Keep Your House Cool and Budget Low

Keep your house cool and comfortable with our premium air conditioning systems and services. Home Heating can replace and install our top of the line name brand cooling systems and will keep your house cool throughout the summer months. Our air cooling systems are not only built to beat the toughest heat spells but you can also save money with our new high-efficiency units.

Repair or Replace?

Cost is always going to be a factor when considering replacing or repairing an air conditioning system. You could save up to 60% on your energy bills with a new high-efficiency unit. Even air cooling systems that are only a few years old can lag on today’s efficient air units. Contact Home Heating and Plumbing for your air conditioning installment needs, a new high-efficiency unit can actually pay for itself relatively quick with all the money you can save on energy costs.

What is Efficient?

Cooling efficiency for your air conditioner unit is indicated by its SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating, which tells you how efficiently your unit uses electricity. High-efficiency units have a SEER of at least 13.0; the maximum available is about 21 SEER. In general, the higher the SEER rating, the less electricity your air cooling system will use to cool your home.

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Read what our customers are saying

  • Rick & Rhonda Kimball
    Very fast installation-Thanks!
    Rick & Rhonda Kimball
    Fargo, ND 6/13/24
  • Scott & Sandy Fischer
    Joe Ludwig was very good and the install team were super fantastic!!
    Scott & Sandy Fischer
    Fargo, ND 6/12/24
  • Frances Yanke
    Poor guy worked outside in the cold rain. He offered me options to fit my budget and future plans.
    Frances Yanke
    Moorhead, MN 6/12/24
  • Sylvia Kloster
    Marshal & his tech assistant did a great job performing a check-up on my A/C unit. So polite and efficient! Much appreciated!
    Sylvia Kloster
    Fargo, ND 6/12/24
  • Patricia Belknap
    On time, very good job, friendly, great service
    Patricia Belknap
    Fargo, ND 6/12/24
  • Lance & Ruth Bergstrom
    Very satisfied! Thank you!
    Lance & Ruth Bergstrom
    Horace, ND 6/6/24
  • Sonja Amundson
    Home Heating techs are always prompt, courteous and efficient.
    Sonja Amundson
    West Fargo, ND 6/3/24
  • Lyle & Joyce Janke
    Thank you for sending these wonderful service guys.
    Lyle & Joyce Janke
    Fargo, ND 5/31/24
  • Ruth Bergstrom
    Prompt, courteous, and excellent customer service! Very pleased with the service we received in replacing our air conditioning unit. Thank you!!
    Ruth Bergstrom
    Horace, ND 5/31/24
  • Sherri Kent
    Very speedy-got to our residence soon after I called. They fixed problem temporarily and explained what needed to be done!
    Sherri Kent
    Fargo, ND 5/29/24
  • Lyle & Kellie Ranstrom
    Good job all the way around.
    Lyle & Kellie Ranstrom
    Hawley, MN 5/28/24
  • Terry Nelson
    Very professional techs
    Terry Nelson
    Page, ND 5/23/24
  • Lyle Ranstrom
    I called for a repair on my air conditioner and when he came out and fixed it i asked him to look at our furnace as well. without hesitation he looked at that as well. Very good customer service. Highly recommended.
    Lyle Ranstrom
    Hawley, MN 5/21/24
  • Gerald Beaudoin
    Thank you for your prompt and excellent service.
    Gerald Beaudoin
    West Fargo, ND 5/17/24
  • Warren Hintz & Maureen Zimmerman
    Very pleased with the availability for schedule and also great service.
    Warren Hintz & Maureen Zimmerman
    Fargo, ND 5/17/24
  • Linda Henrickson
    Came as soon as I called. Thank you.
    Linda Henrickson
    Fargo, ND 5/13/24
  • Steven Vangsness
    The two guys who worked on the A/C unit did a great job, plus service request was met efficiently and on time.
    Steven Vangsness
    Fargo, ND 5/13/24
  • Marlys Guttormson
    Excellent as always!
    Marlys Guttormson
    Fargo, ND 5/10/24
  • Charles Sawicki
    Excellent service for our whole house air conditioner on 5/1/24. Both technicians were careful & thorough.
    Charles Sawicki
    Fargo, ND 5/7/24
  • Harvey Heise
    Very Efficient. Right on time when he said he would be here.
    Harvey Heise
    West Fargo, ND 5/6/24
  • Marilyn Dewald
    Very happy!
    Marilyn Dewald
    Dilworth, MN 4/25/24
  • Gary & Connie Bakke
    The technician did a great job!
    Gary & Connie Bakke
    Fargo, ND 4/25/24
  • Skip & Sarah Klinkhammer
    Brad was our technician and we were very pleased with him. He was professional and polite which we appreciated.
    Skip & Sarah Klinkhammer
    Moorhead, MN 4/24/24
  • Kristy Flach
    The service was 10/10! Super fast, and the guy explained everything he was doing, and had a part at the ready to fix the issue. Also took the time to answer all of my questions. This is our first house, and we are so happy to have a trusted company for our heating/cooling issues moving forward. Thank you!!!
    Kristy Flach
    Moorhead, MN 4/24/24
  • Ronald & Bonnie Liebl
    I will keep Home Heating & Plumbing on my list of repairmen to call!
    Ronald & Bonnie Liebl
    Moorhead, MN 4/24/24
  • Nicholas Johnson
    Very impressed with the professionalism, kindness, and immediate response to questions.
    Nicholas Johnson
    Harwood, ND 4/4/24
  • Nicki Olson
    Very nice, polite, knew what he's doing. Y'all have been helping me since 2012. Always great!
    Nicki Olson
    West Fargo. ND 4/4/24
  • Ben & Pam Killerlain
    Brad was fantastic. He was friendly and proficient. I was back to work quickly!
    Ben & Pam Killerlain
    Moorhead. MN 3/27/24
  • Steve  &Pam Dahl
    Thank you all so much.
    Steve &Pam Dahl
    Sabin, MN 3/27/24
  • Jim & Julie Scoville
    Jim & Julie Scoville
    West Fargo, ND 3/22/24
  • Carol Erdman
    An excellent job-furnace works great!
    Carol Erdman
    West Fargo, ND 3/21/24
  • Jerry Solem
    The young man knew what he was doing and he did a good job cleaning up.
    Jerry Solem
    Fargo, ND 3/21/24
  • Jordan & Becky Feltman
    Thank you for the prompt service!
    Jordan & Becky Feltman
    Fargo, ND 3/15/24
  • Sharon DeGrand
    They did an awesome job. Updated me on process, very respectable & no trace they were here. Very Satisfied, highly recommend.
    Sharon DeGrand
    Fargo, ND 3/15/24
  • Matt & Amanda Hagen
    The whole team was very professional and respectful. We highly recommend Home Heating!
    Matt & Amanda Hagen
    Leonard, ND 3/12/24
  • Mark & Lynette Herz
    Out project lead, Joe, was fantastic. Reggie's install was excellent.
    Mark & Lynette Herz
    Fargo, ND 3/8/24
  • George & Ida Mae Cook
    Very happy with the new furnace. Job completed in a very professional and timely manner!
    George & Ida Mae Cook
    Moorhead, MN 3/6/24
  • David & Orleen Gilchrist
    Excellent job!
    David & Orleen Gilchrist
    Moorhead, MN 2/28/24
  • Merle Myhre
    Very professional
    Merle Myhre
    Moorhead, MN 2/26/24
  • Jeff Gulseth
    Great Experience!
    Jeff Gulseth
    Dilworth, MN 2/21/24
  • Brianna Nelson
    Thank you for your prompt service. I really appreciate it.
    Brianna Nelson
    Gardner, ND 2/21/24
  • Jeremy Nistl
    Fast! Took time to explain everything and gladly answered all my questions!
    Jeremy Nistl
    Moorhead, MN 2/19/24
  • Jeff & Marcia Stavenger
    Great all-around experience!
    Jeff & Marcia Stavenger
    Moorhead, MN 2/19/24
  • Lavonnya Koenig
    Very Knowledgeable, professional. fast, and adapted quickly when needed.
    Lavonnya Koenig
    Harwood, ND 2/16/24
  • Robert Hunter
    Very nice guy!
    Robert Hunter
    Dilworth, MN 2/14/24
  • Gloria Oswald
    He was a friendly guy.
    Gloria Oswald
    Moorhead, MN 2/14/24
  • Chris Laabs
    Prompt, wore shoe covering, explained everything thoroughly.
    Chris Laabs
    Fargo, ND 2/14/24
  • Jane Jacobson
    Complicated matter that was fixed by Home Heating. My go to company for many years.
    Jane Jacobson
    Fargo, ND 2/12/24
  • Renee Buckman
    Home Heating is always terrific.
    Renee Buckman
    Moorhead, MN 2/12/10
  • Beva Hanson
    I am completely thrilled by the product and the professional workers!!
    Beva Hanson
    Fargo, ND 2/8/24
  • Scott & Julie Sherwood
    Quick & Efficient, explained everything well. Pleasure to have them in the house & Excellent "Turnaround Time."
    Scott & Julie Sherwood
    Fargo, ND 2/6/24
  • Kelli & Daniel Leeman
    10 out of 10-would recommend! Thank you!!
    Kelli & Daniel Leeman
    Fargo, ND 2/6/24
  • Richard & Susan Schaefer
    They did a good job and they were kind! I would recommend your company to anyone! Thanks!
    Richard & Susan Schaefer
    Fargo, ND 2/2/24
  • Myron Flaagan
    Keith was very good to work with. He knew what he was doing for sure.
    Myron Flaagan
    Fargo, ND 2/2/24
  • Josh & Kelsie Blume
    Very happy with the service and in a timely manner!
    Josh & Kelsie Blume
    Fargo, ND 2/2/24
  • Jeff & Vanessa Mattles
    I was thankful as how he was not scared of the dog and grateful at how quick he came to the house.
    Jeff & Vanessa Mattles
    Glyndon, MN 2/1/24
  • Richard Brothers
    Fixed the problem right away.
    Richard Brothers
    Fargo, ND 2/1/24
  • Ineke Justitz
    Professional, courteous, and responsible service. Working with Home Heating & Plumbing is outstanding!
    Ineke Justitz
    Moorhead, MN 2/1/24
  • Jay & Heidi Hesse
    These guys are awesome, helpful. clean, happy, work hard, and the job was done right.
    Jay & Heidi Hesse
    Kindred, ND 1/29/24
  • Jim & Kay Hockett
    Very polite young man-very knowledgeable and completed in a timely manner.
    Jim & Kay Hockett
    Moorhead, MN 1/29/24
  • Carl Wichman
    Very happy with the serviceman. Friendly, knowledgeable, prompt and quickly done. Thanks!
    Carl Wichman
    Moorhead, MN 1/29/24
  • Bob & Rhonda Braaten
    No complaints what-so-ever
    Bob & Rhonda Braaten
    Fargo, ND 1/24/24
  • Gary & Jill Inman
    Very helpful and very professional
    Gary & Jill Inman
    West Fargo, ND 1/24/24
  • Jim & Marcy Simpson
    Great service as always!
    Jim & Marcy Simpson
    Fargo, ND 1/24/24
  • Rand Nyberg
    Arben was so personable and did such a wonderful job! Thanks!
    Rand Nyberg
    Fargo, ND 1/24/24
  • Thomas Tunks
    Great job-very pleased. Would recommend them to anyone.
    Thomas Tunks
    Fargo, ND 1/23/24
  • Shelda Warren
    Tech was very nice. He helped place things on a high shelf that I couldn't reach.
    Shelda Warren
    Moorhead, MN 1/19/24
  • Diane Freih
    Furnace: Fan was overheating and no warm air. Jaxen found an old corroded pliers handle in the air outlet PVC pipe.Plumbing: Water heater was leaking so plumbing from water heater was replaced! Thanks!
    Diane Freih
    Fargo, ND 58103
  • Jay & Heidi Hesse
    Always do great work!
    Jay & Heidi Hesse
    Kindred, ND 1/18/24
  • Skip & Sarah Klinkhammer
    Brad was our technician and we were pleased with him. He was professional and polite which we appreciated.
    Skip & Sarah Klinkhammer
    Moorhead, MN 1/15/24
  • David Larson
    Keith was awesome!
    David Larson
    West Fargo, ND 1/12/24
  • Mitch & Kendra Kudrna
    Darin was helpful and informative. HE helped and provided great solutions.
    Mitch & Kendra Kudrna
    West Fargo, ND 1/12/24
  • Jim Aas
    Work completed quickly and efficiently.
    Jim Aas
    Moorhead, MN 1/11/24
  • Bob Footitt, Sr
    Best company to work with!
    Bob Footitt, Sr
    Fargo, ND 1/9/24
  • Jeremiah & Erica Johnson
    We enjoy having your company to our home. The techs are all wonderful. Also, very helpful stall at your office for bill pay & scheduling.
    Jeremiah & Erica Johnson
    Fargo, ND 1/5/24
  • Dorothy Satrom
    Wow! I am SO thankful for the excellent service! Above and beyond!
    Dorothy Satrom
    Detroit Lakes, MN 1/5/24
  • Mark & Donna Richtsmeier
    Awesome service!
    Mark & Donna Richtsmeier
    Hunter, ND 1/2/23
  • Mike Noffze
    Very fast response to my issue.
    Mike Noffze
    West Fargo, ND 1/2/24
  • Joe & Jamie Kiebke
    Excellent work! Very nice guys, answered all my questions. Would definitely recommend!
    Joe & Jamie Kiebke
    West Fargo, ND 12/28/23
  • Barry & Kay Malme
    We would definitely recommend you guys!
    Barry & Kay Malme
    Fargo, ND 12/28/23
  • Richard & Tammy Deisler
    Very impressed with the company. Their response time was immediate and the staff were professional and the quality of their work was exceptional!
    Richard & Tammy Deisler
    West Fargo, ND 12/28/23
  • Jay & Heidi Hesse
    Great guys, good work.
    Jay & Heidi Hesse
    Kindred, ND 12/26/23
  • Helen Lamson
    Very pleasant workers & very professional.
    Helen Lamson
    Fargo, ND 12/26/23
  • Kyle Hurst
    Darin was great to work with! He was very knowledgeable and took his time to explain everything upon completion of work.  He also had to fabricate a piece to make the humidifier fit. Appreciate everything he did!
    Kyle Hurst
    Barnesville, MN 12/22/23
  • Tom Hafliger
    From the time I called, until my furnace was fixed, one and a half hours-very good!!
    Tom Hafliger
    Fargo, ND 12/22/23
  • Casey Cole
    I was impressed with how quick they were able to come to our house and complete the job.
    Casey Cole
    Sabin, MN 12/22/23
  • Scott & Carolyn Stenseth
    Very good service!!  Took the time to answer any and all questions.
    Scott & Carolyn Stenseth
    Fargo, ND 12/22/23
  • Don & Gloria Holloway
    Thank you for the prompt service.
    Don & Gloria Holloway
    Fargo, ND 12/19/23
  • Susan Pirsig
    Very professional, very helpful.
    Susan Pirsig
    Moorhead, MN 12/19/23
  • Bill Krumwiede
    Outstanding service. Friendly, knowledgeable technician.
    Bill Krumwiede
    West Fargo, ND 12/19/23
  • Joel & Phyllis Thurlow
    Jason is the best!
    Joel & Phyllis Thurlow
    Fargo, ND 12/15/23
  • Kevin Hankel
    Friendly, knowledgeable, skillful in fixing our furnace. Explained repair options. Well-satisfied customer.
    Kevin Hankel
    Fargo, ND 12/15/23
  • Gary & Barbara Ransom
    They always do a good job.
    Gary & Barbara Ransom
    Fargo, ND 12/15/23
  • Jerry Anderson
    Job was very thorough and Paul explained everything that was done.
    Jerry Anderson
    Dilworth, MN 12/15/23
  • Mary Bommersbach
    Your service man did an excellent job and answered any questions we had.
    Mary Bommersbach
    Dilworth, MN 12/14/23
  • Jerry Anderson
    Very professional and knowledgeable. Fully explained what was done. Great job!
    Jerry Anderson
    Dilworth, MN 12/12/23
  • Dennis Craig
    Nice guys-great work
    Dennis Craig
    Ada, MN 12/11/23
  • Robert & Cheryl Diegal
    Nice guy, he explained everything.
    Robert & Cheryl Diegal
    Fargo, ND 12/11/23
  • Corey Harrison
    Very happy with results.
    Corey Harrison
    Fargo, ND 12.6.23
  • Neil Taverna
    Wonderful workers!
    Neil Taverna
    Fargo, ND 12/5/23
  • Jim Enkers
    As always, very happy with all work completed.
    Jim Enkers
    Moorhead, MN 12/5/23
  • Carey Scott
    Excellent job, Joe!
    Carey Scott
    Moorhead, MN 12/5/23
  • Stephanie Mont
    Jaxon was very thorough and professional!
    Stephanie Mont
    Fargo, ND 12/1/23
  • Paul Kist
    Personnel did an amazing job and were very helpful with our concerns.
    Paul Kist
    Horace, ND 11/30/23
  • Jim Hogue
    One of the best guys that have been sent!
    Jim Hogue
    Horace, ND 11/30/23
  • Mary Jo Nicklay
    Excellent workmanship. Thank you for always being here on time.
    Mary Jo Nicklay
    Dilworth, MN 11/30/23
  • Tom & Avis Dolan
    Prompt, professional service
    Tom & Avis Dolan
    Fargo, ND 11/30/23
  • Mark & Lori VanBeek
    Great people-very helpful. Solved our problem quickly.
    Mark & Lori VanBeek
    Moorhead. MN 11/27/23
  • Hasrat Khan
    Cooperative and courteous. Professional and respectful to home owner and the property. Entered house with shoe covers which was appreciated.
    Hasrat Khan
    Fargo, ND 11/18/23
  • Wayne Wermager
    I had annual maintenance inspection on my furnace on 11/09/2023. The service person arrived early and completed the work professionally, courteously, and thanked me for my business. This person reflects the ongoing quality customer service that I have experienced since we built our home in 2003. Home Heating will always be on speed dial in our home. Thank You!!!
    Wayne Wermager
    West Fargo, ND 11/18/23
  • Diane Eklund
    Great job, Trevor! You were respectful of my home and answered all my questions.
    Diane Eklund
    Moorhead, MN 11/22/23
  • Harold Schmeets
    Good Job!
    Harold Schmeets
    Fargo, ND 11/22/23
  • Debbie Bartholomay
    Professional, timely, and efficient. I was able to get a technician to my house right away.
    Debbie Bartholomay
    West Fargo, ND 11/16/23
  • Kim & Brent Lee
    Nice, friendly guys.
    Kim & Brent Lee
    Dilworth, MN 11/13/23
  • Dave Stark
    Furnace fixed 10-25-23. Tech did a very satisfactory job!
    Dave Stark
    West Fargo, ND 11/10/23
  • Marilyn Linsalata
    I want to thank the men who came. I was very concerned about turning on the furnace before they removed a bird's nest in the intake pipes. They are always prompt and will explain everything I ask them. Thank you!
    Marilyn Linsalata
    Moorhead, MN 11/10/23
  • Scott Swanstrom
    Great service!
    Scott Swanstrom
    Fargo, ND 11/9/23
  • Philip Meyer
    Excellent Job!
    Philip Meyer
    Fargo, ND 11/6/23
  • Alex Strachan
    Thank you so much for getting service done so soon!
    Alex Strachan
    Moorhead, MN 11/6/23
  • Mike & Marie Wollschlager
    Service was Great! I was very impressed from my initial call to completed repair!
    Mike & Marie Wollschlager
    Moorhead, MN 11/6/23
  • Julie Barner
    Arben was excellent! I will call him again when needed!
    Julie Barner
    Fargo, ND 11/6/23
  • David Bowe
    Technician was knowledgeable, skilled and experienced. He was able to answer all of my questions.
    David Bowe
    Moorhead, MN 11/6/23
  • Barb Lundberg
    Great people to work with!
    Barb Lundberg
    Fargo, ND 11/3/23
  • Greg Bymark
    Tech was absolutely great!
    Greg Bymark
    Luverne, ND 11/3/23
  • Stephanie Mont
    Arben was thorough, answered all my questions, and very professional!
    Stephanie Mont
    Fargo, ND 11/3/23
  • Deborah Grier
    Keith does a fantastic job every time! Hang on to this valued employee!
    Deborah Grier
    Moorhead, MN 11/1/23
  • Mary Ertelt
    Reggie was very nice and professional.
    Mary Ertelt
    Moorhead, MN 10/31/23
  • Steve Loge
    Excellent far as I can tell!
    Steve Loge
    Fargo, ND 10/31/23
  • Patricia Carroll
    This technician was a great man, answering all my questions, helped me learn how to run the thermostat also!
    Patricia Carroll
    Fargo, ND 10/31/23
  • Liz Anderson & Aaron Hitt
    Outstanding service! Would recommend to everyone!
    Liz Anderson & Aaron Hitt
    Fargo, ND 10/31/23
  • Myron Flaagan
    I always ask for Rick for service on my furnace & air conditioner. Very efficient.
    Myron Flaagan
    Fargo, ND 10/26/23
  • Rich Oksendahl
    Very good service!
    Rich Oksendahl
    Fargo, ND 10/26/23
  • Calvin & Locki Carlson
    Very professional service at a reasonable cost!
    Calvin & Locki Carlson
    Glyndon, MN 10/25/23
  • Paul & Anita Hess
    Keith was very thorough. He was courteous and answered all my questions.
    Paul & Anita Hess
    Fargo, ND 10/25/23
  • Jim & Linda Wilkie
    Service man was knowledgeable, neat, and friendly.
    Jim & Linda Wilkie
    Fargo, ND 10/25/23
  • Sharyl Schaffer
    Over the years, I have received top-notch service. Very satisfied. The best!
    Sharyl Schaffer
    Fargo, ND 10/25/23
  • Frank & Linnea Anderson
    Always good work!
    Frank & Linnea Anderson
    Fargo, ND 10/25/23
  • Dale & Leah Hoffman
    He was great! We appreciated how thorough he was with our annual furnace check up. Really nice guy!
    Dale & Leah Hoffman
    Moorhead, MN 10/25/23
  • Ken & Carroll Bernston
    Excellent technician-explained things to me very well.  Good job.
    Ken & Carroll Bernston
    Fargo, ND 10/25/23
  • John Parkhouse
    Fast, great service and if you want the job done right, call them!
    John Parkhouse
    Fargo, ND 10/25/23
  • Claudia Bergan
    Excellent service. Every year for 20 years, Home Heating comes and checks my heating.
    Claudia Bergan
    Fargo, ND 10/25/23
  • Dale & Denise Thompson
    Excellent service-thank you!
    Dale & Denise Thompson
    Detroit Lakes, MN 10/23/23
  • Claudia Anderson
    Very courteous, knowledgeable, and neat!! Thanks!
    Claudia Anderson
    Fargo, ND 10/23/23
  • Eldon Olson
    Very good tech.
    Eldon Olson
    Fargo, ND 10/23/23
  • Craig & Leita McEwen
    The semi annual checking of our air conditioner and furnace made life easier for us as we knew everything was working properly.
    Craig & Leita McEwen
    West Fargo, ND 10/20/23
  • Gary Kroetsch
    We received prompt, courteous service for clearing our main drain. Personnel were professional, covering the floor from house door to the work area & completed the job in a timely manner, cleaning up when done.
    Gary Kroetsch
    Fargo, ND 10/20/23
  • Sandy Kroetsch
    Great job! Professional, clean, courteous, prompt, & Informative.
    Sandy Kroetsch
    Fargo, ND 10/20/23
  • Gerald & Michelle Erickson
    Marshall was a great professional!
    Gerald & Michelle Erickson
    West Fargo, ND 10/19/23
  • Kathy Scheibe
    Brian is the best ever. He has cared for us for numerous years.
    Kathy Scheibe
    Fargo, ND 10/19/23
  • Jonathan Haug
    Great Work!
    Jonathan Haug
    Grand Forks, ND 10/17/23
  • Matt Moxness
    Top notch rep!
    Matt Moxness
    Horace, ND 10/17/23
  • Jesse Andersen
    Thanks for the help and patience with our questions. Seems to be working fine still.
    Jesse Andersen
    Moorhead, MN 10/17/23
  • Mavis Lysaker & Will Fischer
    Great Work-answered all questions.
    Mavis Lysaker & Will Fischer
    Moorhead, MN 10/17/23
  • Keith Corlis
    Arrived early and finished up quite quickly. Great service!
    Keith Corlis
    Fargo, ND 10/13/23
  • Pat & Judith Riley
    Bryan is the primary reason we are Home Heating customers-he's exact and professional!
    Pat & Judith Riley
    Fargo, ND 10/13/23
  • Monna Honek
    Very Satisfied-I recommend Keith!
    Monna Honek
    Moorhead, MN 10/13/23
  • Kent Monilaws
    Keith has served our furnace the last few years-He is friendly and thorough and we appreciate his service.
    Kent Monilaws
    Absaraka, ND 10/13/23
  • Tom & Jan Fetch
    All around good job. Pleasant to work with and I had confidence in his work.
    Tom & Jan Fetch
    Fargo, ND 10/11/23
  • Mike Mitchell & Kara Petron
    Ken is the best HVAC person I have ever worked with. Amazing knowledge!
    Mike Mitchell & Kara Petron
    Fargo, ND 10/11/23
  • Mark & Pamela Fischer
    Job well done.
    Mark & Pamela Fischer
    Fargo, ND 10/11/23
  • Tom & Avis Dolan
    Good performed service.
    Tom & Avis Dolan
    Fargo, ND 10/11/23
  • Vigo & Janice Pedersen
    WE have had Home Heating for 30 years, great work & people.
    Vigo & Janice Pedersen
    West Fargo, ND 10/11/23
  • Nick & Donna Ellig
    We thank Bryan for his consistently excellent & Professional work! He is always courteous, respectful, and answers all our questions/concerns. We appreciate and are grateful for his service.
    Nick & Donna Ellig
    Moorhead, ND 10/10/23
  • Dean & Sherry Johnson
    Bryan O did an excellent job! We have renewed our service contract several timed because of him!
    Dean & Sherry Johnson
    West Fargo, ND 10/6/23
  • Jay & Heidi Hesse
    Great Service!
    Jay & Heidi Hesse
    Kindred, ND 10/6/23
  • Pineview Cottages
    Nice workers-answered my questions fully
    Pineview Cottages
    Moorhead, ND 10/6/23
  • Phyllis Nelson
    Keith does an excellent job, is very responsive to any questions, and handles the job professionally. Keith has been assisting us in the furnace maintenance for many years now. He always does a very fine job.
    Phyllis Nelson
    Moorhead, MN 10/4/23
  • Pineview Cottages
    Home Heating has been my provider of heat and cooling needs for many years. Good guys. Great reps for you company! Always satisfied with the service!
    Pineview Cottages
    Moorhead, MN 10/4/23
  • Sharon Swanson
    Very satisfied with the service
    Sharon Swanson
    Fargo, ND 10/4/23
  • Jon Mund
    Our fall furnace check was done with great professionalism. Totally impressed with the service performed and the technician, Arben. Thanks so much for your service!
    Jon Mund
    Fargo, ND 10/2/23
  • Randa Meyer
    Great service!
    Randa Meyer
    Fargo, ND 10/2/23
  • Lois & Bernard Fuchs
    He's the best you can have in your home!
    Lois & Bernard Fuchs
    Dilworth, MN 9/29/23
  • Jeff Homuth
    My favorite!
    Jeff Homuth
    Moorhead, MN 9/29/23
  • Lee Sterling
    Great Job!  You guys scheduled quickly and we will call again!
    Lee Sterling
    West Fargo, ND 9/28/23
  • Leroy Juve
    Thanks very much for taking care of our home and making it cleaner!
    Leroy Juve
    West Fargo, ND 9/27/23
  • Ken Nicholson
    He was prompt-very happy with the end results.
    Ken Nicholson
    Dilworth, MN 9/26/23
  • Grant & Marsha Weiland
    Very Professional-Keith knew exactly what he was doing.
    Grant & Marsha Weiland
    Moorhead, MN 9/21/23
  • Doug & Ruth Fugleberg
    We were very pleased with the work done and will have Home Heating come again!
    Doug & Ruth Fugleberg
    Ada, MN 9/21/23
  • Stan Franek
    Great Service!
    Stan Franek
    Fargo, ND 9/21/23
  • Bonnie Greenwood
    Jason was excellent on knowledge and how he did the work and explained the procedures.
    Bonnie Greenwood
    Fargo, ND 9/19/23
  • Ron & Sharon Keel
    Has been here before and always goes well. Very friendly and informative.
    Ron & Sharon Keel
    West Fargo, ND 9/18/23
  • Hal & Renee Mikkelsen
    Scott was a very nice worker/tech
    Hal & Renee Mikkelsen
    Glyndon, MN 9/15/23
  • Austin Rust
    Always on time-fair price
    Austin Rust
    Harwood, ND 9/15/23
  • Neil Baerwald
    Very good service, especially for a Sunday.
    Neil Baerwald
    West Fargo, ND 9/13/23
  • Marie Ellen Swenson
    Keith has always been prompt & knowledgeable. Always had good service from Home.
    Marie Ellen Swenson
    Moorhead, MN 9/11/23
  • Duane & Eileen Wagner
    Technician that came was one of the BEST that you have.
    Duane & Eileen Wagner
    Fargo, ND 9/11/23
  • Dave & Virginia Stern
    Sales person and installation crew were very polished & personable-Thanks!
    Dave & Virginia Stern
    Fargo, ND 9/11/23
  • Ashley Letvig
    Punctual, professional, courteous. All around excellent experience!
    Ashley Letvig
    Moorhead, MN 9/8/23
  • Kathy Wold
    Excellent Customer Service!
    Kathy Wold
    Fargo, ND 9/8/23
  • Rod Mathison
    Good service, on time, friendly.
    Rod Mathison
    Hickson, ND 9/8/23
  • Tyler Vandevelde
    Timely and courteous. Answered all of our questions and did a stand up job.
    Tyler Vandevelde
    Fargo, ND 9/6/23
  • Anonymous
    Tech was very Personable & Knowledgeable. Would highly recommend him.
    Fargo, ND 9/6/23
  • Della McClean
    Very nice people to work with-very clean.
    Della McClean
    Yipsilanti, ND 9/5/23
  • Kristin Sellent
    I have to give Mason a massive compliment! He finally figured out our A/C issue at Fusion Electric. We have had techs come in the past and our issue wasn't addressed correctly. Mason found the problem rather quickly and came up with a solution. He was very thorough and just plain impressive! Our A/C is keeping up like it should and we are actually chilly the office on these hot days! Thank you!
    Kristin Sellent
    Fusion Electric, Fargo, ND
  • John Blaek
    A more professional representation, work and results could not be expected or asked for!
    John Blaek
    Fargo, ND 8/28/23
  • Jerry & Nancy Heinz
    Enjoyed the professionalism 
    Jerry & Nancy Heinz
    West Fargo, ND 8/28/23
  • Jon & Doris Babler
    Always great service
    Jon & Doris Babler
    Moorhead, MN 8/28/23
  • Jon Steinmetz
    Marshall was kind, very enthusiastic and wanted to make sure all of my concerns were addressed promptly.
    Jon Steinmetz
    Fargo, ND 8/28/23
  • Steve & Claudia Evert
    Brian is the best-always pleased with his work!
    Steve & Claudia Evert
    Moorhead, MN 8/28/23
  • Lara Soeth
    A/C wasn't working and was going to be out of town. Got someone over the next day. All other companies were 2-3 days.
    Lara Soeth
    Moorhead, MN 8/23/23
  • Phil Felde
    Good to have same technician for several years!
    Phil Felde
    Moorhead, MN 8/23/23
  • Cassie
    Shout out to Scott & Austin! They had the best customer service!  They were very professional, efficient and compassionate.  They are family men helping families!  Will definitely use Home Heating in the future.  If I could, I would give them 15 out of 5 stars!!!!
    Fargo, ND 8/23/23
  • Tim & Holly Gruba
    These 2 were great, very friendly and professional.
    Tim & Holly Gruba
    Fargo. ND 8/21/23
  • Jason Pettys
    Ben & Jason were great. They were professional, fast & left everything very clean.
    Jason Pettys
    Moorhead, MN 8/17/23
  • Lois Aldrich
    Was courteous and professional-Called to confirm before arrival. He even noticed and repaired paint peeling on the frame of the fireplace door which I greatly appreciated.
    Lois Aldrich
    Fargo, ND 8/17/23
  • Dale & Jerri Rust
    Home Heating has always done a great job.
    Dale & Jerri Rust
    Harwood, ND 8/17/23
  • Harold Odegaard
    Very happy with the work he did. Very knowledgeable.
    Harold Odegaard
    West Fargo, ND 8/17/23
  • Najuway & Lawuo Mulbah
    I almost sold my home due to the high humidity that was damaging the window frames; Home Heating diagnosed and solved it.
    Najuway & Lawuo Mulbah
    West Fargo, ND 8/17/23
  • Rocky Bertsch
    These guys were outstanding!
    Rocky Bertsch
    Fargo, ND 8/15/23
  • Reed Nudell
    Did a great job-thank you.
    Reed Nudell
    West Fargo, ND 8/15/23
  • Jeff & Christel Schmidt
    Thanks to dispatch for coordinating both HVAC and plumbing to service the same day!  Will definitely recommend! Thanks!
    Jeff & Christel Schmidt
    Fargo, ND 8/15/23
  • Jason Nelson
    Excellent! All around superb-will definitely use again!!
    Jason Nelson
    West Fargo, ND 8/15/23
  • Kurtis Cook
    Very neat, explained everything and work was complete. Thank you, Rick!
    Kurtis Cook
    Dilworth, MN 8/11/23
  • John Strache
    It was a pleasure doing business with Home & Hearth. Staff were personable, professional, and not pressuring for a sell-up. They listened to what we needed and gave us choices. The workmen were skilled, clean, and cordial and did a great job. We would be happy to do business here again.
    John Strache
    Hawley, MN 8/10/23
  • Julie Barner
    Arben was amazing! Best technician I have ever had!!
    Julie Barner
    Fargo, ND 8/8/23
  • Bill Carr
    Great job and nice person.
    Bill Carr
    West Fargo, ND 8/8/23
  • David Gabel
    Arben did a great job in correcting the problem and getting the air conditioner back on.
    David Gabel
    Fargo, ND 8/8/23
  • Scott Bentley
    They did a great job!
    Scott Bentley
    Moorhead, MN 8/3/23
  • Mike & Katelyn Schwanke
    Joey was awesome! I would be thrilled to see him the next time we need a service.
    Mike & Katelyn Schwanke
    Fargo, ND 8/3/23
  • Sandy Beutler
    I will definitely recommend!
    Sandy Beutler
    Moorhead, MN 8/2/23
  • Robert Ludwig
    Arben was fantastic. Good communication and very nice.
    Robert Ludwig
    Moorhead, MN 8/2/23
  • Wayne Gjervold
    Welcome to come back anytime.
    Wayne Gjervold
    Perley, MN 7/31/23
  • Bob Bahl
    Outstanding from front desk to service tech.
    Bob Bahl
    Fargo, ND 7/31/23
  • Don & Sandra Anderson
    Excellent work-Thanks!
    Don & Sandra Anderson
    Fargo, ND 7/31/23
  • Michael & Alice Smette
    Staff were very helpful and went beyond normal expectations.
    Michael & Alice Smette
    Fargo, ND 7/31/23
  • Mike & Paula Hanlon
    Arben was a nice man-hard worker on a 100-degree day!
    Mike & Paula Hanlon
    West Fargo, ND 7/31/23
  • Allen Zidon
    We were very pleased with the knowledge Sara shared with us and the price.
    Allen Zidon
    Pisek, ND 7/28/23
  • Bert Chamberlain
    Good Job!
    Bert Chamberlain
    Moorhead, MN 7/28/23
  • Stan Hoglund
    Marshall and crew were outstanding-thank you!
    Stan Hoglund
    Fargo, ND 7/28/23
  • Chris & Monica Heise
    Home Heating are Rockstars!!
    Chris & Monica Heise
    West Fargo, ND 7/27/23
  • Dave Wambach
    Prompt, efficient, professional.  Couldn't be better!
    Dave Wambach
    Fargo, ND 7/25/23
  • Karen Westrick
    completely satisfied.
    Karen Westrick
    Fargo, ND 7/25/23
  • Cliff Sheeley
    Clean, wife was very happy with how they finished the job-she did not have to clean up!!
    Cliff Sheeley
    West Fargo, ND 7/25/23
  • Wendell & Susan Herman
    Great Job! Thanks!
    Wendell & Susan Herman
    Fargo, ND 7/25/23
  • Don & Sandra Anderson
    Rich did a great job! Thank you!
    Don & Sandra Anderson
    Fargo, ND 7/20/23
  • Richard Shaefer
    The two men were very respectful and kind and helpful. They did a good job.
    Richard Shaefer
    Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Deb Dawson
    Always professional and courteous.
    Deb Dawson
    Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Audrey Farol
    Great work, the only thing that could have made it better was a follow-up call that the work was done. 5 stars! Thanks!
    Audrey Farol
    Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Darryl Riegel
    You're lucky to have this man work for your organization.
    Darryl Riegel
    Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Charles & Diane Pieper
    Competent, professional, friendly.
    Charles & Diane Pieper
    Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Nicole Haufman
    Arrived during time frame that was stated. Got right down to business and found the problem and fixed it within 20 min. Grateful to have our A/C back.
    Nicole Haufman
    Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Claudia Anderson
    Always a positive experience!
    Claudia Anderson
    Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Deb & Steve Satrom
    We have been very pleased every job.
    Deb & Steve Satrom
    West Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Lu Burngardt
    Easy to work with, answered questions appropriately and offered feedback.
    Lu Burngardt
    West Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Andrew Seter
    We always have excellent service when you guys come out and the work is great!
    Andrew Seter
    Glyndon, MN 7/19/23
  • Bill & Chris Hagen
    Great job. Works great!
    Bill & Chris Hagen
    Moorhead, MN 7/19/23
  • Dean Vollmer
    Fabulous job. Knowledgeable, great clean up, and very professional.
    Dean Vollmer
    Fargo, ND 7/19/23
  • Dean Stamnes
    Very Knowledgeable about the job.
    Dean Stamnes
    Moorhead, MN 7/19/23
  • Phil Sondreal
    I had a concern about the bill for service on our 2 year old AC Unit-very accommodating! Thank you!
    Phil Sondreal
    Fargo, ND 07/19/23
  • Robert Pierce
    Great Job!!
    Robert Pierce
    Fargo, ND 05/25/23
  • Gary & Connie Bakke
    The tech did a great job!
    Gary & Connie Bakke
    Fargo, ND 05/23/23
  • Gary Bakke
    Had Home Heating do my annual air conditioning preventative annual maintenance. The tech did a fabulous job! Highly recommend the tech & Home Heating!!
    Gary Bakke
    Fargo, ND 05/22/23
  • Tom & Autumn Branca
    Repair guy was very nice and knowledgeable.
    Tom & Autumn Branca
    Fargo, ND 05/18/23
  • Charles & Carol Sawicki
    Keep up the good work!!
    Charles & Carol Sawicki
    Fargo, ND 05/17/23
  • Eric Guttormson
    the tech was very nice & friendly. Told me everything he was doing & told me about the service plan! Thank you!
    Eric Guttormson
    Fargo, ND 05/16/23
  • Kent Vail
    Excellent service - Thank you
    Kent Vail
    Fargo 09/28/22
  • Barbara & Wally Eide
    Super group to work with. Very satisfied with workmanship and the product.
    Barbara & Wally Eide
    Fargo 08/31/22
  • Rex & Penny Kemmer
    They did an excellent job!
    Rex & Penny Kemmer
    Fargo 08/31/22
  • Wallace Eide
    Reggie and Nick were super to work with. They installed our new Daikin AC unit. They were friendly, clean, neat and professional. We would highly recommend them and their company.
    Wallace Eide
    Fargo 9/30/22
  • Michael & Allison Molstre
    Travis was awesome!
    Michael & Allison Molstre
    Fargo 08/17/22
  • Pat & Judith Riley
    Bryan is an exceptional technician/trainer with superb people/customer communication skills.
    Pat & Judith Riley
    Fargo 08/18/22
  • Steven Plummer
    Excellent service.
    Steven Plummer
    Fargo 09/13/22
  • Jane Cornell
    I have had Home Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning perform all my heating, plumbing, duct cleaning, and air conditioning needs.  I have been pleased with all their work.
    Jane Cornell
    West Fargo 09/23/22
  • Chris Stallman
    Reggie & Nick did excellent work. Thanks!
    Chris Stallman
    Moorhead 08/31/22
  • David & Michelle Smith
    No complaints! Excellent service.
    David & Michelle Smith
    Fargo 09/12/22
  • Cleo & Mary Nelson
    So prompt! A real gentleman. Very much appreciated.
    Cleo & Mary Nelson
    West Fargo 08/19/22
  • Kelsey Lubbers
    Keith was great, so happy we called you for a second opinion!
    Kelsey Lubbers
    Fargo 08/09/22
  • Mark & Cathy Halverson
    Very good people & enjoyed working with Nick and Reggie.
    Mark & Cathy Halverson
    West Fargo 08/04/22
  • James & Melody Nord
    Brian was very knowledgeable & solved the problem of mice eating wires in AC.
    James & Melody Nord
    Rochert 06/15/22
  • Angela Goltz
    I highly recommend Home Heating for all of my HVAC needs.
    Angela Goltz
    West Fargo 08/03/22
  • Mariah Tronnes
    Very respectful, even gave our dogs attention.
    Mariah Tronnes
    Moorhead 08/03/22
  • Gary & Paula Anderson
    All good.
    Gary & Paula Anderson
    West Fargo 06/15/22
  • Lynn Peterson
    Job was done in about 20 minutes, was really impressed!!
    Lynn Peterson
    Moorhead 08/22/22
  • Mark Church
    They did a good job.
    Mark Church
    Fargo 07/27/22
  • Craig Johnson
    Excellent service.
    Craig Johnson
    Lake Park 08/10/22
  • James & Melody Nord
    Ken did an excellent job setting us and installing the "smart" thermostat.
    James & Melody Nord
    Rochert 07/05/22
  • Ann Quirk
    I am happy with the product and professionalism of the guys that did the install.
    Ann Quirk
    Fargo 08/09/22
  • Brittany Feist
    My service tech was great & you guys got me an appointment right away.
    Brittany Feist
    Moorhead 08/09/22
  • Gloria Oswald
    Connor was prompt & courteous.
    Gloria Oswald
    Moorhead 07/18/22
  • Shane Conroy
    Excellent response time - came early! Very knowledgeable.
    Shane Conroy
    Fargo 08/17/22
  • Angela Goltz
    Scott did an excellent job repairing my A/C unit. It works great now! Also, I appreciated the prompt time of arrival.
    Angela Goltz
    West Fargo 08/16/22
  • Shawn & Karla Rose Hanson
    Excellent customer service! Hot day, worked until all was done, very nice!
    Shawn & Karla Rose Hanson
    Fargo 08/16/22
  • Andy & Jam Fugle
    Job well done!!!
    Andy & Jam Fugle
    Fargo 08/16/22
  • Jon Steinmetz
    He was willing to also send me an electronic report since I needed that for my foster licensing.
    Jon Steinmetz
  • Jesse Meyer
    Thank you for the prompt service today fixing my A/C unit. Your service people always do a great job for us.
    Jesse Meyer
  • Deb Dawson
    I've always had good service with this company.
    Deb Dawson
    Fargo 08/05/22
  • John Burkel
    Thanks for servicing our Trane AC/heat pump unit! On time, no issues.
    John Burkel
    Glyndon 08/05/22
  • Dean Vollmer
    Was very impressed. Very knowledgeable and thorough. Was very informative - friendly and courteous.
    Dean Vollmer
    Fargo 08/05/22
  • Tom & Linda O'Halloran
    Very knowledgeable and friendly. Would have him again.
    Tom & Linda O'Halloran
    Fargo 08/05/22
  • Paul Hoglin
    Very satisfied with every aspect of your service!
    Paul Hoglin
    Fargo 07/28/22
  • Bob & Connie Deutsch
    Excellent work, very happy!!!
    Bob & Connie Deutsch
    Fargo 07/28/22
  • Geral Maczkowicz
    Very pleasant and accommodating!
    Geral Maczkowicz
    Fargo 07/26/22
  • Susan Thoreson
    The professionalism and quality of work is exceptional.
    Susan Thoreson
    Fargo 07/26/22
  • Pete Stollenwerk
    Prompt, courteous, answered questions and concerns.
    Pete Stollenwerk
    Fargo 07/22/22
  • Walter & JoAnne Czerwinski
    Great service as always.
    Walter & JoAnne Czerwinski
    Reile's Acres 07/22/22
  • Don & Marjorie McCulagh
    Technician arrived on time and completed repairs same day.  HVAC System never worked so well. 
    Don & Marjorie McCulagh
    Fargo 07/21/22
  • Ed Gruchalla
    Good boys.  Give them a raise $.
    Ed Gruchalla
    Fargo 07/20/22
  • Thomas Hove
    We appreciate your prompt response and attention to our A/C.
    Thomas Hove
    Fargo 07/12/22
  • Mary Blazek
    Thank you for coming so quickly.
    Mary Blazek
    Fargo 07/07/22
  • Robert & Cheryl Diegal
    Garrett was a nice gentleman and explain things.  I would like to have him doing my service work.
    Robert & Cheryl Diegal
    Fargo 07/07/22
  • Theresa Link
    Garrett was an absolute professional.  He identified and repaired our problem very quickly.  He was cordial and well-mannered.  we will request him in the event we have HVAC service needs in the future.
    Theresa Link
    Fargo 07/07/22
  • Robert & Brenda Bohmert
    We would highly recommend Home Heating & Plumbing.  They are hard workers and really nice and easy to work with.
    Robert & Brenda Bohmert
    Fargo 07/07/22
  • Gary & Connie Bakke
    Garrett did a great job!!
    Gary & Connie Bakke
    Fargo 07/07/22
  • Dick & Helen Jane Walstad
    Keith did a great job!
    Dick & Helen Jane Walstad
    Fargo 07/07/22
  • William & Sandra Kenz
    Excellent service.  I only call Home Heating & Plumbing for any furnace or AC needs.
    William & Sandra Kenz
    Moorhead 06/30/22
  • Mike & Denise Kroke
    Very impressed with everyone, office, Joe, Reggie and Nic.  Great job!
    Mike & Denise Kroke
    West Fargo 06/28/22
  • Jeff & Vickie Hoss
    Our technician was superb!!
    Jeff & Vickie Hoss
    Fargo 06/28/22
  • Kathleen Trana
    Our A/C stopped operating properly shortly before some days that were projected to exceed 100 degrees.  We were thrilled to get an actual appointment scheduled before that hot weekend.  Garrett called ahead to let us know when he was on the way.  He answered all my questions in a professional and courteous manner.  After completing the repair, he also tested the A/C to make sure it was running properly before he left.  Thanks to his prompt and successful repair, we enjoyed a cool home during that heat wave.
    Kathleen Trana
    Fargo 06/28/22
  • Bill & Lori Fischer
    Bryan Oas is the best!
    Bill & Lori Fischer
    Fargo 06/22/22
  • Dick & Audrey Kloubec
    Very impressed with professional conduct and work.
    Dick & Audrey Kloubec
    Fargo 06/22/22
  • Merle Bingham
    I'm very pleased with the job done and the professional manner conducted.
    Merle Bingham
    Hickson 06/22/22
  • Jeff & Sue Shearer
    Very nice job!  We really like Home Heating & Plumbing have had them for years.
    Jeff & Sue Shearer
  • David & Candace Meyer
    Tech was outstanding!
    David & Candace Meyer
    West Fargo 06/17/22
  • John & Jeanette Hood
    Have always been happy with Home Heating & Plumbing.
    John & Jeanette Hood
    Fargo 06/17/22
  • Roger Nelson
    Ken is to Heat/AC like TJ is to Plumbing.  Excellent!
    Roger Nelson
    Fargo 06/15/22
  • Mavis Halvorson
    I am very happy with the technician.  He explains.
    Mavis Halvorson
    Dilworth 06/14/22
  • Bill & Paulette Rastedt
    Bryan is the best!  He should be training all Heating/AC service staff!
    Bill & Paulette Rastedt
    Fargo 06/13/22
  • Chris & Becky Deitch
    Bryan Oas is the best.  I always request him.  He is so thorough, explains everything.
    Chris & Becky Deitch
    Fargo 06/09/22
  • Myron Flaagan
    He does very good work and knows his stuff.
    Myron Flaagan
    Fargo 06/09/22
  • Allen Holleman
    Conner was very informative; came in and told me prices, before adding coolant.
    Allen Holleman
    Moorhead 05/31/22
  • Dick & Pat Johnson
    Reggie & Nic where very find gentlemen.  Excellent!!
    Dick & Pat Johnson
    Fargo 05/3/22
  • Jeff Wold
    I had questions and concerns about our humidifier, air conditioning, and furnace.  Bryan took care of each one.  He is the best!!Thanks!
    Jeff Wold
    Fargo 05/24/22
  • Glenn Stinar
    Matt and Travis were excellent guys go install my new mini split cooling system and heat pump.  They went straight to work and completed the project quickly.  Everything being done was explained to me.  They were respectful of our house.  When the job was completed they cleaned up without leaving a mess.  Great crew.  I would recommend Home Heating as a great company to work with 
    Glenn Stinar
    Fargo 05/24/22
  • David & Patricia Peterson
    Awesome service!
    David & Patricia Peterson
    West Fargo 05/19/22
  • Dave & Valerie Buchholz
    Prompt & knowledgeable. Ken was friendly and did a great job!
    Dave & Valerie Buchholz
    Fargo 10/29/21
  • Leon Opdahl
    Excellent work, David. You need a raise!!
    Leon Opdahl
    Fargo 10/27/2021
  • Joan Swenson
    Nicely done in a timely manner!
    Joan Swenson
    Fargo 10/25/2021
  • Rick Anderson
    Installers arrived early on install day. Very Professional install. Answered all questions. Very satisfied.
    Rick Anderson
    Fargo 10/25/2021
  • Matt Seyfried
    Knowledgeable, Kind, Efficient!
    Matt Seyfried
    Fargo 10/20/2021
  • Marlys Guttormson
    Excellent, as Always.
    Marlys Guttormson
    Fargo 10/20/2021
  • Christine Fredrikson
    So appreciated his diagnostic skills and clear explanation of service.
    Christine Fredrikson
    Fargo 09/22/21
  • Margie Bruderer
    Excellent, knowledgeable, very satisfied.  Repeat customer.
    Margie Bruderer
    West Fargo 09/22/21
  • Terry Chambers
    Very helpful!
    Terry Chambers
    Frontier 09/22/21
  • David Wey
    Great service TJ
    David Wey
    Fargo 09/16/21
  • Jeremiah Mattson
    All around great company.  I would highly recommend Home Heating to everyone.
    Jeremiah Mattson
    Kindred 09/15/21
  • Betty Fortin
    Very nice young man.
    Betty Fortin
    Moorhead 09/13/21
  • Tim & Kathy Mahoney
    Tim & Kathy Mahoney
    Fargo 09/09/21
  • Charles & Marie Butz
    Always professional.
    Charles & Marie Butz
    Harwood 09/01/21
  • Miranda Steen
    Bryan is an awesome employee and you are lucky to have him.
    Miranda Steen
    Fargo 08/25/21
  • Harold Larson
    I really appreciated the adjustment in the installation schedule, due to our AC going down.
    Harold Larson
    West Fargo 08/24/21
  • Larry Czichotzki
    Very clean and when they left you would not know that he was here, and clean the unit more than I have seen.
    Larry Czichotzki
    FArgo 08/24/21
  • Harold Schmeets
    Very good!
    Harold Schmeets
    Fargo 08/24/21
  • Michael Breker
    AC went out on a steamy day.  David saved us!
    Michael Breker
    Fargo 08/06/21
  • DeVonna Flath
    I've only had work done by Home Heating for 27 years and always pleased and satisfied. Good company.
    DeVonna Flath
    West Fargo 07/29/21
  • Lois Scharf
    Excellent in all aspects!  Thanks much!!!
    Lois Scharf
    Fargo 07/29/21
  • Cody Baker
    Thank you!  I had a service tech come out Monday and he explained to me (somebody who doesn't know the HVAC world) what was wrong, and I did what he said and my ac unit is running better than ever in the 8 years I have lived in my home.  Please pass onto him and you will get my business in the future and all my recommendations moving forward!  Thanks again!
    Cody Baker
    Fargo 07/29/21
  • Hank Jeske
    Everything went great!
    Hank Jeske
    West Fargo 07/28/21
  • Dan Nachtigall
    Even though the problem couldn't be replicated, David listened to our issue and provided excellent suggestions and repairs.
    Dan Nachtigall
    West Fargo 06/29/21
  • Larry & Kathy Morris
    Bryan was awesome, and very friendly and professional!  Thanks Bryan!
    Larry & Kathy Morris
    Fargo 06/29/21
  • Bob Isac
    Excellent work, personnel was professional & courteous!  Thank you!
    Bob Isac
    Moorhead 06/04/21
  • Betty Rheault
    Totall satisfied and would have Trevor out again.
    Betty Rheault
    West Fargo, 06/04/21
  • Carol Zimmerman
    Nice young man told me what he was doing and why.  He also answered any questions that I had.  Would highly recommend him!
    Carol Zimmerman
    Fargo 06/03/21
  • Jim Thompson
    Respectful, kind, and efficient.  Appreciate your effort.
    Jim Thompson
    Fargo 06/03/21
  • Nathan Knudsen
    Had service done on air conditioner.  Tech did a nice job of checking basics and provided a couple of options for repair.  He also straightforward about what he would do before we went the most expensive option.  Air conditioning and furnace are working great!
    Nathan Knudsen
    West Fargo 06/03/21
  • Guy & Jackie Hendrickson
    Very thorough job!
    Guy & Jackie Hendrickson
    West Fargo 05/27/21
  • Rosie Lively
    Brian Oas was very helpful, honest and informative on possible future of equipment.  Thank you!
    Rosie Lively
    Fargo 05/19/21
  • Claudia Anderson
    I felt very confident that service on AC was professionally completed.
    Claudia Anderson
    Fargo 05/18/21
  • Tracy Sheldon
    Bryan always does a great job!
    Tracy Sheldon
    Fargo 05/12/21
  • Kathy Scheibe
    Brian is so professional and knowledgeable.  So happy he is part of Home Heating & Plumbing.  Never let him resign!
    Kathy Scheibe
    Fargo 05/05/21
  • Kathy Scheibe
    Excellent and professional.  Very kind and knowledgeable.  Great asset to your company!
    Kathy Scheibe
    Fargo 05/05/21
  • Sonja Amundson
    Home Heating can always be counted on for all my repairs and service needs.  Furnace, fireplaces, air conditioner, plus furnace and dryer vents.  Always courteous and professional.
    Sonja Amundson
    West Fargo 03/23/21
  • Ron Drechsel
    Thank you for the quick and friendly service.  The 2 installers were easy to communicate with and very professional.  Thank you for the service reimbursement. 
    Ron Drechsel
    Dilworth 02/12/21
  • Don Depee
    The installers were on time, quick and efficient.  Very neat, hauled out the old and cleaned up the mess.  Great guys!  Well done!  Thanks!
    Don Depee
    Mapleton 12/21/20
  • Corey Johnson
    I was totally please with my experience with Home Heating!
    Corey Johnson
    Moorhead 12/03/20
  • Robert Pullen
    Thank you for the courteous way you handled the project and fair pricing.
    Robert Pullen
    Fargo 11/08/20
  • Marge Lee
    I am very happy with the whole experience!
    Marge Lee
    Moorhead 11/08/20
  • Roger & Nyla Olson
    Mr. Meckle is an excellent and very professional tech.
    Roger & Nyla Olson
    Moorhead 10/06/20
  • Odin Helgerson
    My wife was even impressed.  Thank you!
    Odin Helgerson
    Fargo 09/25/20
  • David & Norma Borgeson
    Great service, friendly techs very satisfied.
    David & Norma Borgeson
    West Fargo 09/17/20
  • Dan Helm
    Highly recommend!  Excellent service!
    Dan Helm
    Fargo 09/17/20
  • Richard Pemble
    Competent and courteous and I appreciate the service you provided!
    Richard Pemble
    Fargo 07/17/20
  • Tim Bertsch
    Conner did a great job!  He even gave me some advice about what needed more cleaning and when.
    Tim Bertsch
    Moorhead 09/17/20
  • Dennis Staton
    Outstanding job!  Very pleased!
    Dennis Staton
    Fargo 09/17/20
  • Dean & Linda Volness
    Installers were very friendly, and answered all my questions, ever thing looked great, when done.
    Dean & Linda Volness
    Fargo 09/14/20
  • Kelly Bischof
    We had our 15 year old AC replaced by Home Heating, had a great experience.  We recommend Home Heating!
    Kelly Bischof
    Fargo 09/10/20
  • Candace Allen
    Connor was very professional, personable and courteous!  He did a great job too!
    Candace Allen
    Moorhead 08/27/20
  • Jared & Kriswtin Mavis
    Great experience!
    Jared & Kriswtin Mavis
    Casselton 08/27/20
  • Justin Twogood
    Joe, Nic, and Reggie were great! Friendly and helpful.
    Justin Twogood
    Fargo 08/13/20
  • Bob Virginia Damback
    Very good clean up each day.
    Bob Virginia Damback
    Fargo 08/12/20
  • Bob & Virginia Damback
    Very good clean up each day.
    Bob & Virginia Damback
    Fargo 08/12/20
  • Mike Cooper
    Great service per usual.
    Mike Cooper
    Fargo 08/06/20
  • Rob Holman
    Very neat and kind gentlemen!  Joe was awesome to work with!
    Rob Holman
    Moorhead 08/04/20
  • Helen Johnson
    Thanks for the great job!
    Helen Johnson
    West Fargo 07/30/20
  • Rob Holman
    Joe was very professional and also the install guys were awesome also would recommend them to anyone!
    Rob Holman
    Moorhead 07/29/20
  • Jim Hebert
    Excellent all around.
    Jim Hebert
    FArgo 07/28/20
  • Nicola Haskins
    Very professional and knowledgeable.  He was patient and answered all my questions, and provided excellent education.
    Nicola Haskins
    Fargo 07/16/20
  • Roger & Margaret Nelson
    Knowledgeable, explained what he was doing to me.
    Roger & Margaret Nelson
    Fargo 07/15/20
  • Very pleased with Joe Ludwig!  Especially after he was able to get us in faster upon request.
    Ryan & Jennifer Such
  • Very nice young man!
  • Michael & Taylor Sherman
    Conner did an excellent job, quick, polite and helpful.  Five stars!
    Michael & Taylor Sherman
    Fargo 07/07/20
  • Helen Johnson
    Very satisfied with service provided by Home Heating.
    Helen Johnson
    West Fargo 07/07/20
  • Steve & Cabrini Leno
    The workers were excellent all the way around.  Very happy with their work!
    Steve & Cabrini Leno
    West Fargo
  • Ron & Donna Gorde
    So impressed with everyone and so prompt and did an awesome job!  Thank you!
    Ron & Donna Gorde
    West Fargo 06/26/20
  • Don & Janice Burnside
    Very pleased!
    Don & Janice Burnside
    Moorhead 06/24/20
  • Diane Hansen
    These tech's went above and beyond.  Fabulous job, all equipment performs well.
    Diane Hansen
    Moorhead 06/24/20
  • Joe Paul
    Conner M. did a great job explaining options and reviewing his findings.  He was timely and neat.
    Joe Paul
    West Fargo 06/16/20
  • Jan Reiser
    Very friendly and polite.  Answered all my questions.
    Jan Reiser
    Fargo 06/08/20
  • Patrick Luger
    Always have excellent customer service.
    Patrick Luger
    Fargo 06/0820
  • Steinberg Investments LLC
    I love having Home Heating installing replacement furnaces!
    Steinberg Investments LLC
    Fargo 06/02/20
  • Truman Olson
    Excellent young man, Conner right on time, great service.
    Truman Olson
    Fargo 06/02/20
  • Melissa Mapes
    Your staff was very polite and knowledgeable.  He answered every question and was helpful and patient.  Looking forward to install next week and a cooler home.
    Melissa Mapes
    West Fargo 05/28/20
  • Franklin & Ranae Charon
    Connor was a very well educated young man.
    Franklin & Ranae Charon
    Fargo 05/28/20
  • Tim & Marilyn Penney
    Techs were excellent, personable & professional.  Going forward we will use Home Heating exclusively.
    Tim & Marilyn Penney
    Fargo 05/15/20
  • Harold Brandt
    Good job!
    Harold Brandt
    Moorhead 05/14/20
  • David & Bev Flach
    Great young man.
    David & Bev Flach
    Fargo 05/07/20
  • John & Janna Achter
    Very nice & professional.
    John & Janna Achter
    Fargo 04/29/20
  • Mike Conzemius
    Excellent work!
    Mike Conzemius
    Fargo 04/24/20
  • Darrell Hestdalen
    Removal of old furnace and AC and installation of new was done ahead of schedule.  Workers were neat, friendly, competent and knowledgeable.
    Darrell Hestdalen
    Fargo 04/24/20
  • Deborah Grier
    All staff are great to work with!
    Deborah Grier
    Moorhead 11/04/19
  • Dick Lundquist
    We appreciate the great job they did!
    Dick Lundquist
    Moorhead 10/10/19
  • David Warren
    Nice work, very neatly done, greatly appreciate the job done.
  • Andy & Jennifer Burgard
    Straight forward, responsive, and simple.  Will be working with Home Heating again.
    Andy & Jennifer Burgard
    Fargo 10/09/19
  • Dale Larson
    Superb job!! Love the new Furnace and AC systems.  Thank you!!
    Dale Larson
    Fargo 09/19/19
  • Mike Drees
    Excellent work very satisfied.
    Mike Drees
    West Fargo 09/12/19
  • Daniel Mastre
    The install team was fantastic.  Great group of guys.
    Daniel Mastre
    West Fargo 08/28/19
  • Steve Cowley
    These (2) techs or whatever they are called get an A+++ from us!  Thanks
    Steve Cowley
    West Fargo 08/27/19
  • David & Rhondalyn Wyum
    Happy with the new equipment.
    David & Rhondalyn Wyum
    West Fargo 08/19/19
  • Tom & Jan Aafedt
    Matt's presentation was what sold us on going with Home Heating & Plumbing.
    Tom & Jan Aafedt
    Moorhead 08/06/19
  • Dale & Kim Larson
    Easy to deal with, great service, professional crew, and love our new ac/furnace.
    Dale & Kim Larson
    Fargi 08/06/19
  • Rick & Faye Majerus
    Very courteous!
    Rick & Faye Majerus
    Fargo 07/30/19
  • Janet Tremel
    Bryan Oas is very professional and friendly!
    Janet Tremel
    Moorhead 07/26/19
  • Jeff & Stephanie Schmidt
    You have replaced our water heater & air conditioner, top notch service!  Thank you!
    Jeff & Stephanie Schmidt
    Fargo 07/26/19
  • Christopher & Karen Cooper
    Arrived at time promised.  Explained process finished ahead of schedule.
    Christopher & Karen Cooper
    Fargo 07/18/19
  • Tom & Kathy Fellman
    Super job!  Excellent
    Tom & Kathy Fellman
    Fargo 07/16/19
  • Alexa Deschene
    Workers had to deal with a difficult  work space and came up with solutions to issues.  Wonderful!!
    Alexa Deschene
    Moorhead 07/09/19
  • Gregory & Jeanine Roembach-Clark
    The two men were personable and did a great job.  Answered all questions!
    Gregory & Jeanine Roembach-Clark
    Fargo 07/09/19
  • Steinberg Investments LLC
    Excellent installation!  Courteous & professional!!
    Steinberg Investments LLC
    Fargo 07/09/19
  • Tom & Kathy Halverson
    Excellent service.
    Tom & Kathy Halverson
    West Fargo 06/26/19
  • Barb Orvedal
    Thanks Brandon!  Good job.
    Barb Orvedal
    Fargo 06/26/19
  • Jess Ladwig
    Outstanding service - will use for all my heating and ac service needs.
    Jess Ladwig
    West Fargo 06/26/19
  • Brian Hough
    Could not be happier every interaction phone, email, in person was a pleasure!  Final bill was very tolerable too.
    Brian Hough
    West Fargi
  • Roger Hentges
    Installation crew arrived as schedule (actually a little early).  Courteous, knowledgeable, timely completion of job.  Work area left clean and orderly.  Thanks for job well done.
    Roger Hentges
    West Fargo 06/26/19
  • Ron & Char Laufman
    Very happy with the service we received.
    Ron & Char Laufman
    West Fargo 5/13/19
  • Mike Hersch
    Thank you! Sad we lost one to the flood! Awesome working with you!
    Mike Hersch
    Gardner 4/30/19
  • Hank Jeske
    Reggie & Travis did an excellent job. Very happy with their work.
    Hank Jeske
    West Fargo 4/30/19
  • Gail Peterson
    Very happy with quick response and delivery of new air conditioner.
    Gail Peterson
    Moorhead 8/30/18
  • Jane Gilleland
    Very professional--Excellent job!
    Jane Gilleland
    Fargo 7/9/18
  • Ken & Nancy Hagen
    Impressed with the quality of their work.
    Ken & Nancy Hagen
    Leonard 8/30/18
  • Gill & Linda Schoener
    Good job....Very satisfied.
    Gill & Linda Schoener
    Fargo 8/7/18
  • Colt & Megan Muscatell
    These gentlemen did an excellent job and accomplished a lot quickly!
    Colt & Megan Muscatell
    Fargo 8/20/18
  • Bill & Ann Brooks
    Jeremy & Matt did a great job!
    Bill & Ann Brooks
    Fargo 7/10/18
  • Warren David
    I am completely satisfied with the job, very professional and neatly done.
    Warren David
    Fargo 8/20/18
  • Kevin & Dee Whitney
    Very happy customer.
    Kevin & Dee Whitney
    Ayr 8/20/18
  • Rick & Missy Eidsness
    Excellent work as always. We will definitely be using you again.
    Rick & Missy Eidsness
    Moorhead 8/9/18
  • Teresa Stockford
    I am very happy with my new central air unit!! Thanks!
    Teresa Stockford
    Fargo 7/31/18
  • John Vastag
    Bryan was very professional, did a fantastic job and was very efficient/thorough.
    John Vastag
    West Fargo 6/28/18
  • Jeremy Yost
    I just wanted to give a compliment on your tech Brandon Sanders. He came out to trouble shoot my A/C problem. He was very professional and detail oriented. After he finished and was on his way out he noticed some of my military pictures, etc. He said he had to recalculate the bill as Home Heating offers a veterans discount. I did not realize that Home Heating offered that. So thank you to your company for the discount, to Brandon's attention to detail and to notice that I qualified for it.
    Jeremy Yost
    Glyndon 6/6/18
  • Ben & Pam Killerlain
    Charley was great and professional. He went above and beyond in interacting and explaining something to my sons.
    Ben & Pam Killerlain
    Moorhead 5/26/18
  • Nick & Donna Ellig
    Thank you for excellent service and installation of new A/C.   🙂
    Nick & Donna Ellig
    Moorhead 5/16/18
  • Wendy Frappier
    Charley does a great job!
    Wendy Frappier
    Moorhead 5/21/18
  • Gerald Maczkowicz
    Very friendly & responsive to questions.
    Gerald Maczkowicz
    Fargo 5/7/18
  • Rhonda Huschka
    Thank you Home Heating and Plumbing, your professionalism, knowledgeable, and friendly staff. They come to my home to service my air conditioner and furnace each spring and fall and they are always prompt, keep me informed on what's going on, do a great job and the bonus is they never leave a mess. Thanks for all your help and assistance.
    Rhonda Huschka
    Fargo 5/15/18
  • Mark Anderson
    Thoroughly enjoyed Charley. Best service rep we've had. Thank you.
    Mark Anderson
    Fargo 5/4/18
  • Della Barton
    Keep man!  Very excellent good man!
    Della Barton
    Fargo 08/11/17
  • Mike Schwanke
    Everything done right, and completed quickly
    Mike Schwanke
    Fargo 07/31/17
  • Jason & Kristen Peterson
    Brandon provided great customer service.  Our issues had a complication on second day and he reprogrammed his schedule to come back and accommodate our schedules.  Very happy customer!
    Jason & Kristen Peterson
    West Fargo 08/31/17
  • Herb & Bonnie Schlegel
    I had a new furnace and AC installed along with duct work cleaning.  Your company was absolutely first rate in pricing and service.  Your sales person, installers and technicians were efficient, friendly and always on time.  Your level of service and dependability shines far above other contractors I have dealt with.  Sorry I didn't submit this sooner.
    Herb & Bonnie Schlegel
    Moorhead, 08/31/17
  • Herb & Bonnie Schlegel
    They both were very nice people and the job they did was excellent!!
    Herb & Bonnie Schlegel
    Fargo 07/25/17
  • Kenneth Enger
    Very happy all 5 star.
    Kenneth Enger
    Fargo 06/29/17
  • Curt & Pam Twedt
    I would hire them again in a heartbeat!!
    Curt & Pam Twedt
    Oxbow 06/05/17
  • John Koerselman
    Fantastic as usual!!
    John Koerselman
    Horace 07/21/17
  • Lynn & Patty Brosowske
    We could not be more pleased with Jeremy & Travis professionalism.Thanks Matt!!
    Lynn & Patty Brosowske
    Moorhead 06/12/17
  • LeRoy Holub
    I highly recommend these two men who did our installation and very good.
    LeRoy Holub
    Fargo 06/29/17
  • Jade & Beth Nelson
    Awesome job and great service!!
    Jade & Beth Nelson
    Harwood 06/29/17
  • Jeremy Korczak
    Very friendly service!! They left everything better than it was.
    Jeremy Korczak
    Fargo 07/10/17
  • Joan Chatek
    Charley was extremely patient and helpful to "all my questions" of a new home.  So much appreciated!!Thank you! 
    Joan Chatek
    Fargo 06/22/17
  • Ken & Carroll Berntson
    These gentleman were very professional.  They made me feel very comfortable.
    Ken & Carroll Berntson
    Fargo 06/21/17
  • Erik Weiss
    Sales to install we received top notch service!
    Erik Weiss
    Moorhead 06/28/17
  • Bernie Buelow
    I called yesterday morning 6/5/17 about our air conditioning that went out over the weekend.  I want you to know that your staff from the first contact to the service tech that came to the house was so "spot on" as the kids say on excellent customer service!!  Everyone was so nice and helpful when I know had to be a very busy day because of the heat outside.  Too often you only hear when things to bad, but how often do people take the time to tell you what a awesome job everyone did!!!  The service tech took the time to explain to me what was going on, made sure I knew how to use the thermostat, and told me what to look for, and to call right away if it was doing what had happened again.  My wife and I were very impressed!!!  Great job, keep up the great work your team is doing!!!
    Bernie Buelow
    Fargo 06/26/17
  • Marie Pulkrabek
    Very nice two workers & courteous that put in my AC.Thanks!
    Marie Pulkrabek
    West Fargo 06/23/17
  • Dale & Tammy Strandlien
    Home was the first company in a long time to give us an honest answer on our AC!
    Dale & Tammy Strandlien
    Glyndon 06/05/17
  • Wayne Gjervold
    Charley was friendly and informative.  I was happy to learn more about the care of our AC unit.  5 star guy in my opinion!
    Wayne Gjervold
    Perley 06/05/17
  • Helen Montplaisir
    They did an excellent job replacing our air conditioner.  On time and very considerate.
    Helen Montplaisir
    Fargo 06/02/17
  • Joan Miller
    Bryan Oas represents your company in all he does on the job.  He has been here before and now I request him!
    Joan Miller
    05/11/17 Moorhead
  • Dean Savageau
    Charley did an excellent job.  I would recommend Home Heating to others.
    Dean Savageau
    Fargo 05/05/17
  • Greg Wohl
    Charley very knowledgeable and courteous, and explained things very well!
    Greg Wohl
    West Fargo 08/24/16
  • Kristine Christensen
    I am very pleased with the technician who came out to service  my mini split air conditioner.  He answered all my questions and gave me tips on how to keep my a/c unit clean.  He was professionaland worked efficiently and with a pleasant demeanor.
    Kristine Christensen
    Fargo 08/29/16
  • Kristine & Patrick Christensen
    Technician was very professional, friendly and responsive to questions!
    Kristine & Patrick Christensen
    Fargo 08/29/16
  • Don Irman
    Charley just left and he did a great job on my air conditioner condensation line, cleaning it out and explaining what was happening.  Check my furnace over with the rust from the water and showedus how to tape my duct runs to prevent lost blower air.  Charley cleaned up his work area as if he was never here. Thank you Charley Donahue!
    Don Irman
    Fargo 8/24/16
  • Bob Mcarthur
    Brian was very helpful knowledgeable, and willing to answer any questions I had.  Great job!
    Bob Mcarthur
    Fargo 7/26/16
  • Ken & Cindy Willmann
    Great experience.  Brad accomplished the work quickly and efficiently.
    Ken & Cindy Willmann
  • Dave Cook
    Charley was friendly & very professional.  He did a great job in a timely manner.
    Dave Cook
    West Fargo 07/25/16
  • Fern & Betty Duval
    Fern & Betty Duval
    Fargo 08/17/16
  • JoAnn Fiechtner
    I just love my Trane AC it is working very good.  God Bless you people.
    JoAnn Fiechtner
    Moorhead 06/30/16
  • Shawn Ernst
    Thanks!  Went above and beyond my expectations!
    Shawn Ernst
    Moorhead 06/20/16
  • Colton Hanson
    Very good work!  I will be a returning customer for all my HVAC needs.
    Colton Hanson
    Fargo 07/05/16
  • Erick Kava
    Jared & Travis were lovely to work with.  They explained everything to me.  I would highly recommend you to our family & friends!
    Erick Kava
    Fargo 06/27/16
  • Kevin & Ruth Black
    Guys did a great job.  Enjoying the a/c!
    Kevin & Ruth Black
    Fargo 05/26/16
  • Derrick Fontaine
    Service tech went above and beyond the original call.  This included fixing problems left from the original installation.
    Derrick Fontaine
    Reynolds 06/06/16
  • Leane Cajole
    Charley Donahue was outstanding very friendly and knowledgable.
    Leane Cajole
    West Fargo 05/23/16
  • Patricia Belknap
    Friendly and did a great job!
    Patricia Belknap
    Fargo 05/31/16
  • Cody Elliott
    We are very happy with how everything went from installation to getting us sold on Home Heating!Thank you!
    Cody Elliott
    Fargo 05/31.16
  • Cody Elliott
    We are very impressed with the timely manner and professional service we received from Home heating and A/C! We called on a Monday and had our new A/C unit installed by Friday! Amazing customer skills! We will recommend and use Home heating and A/C in the future!
    Cody Elliott
    Fargo 5/26/16
  • Bryan & Clare Garberg
    Very nice boys!
    Bryan & Clare Garberg
    Moorhead 05/24/16
  • Vince Rolczynski
    Both Travis and Jeremy went above expectations.  Questions were answered immediately and both knew their jobs.
    Vince Rolczynski
    Fargo 05/19/16
  • James Anderson
    Quick easy install.  Knowledgeable employees.
    James Anderson
    Fargo 05/02/16
  • Derek & Kyle Gingery
    Bryan was amazing!  He was very professional and very friendly.  Highly recommend him!
    Derek & Kyle Gingery
    Moorhead 04/25/16
  • Isabel Marvin
    Our family had a new installation of furnace in 2008.  Brandon did excellent service.
    Isabel Marvin
    Fargo 04/29/16
  • Jane Wolff
    I was calling to set up appointment for an estimate to replace my air conditioner in July. Everyone, except Home Heating, told me it would be at least 2 weeks before someone could come out. Home Heating was here in 15 minutes with a professional looking bid returned via email within 30 minutes. I waited for other bids which were scratched out on a piece of paper and arrived 2 weeks after they had finally come to look at the project. I was so happy with Home Heating; I recommended them to a friend who also had used the same company for years that I had previously used. Home Heating installed their new furnace last week!! The service is the best and the servicemen were very professional and polite. A+ Home Heating!
    Jane Wolff
    Fargo 11/7/14
  • Jane Wolff
    So glad I switched to Home Heating!
    Jane Wolff
    Fargo 12/8/14
  • John Studt
    Roger is friendly and reliable, and can be counted on to do a good job.
    John Studt
    Fargo 9/30/14
  • Linda & Ghazi Hassoun
    He was very knowledgeable and explained what the job was going to take.
    Linda & Ghazi Hassoun
    Fargo 9/2/14
  • Eric & Kristina Ashton
    Thank you, TJ was great to work with.
    Eric & Kristina Ashton
    Fargo 10/20/14
  • Curt Hansen
    I will continue to use Home Heating!
    Curt Hansen
    Fargo 10/10/14
  • Dylan Brown
    Bryan did an excellent job and was very nice to explain everything he did.
    Dylan Brown
    Fargo 2/18/15
  • Twyla Singh
    These guys were great. Thanks!
    Twyla Singh
    West Fargo 3/6/15
  • Barb Cook
    Very professional, courteous, efficient & competent.
    Barb Cook
    Fargo 2/2/15
  • Daniel Nill
    Aprilaire looks great and works perfect!
    Daniel Nill
    Sabin 1/22/15
  • Frank Knier
    Both Reggie and Bob were efficient. They complement each other well, each doing their part of the installation. It looks good.
    Frank Knier
    Fargo 10/20/15
  • Judy Triebwasser
    Very happy with quality of new furnace & A/C. All work was excellent and working fine. My furnace room is squeaky clean.
    Judy Triebwasser
    Fargo 7/29/15
  • Valley Siding
    Came on short notice. Really appreciated that.
    Valley Siding
  • Frank & Mary Knier
    Both Reggie and Bob were efficient.  They complement each other well, each doing their part of the installation.  It looks good.
    Frank & Mary Knier
    Fargo 10/05/15
  • Lewin Clefisch
    Always high quality service whenever we call. Always a satisfied customer here.
    Lewin Clefisch
    Moorhead 9/25/15
  • Sue Geraghty
    Exceptional service, pricing and professionalism -- customer first mentality.
    Sue Geraghty
    Fargo 8/17/15
  • Larry Bartz
    Roger did a very nice job. Would have him again.  
    Larry Bartz
    Fargo 8/21/15
  • Bob Sutton
    Reggie and Bob did a great job. Arrived on time and explained everything prior and during the install. Installation was neat and professional and they cleaned up everything as well. Would not hesitate for a second to call and have them quote your system.   
    Bob Sutton
    Fargo 8/3/15
  • Dave Franzen
    Jeremy and Travis did a great job installing our new air-conditioning unit. It was not an easy installation, but it was well done. Thank you.  
    Dave Franzen
    Fargo 6/7/15
  • Sheri Nitzkorski
    These 2 guys were friendly, knowledgeable, clean, and very professional. Will recommend! Thank you!  
    Sheri Nitzkorski
    West Fargo 4/6/15
  • Chris & Monica Heise
    Charles did a great job. Very curtious & professional!  
    Chris & Monica Heise
    West Fargo 3/30/15
  • Clark Tufte
    Outstanding – couldn’t have been more professional & helpful!  
    Clark Tufte
    Moorhead 5/11/15
  • Genevieve Tougas
    Service was super and response to call for service was quick and well done.  
    Genevieve Tougas
    Fargo 3/16/15
  • Keith Welk
    TJ was very professional. Would recommend Home and TJ to anyone!  
    Keith Welk
    Fargo 3/18/15
  • Joel & Sher Thomsen
    Great experience all around! Matt was very responsive & installers were A+!  
    Joel & Sher Thomsen
    Fargo 5/26/15
  • Damon & Heather Gleave
    Roger did a great job and was very friendly.  
    Damon & Heather Gleave
    Casselton 5/29/15
  • Dorn Hinsverk
    Adam did a nice job. Gave me some hints/suggestions too!  
    Dorn Hinsverk
    West Fargo 5/26/15
  • Wanda Schroder
    This is the first time I’ve used Home Heating and I’m very pleased with everything. I’ll call Home Heating again.  
    Wanda Schroder
    Fargo 6/12/15
  • Bill & Kathy Amundson
    They got right to work and didn’t waste any time in getting the job done. They had the answer to all our questions. They were very careful not to leave a mess. We are very satisfied with the product. Our house is cool and comfortable.  
    Bill & Kathy Amundson
    Moorhead 6/30/15