was damaging the window frames; Home Heating diagnosed and solved it.
    Najuway & Lawuo Mulbah
    West Fargo, ND 8/17/23
  • Jeff & Christel Schmidt
    Thanks to dispatch for coordinating both HVAC and plumbing to service the same day!  Will definitely recommend! Thanks!
    Jeff & Christel Schmidt
    Fargo, ND 8/15/23
  • Jason Nelson
    Excellent! All around superb-will definitely use again!!
    Jason Nelson
    West Fargo, ND 8/15/23
  • Aaron Stevenson
    The 2-man crew did an excellent job!
    Aaron Stevenson
    Horace, ND 8/11/23
  • Kurtis Cook
    Very neat, explained everything and work was complete. Thank you, Rick!
    Kurtis Cook
    Dilworth, MN 8/11/23
  • John Strache
    It was a pleasure doing business with Home & Hearth. Staff were personable, professional, and not pressuring for a sell-up. They listened to what we needed and gave us choices. The workmen were skilled, clean, and cordial and did a great job. We would be happy to do business here again.
    John Strache
    Hawley, MN 8/10/23
  • Bill Carr
    Great job and nice person.
    Bill Carr
    West Fargo, ND 8/8/23
  • Ron Huard
    TJ Always provides excellent service!
    Ron Huard
    Dilworth, MN 8/8/23
  • Kevin
    Had TJ and Mackenzie out and they score a 10!  They were so awesome! They did wonderful work and are great people!
    Horace, ND 8/4/23
  • Scott Bentley
    They did a great job!
    Scott Bentley
    Moorhead, MN 8/3/23
  • Sandy Beutler
    I will definitely recommend!
    Sandy Beutler
    Moorhead, MN 8/2/23
  • Michael & Alice Smette
    Staff were very helpful and went beyond normal expectations.
    Michael & Alice Smette
    Fargo, ND 7/31/23
  • Allen Zidon
    We were very pleased with the knowledge Sara shared with us and the price.
    Allen Zidon
    Pisek, ND 7/28/23
  • Bert Chamberlain
    Good Job!
    Bert Chamberlain
    Moorhead, MN 7/28/23
  • Gregory Nelson
    We enjoy TJ and the work he does and how quick you send help.
    Gregory Nelson
    West Fargo 7/28/23
  • Chris & Monica Heise
    Home Heating are Rockstars!!
    Chris & Monica Heise
    West Fargo, ND 7/27/23
  • Dave Wambach
    Prompt, efficient, professional.  Couldn't be better!
    Dave Wambach
    Fargo, ND 7/25/23
  • Richard Shaefer
    The two men were very respectful and kind and helpful. They did a good job.
    Richard Shaefer
    Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Deb Dawson
    Always professional and courteous.
    Deb Dawson
    Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Audrey Farol
    Great work, the only thing that could have made it better was a follow-up call that the work was done. 5 stars! Thanks!
    Audrey Farol
    Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Darryl Riegel
    You're lucky to have this man work for your organization.
    Darryl Riegel
    Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Charles & Diane Pieper
    Competent, professional, friendly.
    Charles & Diane Pieper
    Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Claudia Anderson
    Always a positive experience!
    Claudia Anderson
    Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Deb & Steve Satrom
    We have been very pleased every job.
    Deb & Steve Satrom
    West Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Lu Burngardt
    Easy to work with, answered questions appropriately and offered feedback.
    Lu Burngardt
    West Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Andrew Seter
    We always have excellent service when you guys come out and the work is great!
    Andrew Seter
    Glyndon, MN 7/19/23
  • Bill & Chris Hagen
    Great job. Works great!
    Bill & Chris Hagen
    Moorhead, MN 7/19/23
  • Dean Vollmer
    Fabulous job. Knowledgeable, great clean up, and very professional.
    Dean Vollmer
    Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Dean Stamnes
    Very Knowledgeable about the job.
    Dean Stamnes
    Moorhead, MN 7/19/23
  • Gary & Jackie Ness
    The tech did it again. Great guy and great work!
    Gary & Jackie Ness
    Fargo, ND 05/23/23
  • Gary & Jackie Ness
    TJ was great! Very nice to work with.
    Gary & Jackie Ness
    Fargo, ND 05/16/23
  • Greg  Seelhammer
    Very friendly and competent
    Greg Seelhammer
    Moorhead, MN 05/10/23
  • Duane & Pam Brehmer
    Great Technician!!
    Duane & Pam Brehmer
    Moorhead, MN 05/10/23
  • Darin Haverland
    Gentleman was very nice & knowledgeable!
    Darin Haverland
    West Fargo, ND 05/02/23
  • Craig Schnell
    The tech did a great job efficiently. Will be glad to have him again.
    Craig Schnell
    Fargo, ND 04/28/23
  • Fran Betheuson
    Very pleased with the plumber. I have had since I bought this home. Very pleasant & helpful to me.
    Fran Betheuson
    Fargo, ND 04/26/23
  • Amy Rinowski
    We had you out for 2 different service calls, very happy with both. Thank you!
    Amy Rinowski
    Fargo, ND 04/21/23
  • Patricia Belknap
    The tech was a wonderful young man!
    Patricia Belknap
    Fargo, ND 04/21/23
  • Al Coen
    Work was done in a timely manner. Gave good advice- very pleased.
    Al Coen
    Fargo, ND 04/18/23
  • Bryan & Sandy Howard
    Tech did an excellent jo!!
    Bryan & Sandy Howard
    Fargo, ND 04/14/23
  • Josh Jordan
    Joe was fabulous! He did a great job looking to find the source and provided great recommendations.
    Josh Jordan
    West Fargo, ND 04/13/23
  • Bonnie Christl
    Home Heating employee's have always been very neat, thorough at work, job well done!!
    Bonnie Christl
    West Fargo, ND 04/13/23
  • Dottie Stegman
    The Technician was excellent!!
    Dottie Stegman
    Fargo, ND 04/13/23
  • Ed Tupa
    2 guys came- very good and cordial- I'd invite them back!
    Ed Tupa
    Fargo, ND 04/12/23
  • Gerald & Robyn Manley Jr.
    TJ was awesome and knowledgeable!!
    Gerald & Robyn Manley Jr.
    Fargo, ND 04/12/23
  • Sean Oscarson
    Joseph Eiman was here doing plumbing work today and what a professional. He was very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. This man deserves a raise and praise, for his poise and professionalism.
    Sean Oscarson
    Fargo, ND 04/06/23
  • Richard & Jan Haaland
    I have always been very satisfied with Home Heating-Plumbing. They do excellent work!
    Richard & Jan Haaland
    Fargo, ND 04/04/23
  • Mark & Pam Bourbon
    Best service ever!! We have always received good service from Home Heating Plumbing & A/C Inc.
    Mark & Pam Bourbon
    West Fargo, ND 03/16/23
  • Dee & David Pretty
    Terrific- we appreciate you!
    Dee & David Pretty
    Moorhead, MN 03/16/23
  • Joyce Hains
    I will always call Home Heating, Plumbing
    Joyce Hains
    Moorhead, MN 03/14/23
  • Russ Nylander
    I've used Home many times for a variety of services and they have never disappointed TJ continued the long line of great service.
    Russ Nylander
    Moorhead, MN 03/
  • Dee Pretty
    Service was prompt, efficient and tidy! The backed-up garbage disposal was fixed in a very short amount of time with no residue for us to clean. When we were without use of the kitchen sink or dishwasher for a weekend, we appreciated the service with a smile and a prompt reply for service. We have appreciated the efficiency and service from Home Heating, Plumbing & A/C for the last 7 years!! They are our go-to for reliability!!!
    Dee Pretty
    Moorhead, MN 03/14/23
  • Steven Busse
    The guys were polite and decent! Good job. Thanks. You have been to my house several times!
    Steven Busse
    Sabin, MN 03/10/23
  • Wayne Kundert
    Yet another fine job by Home Heating & Plumbing! Professional all the way! Thank you Joe!
    Wayne Kundert
    Fargo, ND 03/10/23
  • Gary & Linda Schultz
    It was a pleasure working with Josh.
    Gary & Linda Schultz
    Harwood, ND 02/15/23
  • David Krabbenhoft
    Far exceeded my expectations! very very pleased!
    David Krabbenhoft
    Moorhead, MN 01/23/23
  • Michael & Anne Shutz
    We love Joe & always ask for him.
    Michael & Anne Shutz
    Fargo, ND 01/19/23
  • Brian Kleespies
    Excellent communication, work and follow through! Thank you!!
    Brian Kleespies
    Dilworth, MN 01/19/23
  • Larry Murphy
    Awesome work & great professional serviceman.
    Larry Murphy
    Moorhead, MN 1/18/23
  • Helen Johnson
    Very Respective young man.
    Helen Johnson
    West Fargo, ND 12/29/22
  • Karen Westrick
    Joshua did a wonderful job for us. I called for a plumber 15 minutes later, he arrived.
    Karen Westrick
    Fargo, ND 12/29/22
  • Erling & Darleen Schacher
    DJ was cordial and courteous. He was very professional in appearance and responsive to my questions/concerns, respect for customer property. His workmanship is excellent in appearance of project, work was completed in a timely manner and he cleaned up after completion.
    Erling & Darleen Schacher
    Dilworth, MN 12/29/22
  • Sheldon Hage
    DJ was cooperative, cordial and courteous. He was responsive to questions/concerns, respect for customers property. DJ's workmanship is excellent on appearance of the project. Work completed in timely manner, and cleaned up on completion.
    Sheldon Hage
    Fargo, ND 12/29/22
  • Kristine & Patrick Christenson
    Tyler was cordial, courteous, professional appearance. He was responsive to questions/concerns and respect for customer property. His workmanship was very good for quality and appearance of the project. Work was completed in a timely manner and cleaned up on completion.
    Kristine & Patrick Christenson
    Fargo, ND 12/29/22
  • Ladean Schafer
    Very friendly, good job done. Considerate and cleaned up the mess.
    Ladean Schafer
    West Fargo, ND 12/29/22
  • Katie Kaufman
    Thank you for coming out the same day I called and for calling the city for us.
    Katie Kaufman
    Moorhead, MN 12/29/22
  • Sredna Kunowski
    DJ was courteous, who did great work. We like the timeliness and professionals at Home Heating and Plumbing.
    Sredna Kunowski
    Fargo, ND 12/29/22
  • Alan Kleingartner
    DJ was very polite and professional. He did a good job!!
    Alan Kleingartner
    West Fargo, ND 12/29/22
  • Craig Schulstad
    The guys were the epitome of professional and courteous.
    Craig Schulstad
    Horace, ND 12/29/22
  • Dave Werth
    Justin and Joshua were cooperative, cordial and courteous. They had professional appearance, were responsive to questions/concerns and respect for customer property. Workmanship was excellent quality/appearance of the project, work was completed in a timely manner, and they cleaned up after completion.
    Dave Werth
    Moorhead, MN 12/29/22
  • Allan Tuders
    Very appreciative of the work done, can't thank you enough!
    Allan Tuders
    Glyndon 10/13/22
  • Ian Somerville
    Fast service. Called in AM, service by noon.
    Ian Somerville
    Moorhead 10/14/22
  • Dick & Judy Anderson
    Joe was very helpful when we had a leaking water heater - neat & efficient.
    Dick & Judy Anderson
    West Fargo 10/12/22
  • Steve & Pam Dahl
    TJ has been our go-to guy for the plumbing in our home & lake home. Job is always done right the first time.
    Steve & Pam Dahl
    Sabin 10/03/22
  • Steve & Pam Dahl
    TJ is amazing! He helped us plan & execute this project. Work was done quickly to save excavator cost.
    Steve & Pam Dahl
    Sabin 08/25/22
  • Theresa Link
    Joe was an absolute professional. He quickly diagnosed the problem, replaced our water heater, and explained the entire situation while he performed the repairs. He was extremely knowledgeable and cordial - highly recommend. We will request him again if the need should arise.
    Theresa Link
    Fargo 10/06/22
  • Shawn Kuck
    Joey was great! Very helpful and good at his job. Did excellent work.
    Shawn Kuck
    Fargo 07/06/11
  • Shawn Kuck
    Joey was great! He made great suggestions & made me feel confident in the work completed.
    Shawn Kuck
    Fargo 07/11/22
  • Pam Dahl
    Top notch reliable service! TJ is amazing! He helped us plan projects and then executed them to perfection. Would never call anyone else for our plumbing needs!
    Pam Dahl
    Sabin 10/04/22
  • Darryl Lutovsky
    Excellent all around service
    Darryl Lutovsky
    West Fargo 09/14/22
  • Evan & Julie Holmen
    Great service! Took the time to understand the issue & ensured it was taken care of! Best service of any company I have done business with!
    Evan & Julie Holmen
    Walcott 08/31/22
  • Jeff Torkelson
    From the rep who answered my call to the techs that did the work - A+
    Jeff Torkelson
    Horace 09/13/22
  • Alan Fjerstad
    Fantastic young man.
    Alan Fjerstad
    Fargo 08/29/22
  • Brad Rosten
    TJ was on time & did a fabulous job explaining features of new fixture to me.
    Brad Rosten
    Fargo 08/11/22
  • Gerry Gangnes
    Great job. Will use Home & Heating again.
    Gerry Gangnes
    West Fargo 08/22/22
  • Patricia Belknap
    Excellent service!  Very friendly your crew is,  and they always do work that is outstanding, plus easy to work with.
    Patricia Belknap
    Fargo 06/28/22
  • Marylys Guttormson
    Excellent as always!
    Marylys Guttormson
    Fargo 05/26/22
  • David & Orleen Gilchrist
    Did excellent work; solved a knotty problem that arose.
    David & Orleen Gilchrist
    Home 12/28/21
  • Jim Thompson
    Knowledgeable  and Efficient. Clean.
    Jim Thompson
    Home 12/28/21
  • Mike and Jill Weisenberger
    Same day service appreciated.
    Mike and Jill Weisenberger
    Home 12/28/21
  • Duane & Pam Brehmer
    Always good with home.
    Duane & Pam Brehmer
    Home 12/28/21
  • Phil Gunderson
    TJ does great work! He's the reason I keep having you do work for me.
    Phil Gunderson
    Fargo 12/15
  • David & Orleen Gilchrist
    Tech did a great job; solved an unexpected problem with imagination and skill.
    David & Orleen Gilchrist
    Fargo 12/13
  • Oliver Lundell
    We were very pleased.
    Oliver Lundell
    Fargo 10/20/2021
  • Cassandra Birchem
    Carl was excellent very helpful!  Would recommend to others.
    Cassandra Birchem
    West Fargo 05/19/21
  • Katie Hale
    Paul is  our "Go To" for my Plumbing issue.  Huge asset to your company!  Big fan of Paul at Home Heating & Plumbing!
    Katie Hale
    West Fargo 11/08/20
  • Robert Weigl
    Jerett did a great job and explained the problem with my faucet.
    Robert Weigl
    Fargo 10/14/20
  • Wonderful crew who only had our best interests in mind.  Excellent workmanship!
    Aaron & Danae Erickson
  • Keith Hanson
    Paul and Justin did great work!
    Keith Hanson
    West Fargo 02/27/20
  • Tom & Andrea Nelson
    Outstanding service and knowledge by Paul.
    Tom & Andrea Nelson
  • Aaron Hoppe
    Was happy w/the professionalism of the job.  Had a great conversation w/employee.  Thanks!
    Aaron Hoppe
    West Fargo 08/28/19
  • Harry Walker
    Great job!! Thanks!
    Harry Walker
    Fargo 07/12/19
  • Beverly Jacobson
    Very nice work, seemed very knowledgeable.
    Beverly Jacobson
    Fargo 1/15/19
  • Katie Rheault
    We are so happy with the finished product!
    Katie Rheault
    Fargo 8/31/18
  • Dee & David Pretty
    Great job!
    Dee & David Pretty
    Moorhead 7/16/18
  • Greg Bjerke
    Exceptional service from Jason and Justin. Complicated problem, 28 year old cast iron pipes burst, soaking two rooms. Complete removal and replacement with PVC, minimal household disruption. Fast, efficient, and courteous. Very respectful of our property and our desire to return to a normal life as soon as possible. Much appreciated.
    Greg Bjerke
    Fargo 7/11/18
  • John & Beth Jones
    You are lucky to have such a great person to work for you. He went above and beyond!
    John & Beth Jones
    Fargo 7/3/18
  • Gary Meyer
    Excellent service and very good workmanship. Thanks.
    Gary Meyer
    Fargo 6/20/18
  • Scott & Carolyn Stenseth
    Good job.
    Scott & Carolyn Stenseth
    Fargo 6/8/18
  • Jo Ann Fiechtner
    Jason is a very sweet young man. Very courteous, good worker and cleaned up after himself. Very good.
    Jo Ann Fiechtner
    Moorhead 5/7/18
  • Scott Thompson
    Justin was great! Very impressed with the service. Thank you!
    Scott Thompson
    West Fargo 5/9/18
  • Charlie Hanish
    Personable, respectful and trustworthy--excellent professional work!
    Charlie Hanish
    Fargo 4/2/18
  • Donita Kaspari
    Roger was a joy to work with, he came up with some very workable solutions to challenges in working in an old house.
    Donita Kaspari
    Fargo 12/7/17
  • Martin Johnson
    Roger did a great job!
    Martin Johnson
    Moorhead 2/21/18
  • Wendy Harmon
    I will always call you guys for my plumbing!
    Wendy Harmon
    Fargo 1/31/18
  • Jason Gion
    Put a review on Angies list and Roger was excellent.
    Jason Gion
    Fargo 1/15/18
  • Mark & Karla Craig
    TJ & Justin were fun to interact with, knowledgeable and efficient.
    Mark & Karla Craig
    West Fargo 11/8/17
  • Tom & Judy Jenkins
    Brandon is always a joy to welcome into our home for his service calls.
    Tom & Judy Jenkins
    Moorhead 10/1/17
  • John Berdahl
    The base of our tile shower had a water leak. Carl's approach to identifying and fixing the problem was logical and thorough.
    John Berdahl
    Fargo 9/25/17
  • Harley Sprenger & Terri Leier
    We will request Roger for future projects/repairs.
    Harley Sprenger & Terri Leier
    Fargo 09/01/17
  • Harley
    Remodeled our Master bath room.  Roger B. from Home Heating did all of the plumbing work.  Roger did a great job.  Would definitely recommend them.
  • Warren Hintz & Maureen Zimmerman
    Roger, as always, went above and beyond to help us with our project.  He is also a delight to work with!  The best!!!
    Warren Hintz & Maureen Zimmerman
    Fargo 06/01/16
  • Daniel Van Brunt
    Excellent work!  Thank you!  Very nice folks to talk to!
    Daniel Van Brunt
    3/10/16 Fargo
  • Amanda Brooks
    Great work!
    Amanda Brooks
    Fargo 01/05/16
  • Marilyn Nelson
    Just had a technician at our condo to change the plumbing around for a new tile shower we intended to do ourselves. He answered every question I asked and showed me exactly what we needed to do next. His service was done in a timely manner and he cleaned up afterwards. He even went out of his way to get an answer regarding the heating unit in our condo. He was very friendly and I would definitely call Home Heating and Plumbing again.
    Marilyn Nelson
    Fargo 11/6/14
  • Brad Kasson
    Very pleased, from sales to installation.
    Brad Kasson
    Fargo 12/6/14
  • Bryan Fischer
    Excellent experience. We would like an estimate on installing some faucets.
    Bryan Fischer
    West Fargo 9/29/14
  • Pete Novak
    Very impressed with your installer. Worked well with our framer.
    Pete Novak
    Fargo 10/2/14
  • Jim Snyder
    This is the kind of workmanship and cooperative person -- very good job.
    Jim Snyder
    Fargo 10/14/14
  • John & Bonnie Lester
    These two way exceeded my expectations. Fantastic job.
    John & Bonnie Lester
    Fargo 9/18/14
  • Guy & Melissa Goschen
    Dave did a great job of explaining things & was honest with me.
    Guy & Melissa Goschen
    Fargo 2/26/15
  • Don & Candy Weixel
    Love my new Arbor touch-free faucet! Thank you TJ! Beautiful job well done!
    Don & Candy Weixel
    Fargo 12/08/14
  • Russell Olson
    The salesman and installer worked hand in hand to make sure this was completed to our expectations making my life a whole lot easier! Thank you
    Russell Olson
    Fargo 12/31/14
  • Bill & Paulette Rastedt
    Highly recommend this install team.
    Bill & Paulette Rastedt
    Fargo 11/30/14
  • Ron & Sheri Keel
    Very pleased with the work Brad and Carl did. We had a water problem so the speed with which they were able to make a replacement was much appreciated. They were very helpful and friendly. Would recommend them to anyone.
    Ron & Sheri Keel
    Fargo 3/4/15
  • Damon & Heather Gleave
    Rob & Brad did a great job and were very friendly and easy to work with!
    Damon & Heather Gleave
    Casselton 9/02/15
  • John & Jeanette Hood.
    Always good service from Home Heating - & friendly.
    John & Jeanette Hood.
    Fargo 8/27/15
  • Gary & Jill Inman
    Rob did a fantastic job! He is a keeper! Very helpful and kind to answer all questions.
    Gary & Jill Inman
    West Fargo 9/25/15
  • Ivan Lucht
    2 different service people in 2 years. 2 excellent jobs. 2 happy people in our house.
    Ivan Lucht
    West Fargo 10/05/15
  • Dave & Terri Schacher
    TJ was on time, clean, and the work is great. We will have him back when we remodel the other bathroom! Thank!
    Dave & Terri Schacher
    West Fargo 9/09/15
  • Brian & Colleen Scherer
    The guys who installed our insert were great! So friendly!
    Brian & Colleen Scherer
    Fargo 9/08/15
  • Ron & Janice Hoffman
    The plumber that was here was very nice and helpful. He was very courteous.
    Ron & Janice Hoffman
    West Fargo 6/15/15
  • Jeanne Quenette
    I’d like to compliment Rob M on his work done in installing two new faucets and a new shower head yesterday. He is personable and answered all our questions and did excellent work. We are always pleased with the work done for us by Home Heating and will ask for Rob in the future.    
    Jeanne Quenette
    West Fargo 4/15/15
  • Shawn & Nola Douglas
    Thank you!! Bryan went above & beyond, which we appreciate greatly.    
    Shawn & Nola Douglas
    Fargo 4/30/15
  • Glen & Roberta Knudson
    Satisfied with job—well done    
    Glen & Roberta Knudson
    Fargo 4/24/15
  • Sharon Mattson
    Excellent!! Thank you.  
    Sharon Mattson
    Moorhead 5/31/15
  • Glen Klinkhammer
    He did a great job and very friendly.    
    Glen Klinkhammer
    Fargo 6/8/15
  • Mary Kay Swanson
    I was so nervous going into this project! Jeremy & Travis put all my worries out of my mind; Such nice young men – professional & a credit to your company! Everything went good!!    
    Mary Kay Swanson
    Fargo 6/30/15