Professional, comfortable, Cost-efficient

Our teams of highly trained and licensed service technicians are suited to make sure every remodel, replacement, and installation is handled professionally. From the first call to the final part installed or replaced, we promise each visit from us will be cost-effective and time-efficient.

24 hour service

Our trained and licensed staff is just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your service needs.  We aim to make sure our customers can feel comfortable to turn to us for 24 hour service to keep their house warm and cozy during the frigid winter months and cool and comfortable during the summer months.

We offer the latest, top of the line HVAC systems

Home Heating sells only the finest equipment, and our trained and licensed technicians install every system professionally. If you are looking for a new heating or cooling system, we offer free estimates. Contact us to get started with your heating or air conditioning service and repair.

Services available

  • Air filtration system repair and installation
  • Air exchanger repair and installation
  • Air conditioner repair and installation
  • Air purifier
  • Boiler repair and installation
  • Heat pump repair and installation
  • Electronic air cleaner repair and installation
  • Furnace repair and installation
  • Garage unit heater repair and installation
  • Gas leak detection and repair
  • Zoning system repair and installation


Need Service?

Call 701-280-3400

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Read what our customers are saying

  • Hard to find anything wrong with him or his work. Thank you.
    Leon & Helen Cockerill
    Mapleton 1/2/18
  • Excellent - highly recommend!
    Willis & Shirley Stelter
    Moorhead 12/13/17
  • I would say this is above and beyond service. Thank you very much.
    Monte Herrmann
    Fargo 1/1/18
  • Great staff!! Matt Thune was excellent in the sales department. Cleaning tech Bryan was excellent. Equipment installers Travis & Reggie were excellent as well!
    Michael Vandrovec
    Fargo 12/6/17
  • Crew was excellent, highly recommend.
    Ben Sullivan
    Moorhead 12/4/17
  • Brandon did an excellent job. Many thanks! We feel more secure now following his tune up.
    Michael Ray
    Fargo 10/24/17
  • Charley did a good job for me. Well satisfied today.
    David & Debra Lausch
    Moorhead 10/24/17
  • Very satisfied, Brandon is helpful as always.
    Fariz & Gunel Huseynov
    West Fargo 10/12/17
  • Brandon was prompt and thorough.
    Russell & Bonnie Olson
    Dilworth 10/24/17
  • Brandon was very nice & professional.
    Lance Johnson
    West Fargo 10/10/17
  • Charley has always done a very good job for us. We will have him back.
    Truman Olson
    Fargo 10/2/17
  • Brandon does a great job for me. Thanks!
    Mark & Pamela Fischer
    Fargo 10/10/17
  • The two gentlemen showed up early which I appreciated. When I arrived back home I couldn't tell they were ever here.
    Josh Brewster
    Fargo 9/29/17
  • Thank much Charley! You are the best!
    Ralph Swenson
    Moorhead 10/4/17
  • Had Charley replace a motor in my furnace. He did a great job. He was very courteous and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend him.
    Mike Kourofsky
    Moorhead 10/16/17
  • Charley Donahue was awesome. He even gave me the early bird discount! Home Heating is the only company I go to!
    Jody Benshof
    Fargo 10/11/17
  • We are well-satisfied and will request Brandon again!! :)
    Beaver Virginia
    Fargo 9/27/17
  • Like working with Charley Donahue. He is very courteous and knowledgeable. Answers all questions and goes above and beyond.
    Mike Kourofsky
    Moorhead 10/10/17
  • Brandon Spiekermeier was awesome, super friendly, and polite!
    Mike & Kris Gallagher
    Fargo 10/10/17
  • He was so patient with my kiddos and did a fabulous job!
    Lyndsey Langenfeld
    Fargo 10/10/17
  • Very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Very timely too.
    West Fargo 10/5/17
  • Excellent service person. The people I always want to work with.
    Janet Cleveland
    Fargo 9/25/17
  • Thanks!
    Judy Rippentrop
    Fargo 9/29/17
  • Would recommend to anybody, well satisfied left with things in order.
    Jerry Just
    Moorhead 09/19/17
  • Very professional, common sense, attention to detail.
    Joel Komrosky
    Fargo 09/05/17
  • Charley was knowledgeable and very personable, easy to talk to, and friendly, and also loves his job !
    Barry & Karla Grand
    West Fargo 06/23/17
  • Very satisfied with service work done!
    Dick Biewer
    West Fargo 05/24/17
  • Bryan Oas represents your company in all he does on the job.  He has been here before and now I request him!
    Joan Miller
    05/11/17 Moorhead
  • Very happy with Bryan Oas.  I felt as though Bryan was at my house to help me, not just sell me.  He stayed late, got the job done, and did an Excellent Job!
    Tom Fisher
    Fargo 05/19/17
  • Charley did an awesome job.  He went above beyond to help me out.  He was timely & friendly.
    Brad & Carmen Duerr
    Wolverton 4/26/17
  • I had a great experience this time with Home Heating.  Our furnace went out again and they were able to come right out and fix it.  The tech was very helpful and even cleaned out a few things and made sure everything was working.  Charley went above and beyond to help me.  We had heat back in no time!
    Carman Duerr
    Wolverton 4/27/17
  • Bryan was here on time, did a great job and was done very quickly.  Great job!
    Bill Kraft
    Fargo 01/09/17
  • It's so nice to have the same person come year after year!
    Milton Arneson
    Moorhead 10/13/16
  • Thank you for sending Charlie!  He answered all my questions!  I appreciated his help!
    Rick & Kathy Lee
    Fargo 11/04/16
  • Charley did a very nice job and really took his time to explain things to me.
    Corey Berghorst
    Moorhead 10/26/16
  • Very thorough, very polite, very neat and clean.
    Ron Hosman
    Fargo 09/27/16
  • Wonderful experience!
    Leah Schmidt
  • Charley is prompt on schedule.
    Bob Mettler
    Grandin 09/12/16
  • Good work!
    Nathan & Michelle Nyhammer
    West Fargo 08/22/16
  • Great service as usual!!
    Andy & Brandie Streiff
    Moorhead 07/26/16
  • Very professional
    Skip & Sara Klinkhammer
    Moorhead 08/22/16
  • Brad was our tech, he was very professional and happy to answering questions I had.  I am very happy with my service.
    Sara Ward
    Moorhead 08/29/16
  • Great work done by Charley! Thanks!
    Donald & Ann Irem
  • Charley just left and he did a great job on my air conditioner condensation line, cleaning it out and explaining what was happening.  Check my furnace over with the rust from the water and showed us how to tape my duct runs to prevent lost blower air.  Charley cleaned up his work area as if he was never here.   Thank you Charley Donahue!
    Don Irman
    Fargo 8/24/16
  • We had a service man here (Charley Donahue) this morning.  He was GREAT.  He was helpful, personable.  We couldn't been more pleased.  We will definitely call again, if needed and request Charley.
    Jerry Splitt
  • Bryan went beyond what I expected and found the problem that we have had since the unit was installed in 2009.
    Brian & Janelle Cheney
    Moorhead 06/27/16
  • Brandon did a tremendous job of analyzing and fixing the problem in a timely manner.  He gave great advice and was very professional!  Thanks!
    Melony & Jeremy Van Soelen
    West Fargo, 05/26/16
  • Friendly, positive attitude, great conversationalist combined with outstanding skill; a model service provider.
    Hal & Jackie Rosenheim
    Fargo, 5/23/16
  • Each of the service men have been great to work with and are very knowledgeable!
    Jeff Erickson
    West Fargo 5/19/16
  • Very nice boys!
    Bryan & Clare Garberg
    Moorhead 05/24/16
  • Brandon is really top notch!  We want him back for our service work!  Take good are of him!
    Mike & Joan Joyce
    Fargo 05/10/16
  • Brandon was great, quick and efficient!  Was able to diagnose our "Random problem" and fix it!  Haven't had any issues since!
    Ian Dickmeyer
    Fargo 03/04/16
  • Absolutely fantastic service!
    Twila Singh
    West Fargo 03/31/16
  • Brandon did his job well and even gave additional information of which I was previously unaware.
    Mohamed Khan
    Fargo 03/24/16
  • You should be very proud of this young man.  He even comes in with a smile and respect for older people.
    Vi Fremstad
    Fargo 02/12/16
  • He explained, answered our questions - corrected a  Aprilaire filter issue.
    Ca; Jag;imd
    03/21/16 Fargo
  • I also like Brian Oas
    Dennis Miller
    Fargo 021616
  • Dave is an excellent technician.  He explained everything about my furnace and what was wrong with it.  He did an excellent job.
    Ari Wije
    Moorhead 01/12/16
  • Very professional and courteous.  I really like the covers over the shoes.  That is very respectful of the technician.
    Jodi Deplazes
    Fargo 01/26/16
  • He did great!  He was very courteous and answered all my questions.  He knew what he was doing.  Thanks!
    Myrna Harris
    Fargi 010516
  • Furnace blew, Bryan was there within 1 hour.  Super friendly and informative!  I learned a lot about my furnace.
    Rachel Lunde
    Fargo 01/18/16
  • Great job!  Very satisfied!
    Steve Johnson
    Fargo 01/13/16
  • Enoch was very personable.  He knew what the problem was and fixed it.  He went out of his way to resolve a related problem.
    Earl Nelson
    Fargo 01/18/16
  • Job well done!
    Orion & Holly Holte
    Fargo 01/13/16
  • Very helpful suggested that I replace some plumbing that needs attention.  Very kind.
    Patricia Rudnick
    Moorhead 01/08/16
  • Dave gave excellent, efficient service.  We would like to have him back for future checks.
    Steve Sibley
    Dilworth 12/21/15
  • I called two friends and recommended they call your company for their next problems.  Both said they would do so.  Same day as my work, did phone calling.
    Melissa Bodelson
    Fargo 01/08/16
  • Excellent service.
    Virginia Hicks
    Fargo 01/05/16
  • Excellent service!
    David & Patricia Peterson
    West Fargo 01/04/16
  • Extremely personable and professional.  Didn't make me feel "dumb" about some of my questions.
    Robert Dirk
    Fargo 12/22/15
  • Good fast service!
    Josh Maynard
    West Fargo 12/29/15
  • Dave was very professional and curtious.  Will definitely call Home Heating again for all our furnace and A/C repairs.
    Billy Leclair
    Fargo 111/27/15
  • Bryan was super!  Good job Bryan!
    Kevin Perrizo
    Fargo 12/31/15
  • He listened to our concerns and took the time need to check and clean the furnace.
    Chad Nelson
    West Fargo 12/28/15
  • Friendly personable, very helpful with questions, that I had.  Thanks!
    Brian Hasbargen
    Dilworth 11/23/15
  • Charley should be highly regarded by your ownership and managerial team.    
    Brad Gorder
    Fargo 12/29/15
  • Very personable technicians!!
    Jeff & Cathy Anderson
    Hickson 12/28/15
  • Your employee was very nice!
    Val Plambeck
  • Very pleased with his work.
    Doug & Linda Knutson
    Fargo 12/03/15
  • Enoch was wonderful and very friendly.  Nice to visit with and he did a great job!
    Jerry & Shari Juran
    Fargo 12/18/15
  • Great service and very helpful!
    Doug Dahl
  • Adam was great about telling me what he was doing and giving tips to prevent other issues.
    Diane Reese
    West Fargo 12/10/15
  • Charlie's service always excellent!!
    Jim Wold
    Fargo 10/26/15
  • I had great service from Rob and Brad.  They were friendly , helpful and offered extra tips for self-maintenance.  We were very pleased with our quality of service!
    Brad & Dawn Franklin
    Fargo 12/02/12
  • The tech did everything needed, and answered all my questions in a manner that helped me understand.
    Colleen Tupper
  • Very nice
    Kiley Graff
    Moorhead 11/23/15
  • Very good!
    Gerald Beaudoin
    West Fargo 11/19/15
  • Would call him everytime.
    Mark Waltz
    Fargo 11/27/15
  • Charlie was fantastic! I recently moved to town but in my line of work I deal with a lot of contractors.  Charlie was as professional, courteous and competent as they come.
    Jake Friedman
  • Very helpful, and answered questions that we had about our in floor heat.
  • Great Service!!!
    Dale Anderson
    Fargo 11/19/15
  • Dave was extremely efficient and demonstrated strong technical experience with our heating unit.
    David Spaeth
    West Fargo 11/24/15
  • Very personable guy! Friendly & explained everything well.
    David Suppes
    Fargo 11/05/15
  • Bryan was wonderful to work with kind & considerate.
    Charles & Krista Robbins
    Fargo 11/13/15
  • Very personable, appreciated the comments on noticing a hole in the wall, and the option on how to fix something.
    Gary & Sara Tjosaas
    Moorhead 10/07/15
  • Dave did a great job! Thanks!
    Michael & Donna Aho
    Fargo 10/15/15
  • I appreciate that Enoch brought up the issue of co detectors and where to best place them. He also showed me that a weld was failing; I appreciate that he confirmed his interpretation and recommendation that it can go another year with his supervision.
    Eric Heap
    Fargo 10/28/15
  • The gentlemen were very good and seemed to work great together. Very nice!!
  • Couldn't be more satisfied.
    John Midthune
    Moorhead 11/06/15
  • Dave was nice & early no waiting (loved it)! Very informative with great suggestion.  Thanks Dave!!
    Stacy Rommesmo
    Detroit Lakes 10/26/15
  • Bryan was very helpful with information and nice to work with, he does wonderful work!
    Dean & Linda Kochmann
    Fargo 11/11/14
  • Bryan has helped us in the past and due to the positive experience we had, we decided to call Home Heating again. We were fortunate to have him help us again!.
    John Thomas
    West Fargo 11/26/14
  • Bryan is the best!! Professional, excellent, cheerful HVAC tech! Thank you!
    Don & Candy Weixel
    Fargo 10/3/14
  • Extremely personable is Charley. Great asset to your company.
    Dan & Joan Degerness
    West Fargo 12/17/14
  • Charley is an excellent technician for your company -- We thoroughly enjoyed having him in our home to help us with the ordered furnace maintenance work!
    Jay & Kristy Albrecht
    Fargo 10/2/14
  • Good work, great attitude. Other trades even commented.
    Revive Contracting
    Fargo 10/9/14
  • Bryan was very pleasant and professional. An asset to your company. We hope to have him come again!
    Jeff Johnson
    Fargo 9/29/14
  • Wasn't sure who to call for service. Saw your reviews on Yelp. Your work confirmed what I read. Awesome job!
    Chris Swee
    West Fargo 3/5/15
  • This man was just perfect as he worked with relaxation and kept me at ease when our furnace was dead.
    Bruce & Aimee Anderson
    Moorhead 1/16/15
  • TJ has a very positive attitude and "can do" approach which combined with his expertise generates much confidence in his ability for the customer.
    Dick Stevens
    Fargo 2/2/15
  • Jason did a great job, we will definitely call Home Heating again! And we will ask for Jason!
    Jenna Steen
    Fargo 1/27/15
  • On time, concerned about additional repairs needed, courteous and friendly -- many thanks.
    Harlan & Emily Kulland
    Fargo 12/2/14
  • Excellent -- Boiler went out on a Saturday at 15 degrees -- tech here in an hour, polite, thorough, fixed it! Bryan was great!
    Bridget Burke
    Fargo 11/15/14
  • Reggie and Bob did a great job on our project -- I would recommend them to anyone!
    Rod & Gail Schober
    West Fargo 1/28/15
  • Home Heating employee was very professional and did a nice job.
    Greg Mastrud
    West Fargo 10/23/15
  • Above and beyond my expectations for service and explaining what is going on with my furnace problem. Will recommend to everyone who is in need of any air conditioning or furnace issues.
    Sue Geraghty
    Fargo 9/02/15
  • Thank you for your timely response to my request for an annual furnace check-up. Enoch was a super, nice young man.
    Mary Ann French
    Fargo 10/01/15
  • Charley always is very professional and skilled at what he does.
    Truman Olson
    Fargo 9/14/15
  • Always like working with you people!
    Janna Smillie
    Fargo 10/05/15
  • Keith was great, he answered all my questions!
    Gretchen Van Vlaenderen
    Moorhead 10/07/15
  • Charley is an awesome technician! He was taking the time to explain the issue and was able to fix the issue very effectively. He shows the passion and excellence in work.
    Li Feng
    Fargo 10/07/15
  • Enoch-very personable and answered my questions. Gave me helpful hints.
    Ron & Char Laufman
    West Fargo 9/24/15
  • Nice job - very pleasant person.
    Bob & Bonita Neas
    Fargo 10/06/15
  • We would be happy to have Enoch work at our home next time! Thank you!
    Steve & Jane Peterson
    Fargo 10/02/15
  • As usual, employees of Home Heating are courteous, prompt & do excellent work.
    Curt & Jeanne Quenette
    West Fargo 10/02/15
  • Very nice, considerate, knows what he's doing, answers all my questions.
    Dwight & Terri Johnson
    Fargo 10/07/15
  • Attitude (excellent) very helpful and courteous. Good guy!
    Purcell & Bernice Hovland
    Moorhead 10/07/15
  • Very Professional. Gave great advice on tips.
    Jeff & Kari Braaflat
    Fargo 9/04/15
  • Thank you for the quick and professional service. Enoch did a very thorough job. Thank you
    Gary & Vicki Rada
    Fargo 9/17/15
  • Very thorough in his work-- and personable -- you are fortunate to have him.
    Arlene Bakke
    Fargo 9/03/15
  • Brent was also wonderful. He took my call and was so good to work with. He made sure he got us in ASAP.    
    Mike & Sara Gjevre
    West Fargo 8/3/15
  • Service tech Charley did a great job and was very friendly. I have used home heating for 12 years and have always had great service.    
    Glen Klinkhammer
    Fargo 6/9/15
  • Very good work.    
    Richard & Linda Anderson
    Fargo 5/4/15
  • Very satisfied customers! Came and replaced our central air the same day we called!  
    Chad Kemper
    West Fargo 6/30/15
  • Very prompt and efficient install, thanks again for your help.    
    Andy & Cindi Nordick
    Fargo 3/31/15
  • Excellent young man, really seemed to know his stuff!    
    Tom & Jennifer Fisher
    Fargo 5/27/15
  • Very thorough and detail oriented—very impressed with Brandon, excellent tech    
    Jon Raugutt
    West Fargo 6/3/15
  • Roger was awesome! Thanks!    
    Jason & Kristen Peterson
    West Fargo 6/1/15
  • Brandon was here on time and completed the job in a professional manner. We signed on for a 3 year maintenance program—we always use & recommend Home Heating & Plumbing.    
    Dean & Sherry Johnson
    West Fargo 7/6/15