Lyle & Kellie Ranstrom

Hawley, MN 5/28/24

Good job all the way around.

Terry Nelson

Page, ND 5/23/24

Very professional techs

Gerald Beaudoin

West Fargo, ND 5/17/24

Thank you for your prompt and excellent service.

Warren Hintz & Maureen Zimmerman

Fargo, ND 5/17/24

Very pleased with the availability for schedule and also great service.

Linda Henrickson

Fargo, ND 5/13/24

Came as soon as I called. Thank you.

Marlys Guttormson

Fargo, ND 5/10/24

Excellent as always!

Harvey Heise

West Fargo, ND 5/6/24

Very Efficient. Right on time when he said he would be here.

Gary & Connie Bakke

Fargo, ND 4/25/24

The technician did a great job!

Kristy Flach

Moorhead, MN 4/24/24

The service was 10/10! Super fast, and the guy explained everything he was doing, and had a part at the ready to fix the issue. Also took the time to answer all of my questions. This is our first house, and we are so happy to have a trusted company for our heating/cooling issues moving forward. Thank you!!!

Ronald & Bonnie Liebl

Moorhead, MN 4/24/24

I will keep Home Heating & Plumbing on my list of repairmen to call!

Nicholas Johnson

Harwood, ND 4/4/24

Very impressed with the professionalism, kindness, and immediate response to questions.

Nicki Olson

West Fargo. ND 4/4/24

Very nice, polite, knew what he's doing. Y'all have been helping me since 2012. Always great!

Steve &Pam Dahl

Sabin, MN 3/27/24

Thank you all so much.

Jim & Julie Scoville

West Fargo, ND 3/22/24


Jerry Solem

Fargo, ND 3/21/24

The young man knew what he was doing and he did a good job cleaning up.

Don & Beth Vangsness

Fargo, ND 3/15/24

Great service technician. Very friendly, courteous, & personable. Job done quickly and efficiently.

Jordan & Becky Feltman

Fargo, ND 3/15/24

Thank you for the prompt service!

David & Orleen Gilchrist

Moorhead, MN 2/28/24

Excellent job!

Merle Myhre

Moorhead, MN 2/26/24

Very professional

Jeff Gulseth

Dilworth, MN 2/21/24

Great Experience!

Brianna Nelson

Gardner, ND 2/21/24

Thank you for your prompt service. I really appreciate it.

Jeremy Nistl

Moorhead, MN 2/19/24

Fast! Took time to explain everything and gladly answered all my questions!

Jeff & Marcia Stavenger

Moorhead, MN 2/19/24

Great all-around experience!

Lavonnya Koenig

Harwood, ND 2/16/24

Very Knowledgeable, professional. fast, and adapted quickly when needed.

Robert Hunter

Dilworth, MN 2/14/24

Very nice guy!

Gloria Oswald

Moorhead, MN 2/14/24

He was a friendly guy.

Renee Buckman

Moorhead, MN 2/12/10

Home Heating is always terrific.

Beva Hanson

Fargo, ND 2/8/24

I am completely thrilled by the product and the professional workers!!

Kelli & Daniel Leeman

Fargo, ND 2/6/24

10 out of 10-would recommend! Thank you!!

Richard & Susan Schaefer

Fargo, ND 2/2/24

They did a good job and they were kind! I would recommend your company to anyone! Thanks!

Josh & Kelsie Blume

Fargo, ND 2/2/24

Very happy with the service and in a timely manner!

Ineke Justitz

Moorhead, MN 2/1/24

Professional, courteous, and responsible service. Working with Home Heating & Plumbing is outstanding!

Jay & Heidi Hesse

Kindred, ND 1/29/24

These guys are awesome, helpful. clean, happy, work hard, and the job was done right.

Jim & Kay Hockett

Moorhead, MN 1/29/24

Very polite young man-very knowledgeable and completed in a timely manner.

Bob & Rhonda Braaten

Fargo, ND 1/24/24

No complaints what-so-ever

Gary & Jill Inman

West Fargo, ND 1/24/24

Very helpful and very professional

Jim & Marcy Simpson

Fargo, ND 1/24/24

Great service as always!

Scott & Cindy Geston

Fargo, ND 1/24/24

Garage heater ducting replaced-happy with work.

Thomas Tunks

Fargo, ND 1/23/24

Great job-very pleased. Would recommend them to anyone.

Diane Freih

Fargo, ND 58103

Furnace: Fan was overheating and no warm air. Jaxen found an old corroded pliers handle in the air outlet PVC pipe.Plumbing: Water heater was leaking so plumbing from water heater was replaced! Thanks!

Jay & Heidi Hesse

Kindred, ND 1/18/24

Always do great work!

Skip & Sarah Klinkhammer

Moorhead, MN 1/15/24

Brad was our technician and we were pleased with him. He was professional and polite which we appreciated.

Jim Aas

Moorhead, MN 1/11/24

Work completed quickly and efficiently.

Bob Footitt, Sr

Fargo, ND 1/9/24

Best company to work with!

Jeremiah & Erica Johnson

Fargo, ND 1/5/24

We enjoy having your company to our home. The techs are all wonderful. Also, very helpful stall at your office for bill pay & scheduling.

Dorothy Satrom

Detroit Lakes, MN 1/5/24

Wow! I am SO thankful for the excellent service! Above and beyond!

Mark & Donna Richtsmeier

Hunter, ND 1/2/23

Awesome service!

Mike Noffze

West Fargo, ND 1/2/24

Very fast response to my issue.

Joe & Jamie Kiebke

West Fargo, ND 12/28/23

Excellent work! Very nice guys, answered all my questions. Would definitely recommend!

Barry & Kay Malme

Fargo, ND 12/28/23

We would definitely recommend you guys!

Richard & Tammy Deisler

West Fargo, ND 12/28/23

Very impressed with the company. Their response time was immediate and the staff were professional and the quality of their work was exceptional!

Jay & Heidi Hesse

Kindred, ND 12/26/23

Great guys, good work.

Helen Lamson

Fargo, ND 12/26/23

Very pleasant workers & very professional.

Casey Cole

Sabin, MN 12/22/23

I was impressed with how quick they were able to come to our house and complete the job.

Scott & Carolyn Stenseth

Fargo, ND 12/22/23

Very good service!!  Took the time to answer any and all questions.

Don & Gloria Holloway

Fargo, ND 12/19/23

Thank you for the prompt service.

Bill Krumwiede

West Fargo, ND 12/19/23

Outstanding service. Friendly, knowledgeable technician.

Gary & Barbara Ransom

Fargo, ND 12/15/23

They always do a good job.

Jerry Anderson

Dilworth, MN 12/15/23

Job was very thorough and Paul explained everything that was done.

Mary Bommersbach

Dilworth, MN 12/14/23

Your service man did an excellent job and answered any questions we had.

Jerry Anderson

Dilworth, MN 12/12/23

Very professional and knowledgeable. Fully explained what was done. Great job!

Dennis Craig

Ada, MN 12/11/23

Nice guys-great work

Robert & Cheryl Diegal

Fargo, ND 12/11/23

Nice guy, he explained everything.

Corey Harrison

Fargo, ND 12.6.23

Very happy with results.

Neil Taverna

Fargo, ND 12/5/23

Wonderful workers!

Jim Enkers

Moorhead, MN 12/5/23

As always, very happy with all work completed.

Paul Kist

Horace, ND 11/30/23

Personnel did an amazing job and were very helpful with our concerns.

Tom & Avis Dolan

Fargo, ND 11/30/23

Prompt, professional service

Mark & Lori VanBeek

Moorhead. MN 11/27/23

Great people-very helpful. Solved our problem quickly.

Neil Wenberg

Fargo, ND 11/27/23

Nice person. A credit to your worksite!

Hasrat Khan

Fargo, ND 11/18/23

Cooperative and courteous. Professional and respectful to home owner and the property. Entered house with shoe covers which was appreciated.

Harold Schmeets

Fargo, ND 11/22/23

Good Job!

Debbie Bartholomay

West Fargo, ND 11/16/23

Professional, timely, and efficient. I was able to get a technician to my house right away.

Kim & Brent Lee

Dilworth, MN 11/13/23

Nice, friendly guys.

Marilyn Linsalata

Moorhead, MN 11/10/23

I want to thank the men who came. I was very concerned about turning on the furnace before they removed a bird's nest in the intake pipes. They are always prompt and will explain everything I ask them. Thank you!

Scott Swanstrom

Fargo, ND 11/9/23

Great service!

Philip Meyer

Fargo, ND 11/6/23

Excellent Job!

Brady Burgess

Moorhead, MN 11/6/23

Great job! Thanks!

Mike & Marie Wollschlager

Moorhead, MN 11/6/23

Service was Great! I was very impressed from my initial call to completed repair!

David Bowe

Moorhead, MN 11/6/23

Technician was knowledgeable, skilled and experienced. He was able to answer all of my questions.

Barb Lundberg

Fargo, ND 11/3/23

Great people to work with!

Greg Bymark

Luverne, ND 11/3/23

Tech was absolutely great!

Liz Anderson & Aaron Hitt

Fargo, ND 10/31/23

Outstanding service! Would recommend to everyone!

Rich Oksendahl

Fargo, ND 10/26/23

Very good service!

Calvin & Locki Carlson

Glyndon, MN 10/25/23

Very professional service at a reasonable cost!

Sharyl Schaffer

Fargo, ND 10/25/23

Over the years, I have received top-notch service. Very satisfied. The best!

Frank & Linnea Anderson

Fargo, ND 10/25/23

Always good work!

John Parkhouse

Fargo, ND 10/25/23

Fast, great service and if you want the job done right, call them!

Dale & Denise Thompson

Detroit Lakes, MN 10/23/23

Excellent service-thank you!

Eldon Olson

Fargo, ND 10/23/23

Very good tech.

Gary Kroetsch

Fargo, ND 10/20/23

We received prompt, courteous service for clearing our main drain. Personnel were professional, covering the floor from house door to the work area & completed the job in a timely manner, cleaning up when done.

Sandy Kroetsch

Fargo, ND 10/20/23

Great job! Professional, clean, courteous, prompt, & Informative.

Jonathan Haug

Grand Forks, ND 10/17/23

Great Work!

Matt Moxness

Horace, ND 10/17/23

Top notch rep!

Mark & Pamela Fischer

Fargo, ND 10/11/23

Job well done.

Pineview Cottages

Moorhead, ND 10/6/23

Nice workers-answered my questions fully

Pineview Cottages

Moorhead, MN 10/4/23

Home Heating has been my provider of heat and cooling needs for many years. Good guys. Great reps for you company! Always satisfied with the service!

Randa Meyer

Fargo, ND 10/2/23

Great service!

Jeff Homuth

Moorhead, MN 9/29/23

My favorite!

Lee Sterling

West Fargo, ND 9/28/23

Great Job!  You guys scheduled quickly and we will call again!

Leroy Juve

West Fargo, ND 9/27/23

Thanks very much for taking care of our home and making it cleaner!

Ken Nicholson

Dilworth, MN 9/26/23

He was prompt-very happy with the end results.

Stan Franek

Fargo, ND 9/21/23

Great Service!

Bonnie Greenwood

Fargo, ND 9/19/23

Jason was excellent on knowledge and how he did the work and explained the procedures.

Ron & Sharon Keel

West Fargo, ND 9/18/23

Has been here before and always goes well. Very friendly and informative.

Hal & Renee Mikkelsen

Glyndon, MN 9/15/23

Scott was a very nice worker/tech

Austin Rust

Harwood, ND 9/15/23

Always on time-fair price

Marie Ellen Swenson

Moorhead, MN 9/11/23

Keith has always been prompt & knowledgeable. Always had good service from Home.

Dave & Virginia Stern

Fargo, ND 9/11/23

Sales person and installation crew were very polished & personable-Thanks!

Kathy Wold

Fargo, ND 9/8/23

Excellent Customer Service!

Rod Mathison

Hickson, ND 9/8/23

Good service, on time, friendly.

Tyler Vandevelde

Fargo, ND 9/6/23

Timely and courteous. Answered all of our questions and did a stand up job.


Fargo, ND 9/6/23

Tech was very Personable & Knowledgeable. Would highly recommend him.

Della McClean

Yipsilanti, ND 9/5/23

Very nice people to work with-very clean.

Jim Thompson

Fargo, ND 9/5/23

Call back next-solved the issue

John Blaek

Fargo, ND 8/28/23

A more professional representation, work and results could not be expected or asked for!

Jon & Doris Babler

Moorhead, MN 8/28/23

Always great service

Phil Felde

Moorhead, MN 8/23/23

Good to have same technician for several years!

Tim & Holly Gruba

Fargo. ND 8/21/23

These 2 were great, very friendly and professional.

Jason Pettys

Moorhead, MN 8/17/23

Ben & Jason were great. They were professional, fast & left everything very clean.

Lois Aldrich

Fargo, ND 8/17/23

Was courteous and professional-Called to confirm before arrival. He even noticed and repaired paint peeling on the frame of the fireplace door which I greatly appreciated.

Dale & Jerri Rust

Harwood, ND 8/17/23

Home Heating has always done a great job.

Jeff & Christel Schmidt

Fargo, ND 8/15/23

Thanks to dispatch for coordinating both HVAC and plumbing to service the same day!  Will definitely recommend! Thanks!

Jason Nelson

West Fargo, ND 8/15/23

Excellent! All around superb-will definitely use again!!

Kurtis Cook

Dilworth, MN 8/11/23

Very neat, explained everything and work was complete. Thank you, Rick!

John Strache

Hawley, MN 8/10/23

It was a pleasure doing business with Home & Hearth. Staff were personable, professional, and not pressuring for a sell-up. They listened to what we needed and gave us choices. The workmen were skilled, clean, and cordial and did a great job. We would be happy to do business here again.

Bill Carr

West Fargo, ND 8/8/23

Great job and nice person.

Scott Bentley

Moorhead, MN 8/3/23

They did a great job!

Sandy Beutler

Moorhead, MN 8/2/23

I will definitely recommend!

Wayne Gjervold

Perley, MN 7/31/23

Welcome to come back anytime.

Michael & Alice Smette

Fargo, ND 7/31/23

Staff were very helpful and went beyond normal expectations.

Allen Zidon

Pisek, ND 7/28/23

We were very pleased with the knowledge Sara shared with us and the price.

Bert Chamberlain

Moorhead, MN 7/28/23

Good Job!

Chris & Monica Heise

West Fargo, ND 7/27/23

Home Heating are Rockstars!!

Dave Wambach

Fargo, ND 7/25/23

Prompt, efficient, professional.  Couldn't be better!

Cliff Sheeley

West Fargo, ND 7/25/23

Clean, wife was very happy with how they finished the job-she did not have to clean up!!

Richard Shaefer

Fargo, ND 7/19/23

The two men were very respectful and kind and helpful. They did a good job.

Deb Dawson

Fargo, ND 7/19/23

Always professional and courteous.

Audrey Farol

Fargo, ND 7/19/23

Great work, the only thing that could have made it better was a follow-up call that the work was done. 5 stars! Thanks!

Darryl Riegel

Fargo, ND 7/19/23

You're lucky to have this man work for your organization.

Charles & Diane Pieper

Fargo, ND 7/19/23

Competent, professional, friendly.

Claudia Anderson

Fargo, ND 7/19/23

Always a positive experience!

Deb & Steve Satrom

West Fargo, ND 7/19/23

We have been very pleased every job.

Lu Burngardt

West Fargo, ND 7/19/23

Easy to work with, answered questions appropriately and offered feedback.

Andrew Seter

Glyndon, MN 7/19/23

We always have excellent service when you guys come out and the work is great!

Bill & Chris Hagen

Moorhead, MN 7/19/23

Great job. Works great!

Dean Vollmer

Fargo, ND 7/19/23

Fabulous job. Knowledgeable, great clean up, and very professional.

Dean Stamnes

Moorhead, MN 7/19/23

Very Knowledgeable about the job.

Robert Pierce

Fargo, ND 05/25/23

Great Job!!

Gary & Connie Bakke

Fargo, ND 05/23/23

The tech did a great job!

Gary Bakke

Fargo, ND 05/22/23

Had Home Heating do my annual air conditioning preventative annual maintenance. The tech did a fabulous job! Highly recommend the tech & Home Heating!!

Dee & David Pretty

Moorhead, MN 05/18/23

These guys are the best!

Peggy Kensok

Wheatland, ND 05/16/23

Very great guys! Did a great job with the big job we had! Excellent!

Dee Pretty

Moorhead, MN 05/16/23

The techs were quick, efficient, and miracle workers! Their work improved my dried time/efficiency.....unbelievable! They really are experts in their job.

Daren & Kristie Kelsch

West Fargo, ND 05/10/23

Polite, answered questions

Sally Wallock

Fargo, ND 05/10/23

Very nice to work with

Colleen Edington

Fargo, ND 05/09/23

From Joe's initial service call to the techs installing the new furnace was seamless and professional. Thank you for always being helpful and timely.

Sherry Grover

Fargo, ND 04/18/23

They did a fantastic job.

Sharon Martinson

03/07/23 Fargo, ND

Outstanding work to clean our ductwork. Very through job!

John Bertsch

Fargo, ND 02/28/23

Brad and Paul did an awesome job cleaning the duct work. Also replaced air filters.

Derek & Tammy Sunderland

Fargo, ND 02/21/23

Guys were great a thank you!

Julie Alin

Fargo, ND 02/01/23

I was so impressed with service. I will recommend to my family and friends!

Melissa & Matt Sundstrom

Abercrombie, ND 01/26/23

Very pleased!! Thank You!

Lewis Ringdahl

Fargo, ND 01/19/23

Excellent company to work with. Reggie & Nick did a great job. Very professional.

Pat Rieder

Dilworth, MN 01/12/23

The new furnace is working great!!!

Casey Steele

Fargo, ND 01/11/23

Always great to work with the folks @ home!!!

Scott Jetvig

Hawley, MN 12/29/22

I was completely satisfied with Brad and Paul. They were cooperative, cordial and courteous. They appeared to be professional, responsive to questions/concerns and respected the customer property. Their workmanship on quality and appearance of the project was excellent, they finished in a timely manner and cleaned up their mess.

Ladean Schafer

West Fargo, ND 12/29/22

Nice Job!!! Thanks!!!

Peggy Meyer

Fargo, ND 12/29/22

Very timely in getting back to me with a quote on a future project.

Steven Brauner

Horace, ND 12/29/22

Travis and Conley, were cooperative, cordial and courteous. Professional appearance, responsive to questions/concerns. Respect for customer property. Their workmanship was quality/ appearance of the project, work was completed in timely manner and they cleaned up after completion.

Rick Harvala

Moorhead, MN 12/29/22

Brad and Paul, did the job as expected, cleaned up after, were courteous and kind.

David Oberg

Moorhead, MN 12/28/22

We received friendly service, and our ducts are clean! Thank you.

Walter & Joanne Czerwinski

Reile's Acres 09/29/22

They did a spot-on professional job. Couldn't ask for a better job. Thank you.

Simon Erlandson

Fergus Falls 08/15/22

These guys were great, couldn't have been a better experience.

Jeff Slaby

Moorhead 08/01/22

Did a very nice job; talked with us regarding the issue they found and a solution.

Jeff Slaby

Moorhead 09/16/22

Brad & Paul did a great job cleaning the ducts in the new house my daughter purchased. They found a clog in one of the ducts and contacted me to discuss options to clear it. They took care of the clog and the air is flowing like it was designed to. These are two great team members.

Gaurav Nayak

West Fargo 07/21/22

Good work ethics.  They did very good and thorough job.

Stephanie Hussey

West Fargo 07/21/22

Both Brad & Paul very professional and answered all questions.  They did an amazing job.

Marlys Guttormson

Fargo 06/30/22

Excellent as always!

Richard & Sharon Krabbenhoft

Fargo 06/22/22

Good job, well done.

Bob Sutton

West Fargo 06/03/22

On time, great work.  Ducts literally look like new.

Hal & Jackie Rosenheim

Fargo 05/17/22

We were very pleased.

Scott Morton

Fargo 04/06/22

Thanks for all the hard work.  Great job on the air ducts, your guys have some heavy equipment and our job isn't easy as I once thought.

Mark & Kim Ternes

Fargo 03/15/22

Excellent job!  Thank you!!

Bill Berquist

Home 01 14 22

Great Service, great guys! Thank you for prompt service!

Julie Dostel

Home 01/06/2022

Brad and Paul had a tough job with our house. They were friendly and answered all our questions!

Joan Hendrickson

Home 12/28/21

Thank You Paul and Brad! Good Job! This will give me peace of mind!

Kelvin Caga

Fargo 12/14

Great People!

Kelvin Caga

Home 11/19/21

Great Service, very professional individuals!

Casey Steele

Fargo 10/27/2021

Very helpful and thorough.

LuAnn Rand

Moorhead 10/01/21

Great job Brad & Paul keep up the great work!  You're awesome.

Eric Guttormson

Fargo 09/22/21

Thank you!  Cleaned my ducts and found six reasons why my bedroom was so cold and fix my dryer vent.

Amy Dahl

West Fargo 09/07/21

Prompt, friendly service!

Akex Gerz

Fargo, ND 07/19/21

The guys did a great job! A+

Cindy Formo

Litchville 05/19/21

Paul & Logan were very polite and respectful.  They did a very good job.

Jamie Crummy

West Fargo 05/11/21

We appreciated the quality work and customer service!

John & Bonnie Lester

Fargo 04/20/21

I dealt mainly with Logan, what a knowledgeable and professional young man.  A credit to Home Heating!

Julie Christianson

West Fargo 04/14/21

Team was great!  Very professional and efficient.

Daniel Moore

West Fargo 04/12/21

These guys were great!!!  Friendly and very quality work.

Daniel Moore

West Fargo 04/02/21

These guys were fantastic!  Friendly and very high quality, quick work!

Troy Laidlaw

Fargo 03/16/21

They were able to get a technician out the very next day!

Bruce & Jan Harmon

Moorhead 12/11/19

Always a job well done!

Don Nelson

Moorhead 9/5/18

Great Job.

Lynnette Flage

Fargo 12/27/17

Excellent work! Thank you! As someone with severe allergies I really appreciate the extra attention to duct cleaning!

Doug & Lisa Thompson

West Fargo 9/28/17

Brad & Trevor did a great job. We will highly recommend Home Heating and will reschedule as well.

Kelsey Olson

Moorhead 10/2/17

I am so impressed. I'm in the service industry so I recognize quality. These guys love their job.

Don & Mary Jo Nicklay

Dilworth 09/05/17

Good job!!

Herb & Bonnie Schlegel

Moorhead, 08/31/17

I had a new furnace and AC installed along with duct work cleaning.  Your company was absolutely first rate in pricing and service.  Your sales person, installers and technicians were efficient, friendly and always on time.  Your level of service and dependability shines far above other contractors I have dealt with.  Sorry I didn't submit this sooner.

Steve Johnson

Fargo 01/16/17

Great job by both.  Very good communication by each.

Shane Blowers

Fargo 12/29/16

The two guys that showed up to clean our duct work were very nice, clean, and easy to ask questions.

Russ Nylander

Moorhead 10/12/16

All Home Heating staff that have ever been here are very courteous, friendly and professional!

Amy Albert

Fargo 11/02/16

Absolutely satisfied customers!  Everyone on your team was great to work with.

Dan & Carmen Eberhardt

Hawley 08/17/16

Great job!  Explained the process answered my questions, cleaned up fully.  Would recommend to friends!

Mark Demers

Moorhead 08/08/16

Instantly better!  House air "feels" clean.  Dust level was down.  Very happy we did this!!

James Lucke


We had our ducts cleaned.  The (2) men that came out were professional and answered any questions that we had for them.  The job was done in a timely manner.  At the end of the job they showed us what they had found, and what was cleaned out.

Josh Borah

Dilworth 3/20/16

Great job would recommend to anyone.

Pat Stoderl

Fargo 03/14/16

Really enjoyed seeing the before and after pictures.  Thank you for the house warming gift too.

James & Sharon Delling

Fargo 12/2/14

The work and professional attendance was all done in a superior manner.

Richard & Karen Niemi

Fargo 10/7/14

Tech also gave me info on duct cleaning which was very helpful.

Randy Nelson

Fargo 9/24/14

Did an excellent job

Mike Flynn

West Fargo 10/6/14

Very good.

Sara & Joe Garza

Moorhead 10/24/14

Brad and Will did an amazing job on our furnace and duct cleaning! Highly recommended!

Jay & Kristy Albrecht

Fargo 10/15/14

Enjoyed having Brad work with us today -- he is a rockstar professional for your company!

Patrick Noehre

Fargo 10/6/14

Good job!

Nick Ingolfsland

Moorhead 9/8/14

Great job. We are satisfied and would recommend you to anyone!

Frank & Joan Suda

Fargo 2/16/15

Very satisfied with the work done and an excellent employee! Thanks

Junior Hongerholt

Fargo 2/20/15

This guy is the Bomb! Greatest ever!

James Lockhart

Fargo 3/11/15

Home Heating and Plumbing can be proud and happy to be represented by these two fine men! Happy to have had them in my home.

Joel Winkler

Fargo 2/2/15

Great job!

Craig Johnson

Lake Park 10/24/14

Excellent work, clean, efficient, and very knowledgeable, also friendly and willing to explain answers and questions.

Steve & Candyce Waldner

Fargo 1/21/15

Great guys, fast, courteous, professional!

Jess Monson

Fargo 12/31/14

Awesome job Ron, very nice and professional.

Jim & Linda Wilkie

Fargo 12/31/14

Very knowledgeable and professional in his work -- would have him work again anytime.

Gill & Linda Schoener

Fargo 11/04/14


Donna Wadnizak

Fargo 11/11/14

Very nice, explained what needed to be done, very efficient, very impressed with him.

Zach Pflugrath

Fargo 1/20/15

Very nice work, you can tell they take pride in what they do.

Tony & Karel Varriano

Moorhead 11/31/14

They were on time -- maybe even a little early. Worked quietly and efficiently. They listened to my questions and answered them all.

Cliff & Clara Axtman

West Fargo 2/28/15

The guys did a great job.

Wes Gabbert

Fargo 1/20/15

Fast and great job. Thanks I should have done this years ago.

Lundstrom & Skari Family Dentistry

Fargo 3/12/15

We love Roger!!! He is so helpful and has gone above and beyond to help us!! He is the best!!

Tom Woollweever

West Fargo 9/03/15

Very professional and friendly service. Highly Recommend. 

CME Rental

West Fargo 4/3/15

Friendly, quick and on time! 

Lee & Kim Schaleben

Fargo 4/1/15

Very satisfied – quick and easy!  

Curt & Jeanne Quenette

West Fargo 4/13/15

Always excellent work done by personnel of Home Heating & Plumbing.  

Michael Henke

Fargo 4/15/15

Service was good.   

Neville & Lovella Alberto

West Fargo 7/30/15

Awesome! Enoch K. spent time and effort with the maintenance work. Thank you.  

Todd & Carol Anhorn

Fargo 6/9/15

Great crew—we would recommend   

George & Jane Sinner

Fargo 3/27/15

He was gracious and thorough. I like that he explained everything to me.  

Dean & Sherry Johnson

West Fargo 5/11/15

Awesome service!  

Dave Middaugh

Fargo 3/12/15

Nice guy—answered all my questions. Work done in an efficient timely manner.  

Lucy's North China Cuisine

Fargo 1/23/15

Thanks for everything! Great job!  

Kris Bevill

Fargo 3/20/15

Great service!  

Prairie Rose North Condo Association

Fargo 5/26/15

TJ was very courteous & personable. Job was done correctly and in a short time. We would recommend this person to others.  

Scott & Sara Fairfield

Moorhead 7/6/15

Couldn’t be a better experience.  

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