Lyle & Kellie Ranstrom

Hawley, MN 5/28/24

Good job all the way around.

Terry Nelson

Page, ND 5/23/24

Very professional techs

Gerald Beaudoin

West Fargo, ND 5/17/24

Thank you for your prompt and excellent service.

Warren Hintz & Maureen Zimmerman

Fargo, ND 5/17/24

Very pleased with the availability for schedule and also great service.

Linda Henrickson

Fargo, ND 5/13/24

Came as soon as I called. Thank you.

Marlys Guttormson

Fargo, ND 5/10/24

Excellent as always!

Les Obrigewitsch

Moorhead, MN 5/6/24

TJ called before our appointment time to inform me he was on his way , right on time. Greeted me & my wife with a great smile , professional appearance & handshake.. I was impressed with his quality of workmanship!! He represents Home Heating, Plumbing very well ! Not many out there like TJ! Definitely recommend to my friends.

Harvey Heise

West Fargo, ND 5/6/24

Very Efficient. Right on time when he said he would be here.

Gary & Connie Bakke

Fargo, ND 4/25/24

The technician did a great job!

Jim Aas

Moorhead, MN 4/24/24

Work completed quickly and efficiently. Seat is flimsy so would like a more sturdy one.

Mary Herrmann

Fargo, ND 4/24/24

These guys are great. They came out to check a smell and showed me how to take care of it myself. They were on time, also looked at a problem with my kitchen faucet and got it all taken care of in one visit.

Kristy Flach

Moorhead, MN 4/24/24

The service was 10/10! Super fast, and the guy explained everything he was doing, and had a part at the ready to fix the issue. Also took the time to answer all of my questions. This is our first house, and we are so happy to have a trusted company for our heating/cooling issues moving forward. Thank you!!!

Ronald & Bonnie Liebl

Moorhead, MN 4/24/24

I will keep Home Heating & Plumbing on my list of repairmen to call!

Phil MacPherson

Moorhead, MN 4/4/24

If needed, we will use you again.

Nicki Olson

West Fargo. ND 4/4/24

Very nice, polite, knew what he's doing. Y'all have been helping me since 2012. Always great!

Jeff & Vickie Hoss

Fargo, ND 3/28/24

Brandon is the best! He fixed my problem Give him a raise!

Steve &Pam Dahl

Sabin, MN 3/27/24

Thank you all so much.

Jim & Julie Scoville

West Fargo, ND 3/22/24


Don & Beth Vangsness

Fargo, ND 3/15/24

Great service technician. Very friendly, courteous, & personable. Job done quickly and efficiently.

Jordan & Becky Feltman

Fargo, ND 3/15/24

Thank you for the prompt service!

Steve Bulat

Fargo, ND 3/13/24

Brandon is a very good plumber-very professional and fast.

Gary & Connie Bakke

Fargo, ND 3/12/24

TJ did a great job! Very careful, clean & courteous!

David & Orleen Gilchrist

Moorhead, MN 2/28/24

Excellent job!

Merle Myhre

Moorhead, MN 2/26/24

Very professional

Hasrat & Roshini Khan

Fargo, ND 2/26/24

Appeared knowledgeable and performed work/maintenance properly.

Jeff Gulseth

Dilworth, MN 2/21/24

Great Experience!

Brianna Nelson

Gardner, ND 2/21/24

Thank you for your prompt service. I really appreciate it.

Scott Carey

Moorhead, MN 2/21/24

TJ put in faucets before for us and he is a credit to your organization.

Jeremy Nistl

Moorhead, MN 2/19/24

Fast! Took time to explain everything and gladly answered all my questions!

Jeff & Marcia Stavenger

Moorhead, MN 2/19/24

Great all-around experience!

Lavonnya Koenig

Harwood, ND 2/16/24

Very Knowledgeable, professional. fast, and adapted quickly when needed.

Robert Hunter

Dilworth, MN 2/14/24

Very nice guy!

Gloria Oswald

Moorhead, MN 2/14/24

He was a friendly guy.

Michael & Leslie Schossow

Fargo, ND 2/14/24

Brandon & partner could not be any more courteous. Great assets!

Beva Hanson

Fargo, ND 2/8/24

I am completely thrilled by the product and the professional workers!!

Mary Wellman

West Fargo, ND 2.6.24

My "go to" service place. TJ is awesome!

Kelli & Daniel Leeman

Fargo, ND 2/6/24

10 out of 10-would recommend! Thank you!!

Richard & Susan Schaefer

Fargo, ND 2/2/24

They did a good job and they were kind! I would recommend your company to anyone! Thanks!

Josh & Kelsie Blume

Fargo, ND 2/2/24

Very happy with the service and in a timely manner!

Jeff & Vickie Hoss

Fargo, ND 2/1/24

Brandon was fantastic! Fixed our plumbing problem perfectly.

Dave Harmon

Fargo, ND 2/1/24

We were VERY satisfied with our plumber, TY, and his helpers. They did an excellent job with no problems!

Ineke Justitz

Moorhead, MN 2/1/24

Professional, courteous, and responsible service. Working with Home Heating & Plumbing is outstanding!

Jay & Heidi Hesse

Kindred, ND 1/29/24

These guys are awesome, helpful. clean, happy, work hard, and the job was done right.

Jim & Kay Hockett

Moorhead, MN 1/29/24

Very polite young man-very knowledgeable and completed in a timely manner.

Roger & Brenda Kotchian

Hickson, ND 1/24/24

I was out of town. Repair was done quickly, keeping me informed. Excellent work.

Bob & Rhonda Braaten

Fargo, ND 1/24/24

No complaints what-so-ever

Gary & Jill Inman

West Fargo, ND 1/24/24

Very helpful and very professional

Jim & Marcy Simpson

Fargo, ND 1/24/24

Great service as always!

Jeff Schatz

Hawley, MN 1/24/24

TJ did a great job!

Thomas Tunks

Fargo, ND 1/23/24

Great job-very pleased. Would recommend them to anyone.

Diane Freih

Fargo, ND 58103

Furnace: Fan was overheating and no warm air. Jaxen found an old corroded pliers handle in the air outlet PVC pipe.Plumbing: Water heater was leaking so plumbing from water heater was replaced! Thanks!

Jay & Heidi Hesse

Kindred, ND 1/18/24

Always do great work!

Michael & Jennifer Waldera

Fargo, ND 1/15/24

Both men were very professional, personable, and answered all of our questions. They fixed our issue and we are 100% satisfied with their service!

Jim Aas

Moorhead, MN 1/11/24

Work completed quickly and efficiently.

Bob Footitt, Sr

Fargo, ND 1/9/24

Best company to work with!

Jeremiah & Erica Johnson

Fargo, ND 1/5/24

We enjoy having your company to our home. The techs are all wonderful. Also, very helpful stall at your office for bill pay & scheduling.

Ro & Sonja Mahajan

West Fargo, ND 1/5/24

Excellent job by Ty!

Dorothy Satrom

Detroit Lakes, MN 1/5/24

Wow! I am SO thankful for the excellent service! Above and beyond!

Mark & Donna Richtsmeier

Hunter, ND 1/2/23

Awesome service!

Mike Noffze

West Fargo, ND 1/2/24

Very fast response to my issue.

Joe & Jamie Kiebke

West Fargo, ND 12/28/23

Excellent work! Very nice guys, answered all my questions. Would definitely recommend!

Barry & Kay Malme

Fargo, ND 12/28/23

We would definitely recommend you guys!

Richard & Tammy Deisler

West Fargo, ND 12/28/23

Very impressed with the company. Their response time was immediate and the staff were professional and the quality of their work was exceptional!

Richard & Holly Sundberg

Harwood, ND 12/28/23

Brandon did an excellent job fixing a water break in our pipes.

Jay & Heidi Hesse

Kindred, ND 12/26/23

Great guys, good work.

Helen Lamson

Fargo, ND 12/26/23

Very pleasant workers & very professional.

Casey Cole

Sabin, MN 12/22/23

I was impressed with how quick they were able to come to our house and complete the job.

Gregory & Cindy Thrall

West Fargo, ND 12/22/23

TJ does great work and explains what he does.

Scott & Carolyn Stenseth

Fargo, ND 12/22/23

Very good service!!  Took the time to answer any and all questions.

Andrew Altringer

Fargo, ND 12/21/23

TJ is the man! I will not go anywhere else as long as he works for you.

Don & Gloria Holloway

Fargo, ND 12/19/23

Thank you for the prompt service.

Helen Lamson

Fargo, ND 12/19/23

Very Professional.

Bill Krumwiede

West Fargo, ND 12/19/23

Outstanding service. Friendly, knowledgeable technician.

Gary & Barbara Ransom

Fargo, ND 12/15/23

They always do a good job.

Bernadette Costello

Dilworth, MN 12/15/23

Quick response was much appreciated. Water heater was replaced the same day I called.

Mary Bommersbach

Dilworth, MN 12/14/23

Your service man did an excellent job and answered any questions we had.

Jerry Anderson

Dilworth, MN 12/12/23

Very professional and knowledgeable. Fully explained what was done. Great job!

Dennis Craig

Ada, MN 12/11/23

Nice guys-great work

Robert & Cheryl Diegal

Fargo, ND 12/11/23

Nice guy, he explained everything.

Kelsey Hoffman

Fargo, ND 12/7/23

Very satisfied with my drain replacement and fabulous customer service!

Corey Harrison

Fargo, ND 12.6.23

Very happy with results.

Jim Enkers

Moorhead, MN 12/5/23

As always, very happy with all work completed.

Paul Kist

Horace, ND 11/30/23

Personnel did an amazing job and were very helpful with our concerns.

Tom & Avis Dolan

Fargo, ND 11/30/23

Prompt, professional service

Mark & Lori VanBeek

Moorhead. MN 11/27/23

Great people-very helpful. Solved our problem quickly.

Neil Wenberg

Fargo, ND 11/27/23

Nice person. A credit to your worksite!

Harold Schmeets

Fargo, ND 11/22/23

Good Job!

Debbie Bartholomay

West Fargo, ND 11/16/23

Professional, timely, and efficient. I was able to get a technician to my house right away.

Kim & Brent Lee

Dilworth, MN 11/13/23

Nice, friendly guys.

Scott Swanstrom

Fargo, ND 11/9/23

Great service!

Philip Meyer

Fargo, ND 11/6/23

Excellent Job!

Mike & Marie Wollschlager

Moorhead, MN 11/6/23

Service was Great! I was very impressed from my initial call to completed repair!

Kesserling Winery

Kindred, ND 11/6/23

TJ always does a great job!

David Bowe

Moorhead, MN 11/6/23

Technician was knowledgeable, skilled and experienced. He was able to answer all of my questions.

Barb Lundberg

Fargo, ND 11/3/23

Great people to work with!

Rick & Lynn Labor

Fargo, ND 11/3/23

They arrived promptly, very friendly and left it very clean. Outstanding service.

Greg Bymark

Luverne, ND 11/3/23

Tech was absolutely great!

Keith Grigel

Fargo, ND 11/3/23

Had a plumbing vent issue and TJ came our and figured it out in no time. Repaired it after opening the wall. Cleaned the area up. Very happy and satisfied.

Frank & Linnea Anderson

Fargo, ND 10/31/23

Excellent skills and mannerisms. Joe is a good worker.

Liz Anderson & Aaron Hitt

Fargo, ND 10/31/23

Outstanding service! Would recommend to everyone!

Rich Oksendahl

Fargo, ND 10/26/23

Very good service!

Calvin & Locki Carlson

Glyndon, MN 10/25/23

Very professional service at a reasonable cost!

Chris Laid

Moorhead, MN 10/25/23

Joe was very helpful! Thanks!

Sharyl Schaffer

Fargo, ND 10/25/23

Over the years, I have received top-notch service. Very satisfied. The best!

Frank & Linnea Anderson

Fargo, ND 10/25/23

Always good work!

John Parkhouse

Fargo, ND 10/25/23

Fast, great service and if you want the job done right, call them!

Dale & Denise Thompson

Detroit Lakes, MN 10/23/23

Excellent service-thank you!

Eldon Olson

Fargo, ND 10/23/23

Very good tech.

Mark & Lori Vanbeek

Moorhead, MN 10/19/23

Very helpful in identifying where I can get a part to install myself.

Jonathan Haug

Grand Forks, ND 10/17/23

Great Work!

Matt Moxness

Horace, ND 10/17/23

Top notch rep!

DJ Morkassel

Horace, ND 10/17/23

Cleared the line. Went above and beyond by answering extra questions.

Dick & Helen Jane Walstad

Fargo, ND 10/13/23

He did a great job and fixed our problem..

David Warren

Fargo, ND 10/11/23

Nice work and in a timely manner.

Mark & Pamela Fischer

Fargo, ND 10/11/23

Job well done.

Brad Bartel

West Fargo, ND 10/6/23

Totally satisfied with tech and his work! 

Jerry Solem

Fargo, ND 10/6/23

Prompt in getting here. We were on the waiting list and got it done the same day.

Katrina Kirkeby

West Fargo, ND 10/4/23

Thank you for completely fixing the issue and your professionalism!

Pineview Cottages

Moorhead, MN 10/4/23

Home Heating has been my provider of heat and cooling needs for many years. Good guys. Great reps for you company! Always satisfied with the service!

Randa Meyer

Fargo, ND 10/2/23

Great service!

Jeff Homuth

Moorhead, MN 9/29/23

My favorite!

John Berdahl

Fargo, ND 9/28/23

The service person was professional, answered all our questions, and was very helpful.

Stan Franek

Fargo, ND 9/21/23

Great Service!

David Warren

Fargo, ND 9/21/23

Nice crew that did a great job. Highly recommend!

Betty Rheault

West Fargo, ND 9/19/23

I'm impressed with Joe and will ask for him if service are needed in the future.

Bonnie Greenwood

Fargo, ND 9/19/23

Jason was excellent on knowledge and how he did the work and explained the procedures.

Austin Rust

Harwood, ND 9/15/23

Always on time-fair price

Kathy Wold

Fargo, ND 9/8/23

Excellent Customer Service!

Rod Mathison

Hickson, ND 9/8/23

Good service, on time, friendly.

Tyler Vandevelde

Fargo, ND 9/6/23

Timely and courteous. Answered all of our questions and did a stand up job.


Fargo, ND 9/6/23

Tech was very Personable & Knowledgeable. Would highly recommend him.

John Blazek

Fargo, ND 9/6/23

TJ and Mackenzie were great and I am very happy.

Della McClean

Yipsilanti, ND 9/5/23

Very nice people to work with-very clean.

Keith Kilber

Fargo, ND 9/5/23

TJ is always professional, knowledgeable and easy to communicate with.

Jane Cornell

West Fargo, ND 9/5/23

Joey has done numerous jobs for m e and I've been very pleased with his work.

David Warren

Fargo, ND 8/31/23

Josh did an exceptional job fixing my problem with a water leak from upstairs doing damage in the basement.

John Blaek

Fargo, ND 8/28/23

A more professional representation, work and results could not be expected or asked for!

Jon & Doris Babler

Moorhead, MN 8/28/23

Always great service

Phil Felde

Moorhead, MN 8/23/23

Good to have same technician for several years!

Tim & Holly Gruba

Fargo. ND 8/21/23

These 2 were great, very friendly and professional.

Steven Reiten

Harwood, ND 8/21/23

Always a great experience with all their workmanship.

Jason Pettys

Moorhead, MN 8/17/23

Ben & Jason were great. They were professional, fast & left everything very clean.

Lois Aldrich

Fargo, ND 8/17/23

Was courteous and professional-Called to confirm before arrival. He even noticed and repaired paint peeling on the frame of the fireplace door which I greatly appreciated.

Dale & Jerri Rust

Harwood, ND 8/17/23

Home Heating has always done a great job.

Brian Berferon

Fargo, ND 8/1723

Both were very professional and easy to communicate with.

Najuway & Lawuo Mulbah

West Fargo, ND 8/17/23

I almost sold my home due to the high humidity that was damaging the window frames; Home Heating diagnosed and solved it.

Jeff & Christel Schmidt

Fargo, ND 8/15/23

Thanks to dispatch for coordinating both HVAC and plumbing to service the same day!  Will definitely recommend! Thanks!

Jason Nelson

West Fargo, ND 8/15/23

Excellent! All around superb-will definitely use again!!

Aaron Stevenson

Horace, ND 8/11/23

The 2-man crew did an excellent job!

Kurtis Cook

Dilworth, MN 8/11/23

Very neat, explained everything and work was complete. Thank you, Rick!

John Strache

Hawley, MN 8/10/23

It was a pleasure doing business with Home & Hearth. Staff were personable, professional, and not pressuring for a sell-up. They listened to what we needed and gave us choices. The workmen were skilled, clean, and cordial and did a great job. We would be happy to do business here again.

Bill Carr

West Fargo, ND 8/8/23

Great job and nice person.

Ron Huard

Dilworth, MN 8/8/23

TJ Always provides excellent service!


Horace, ND 8/4/23

Had TJ and Mackenzie out and they score a 10!  They were so awesome! They did wonderful work and are great people!

Scott Bentley

Moorhead, MN 8/3/23

They did a great job!

Sandy Beutler

Moorhead, MN 8/2/23

I will definitely recommend!

Michael & Alice Smette

Fargo, ND 7/31/23

Staff were very helpful and went beyond normal expectations.

Allen Zidon

Pisek, ND 7/28/23

We were very pleased with the knowledge Sara shared with us and the price.

Bert Chamberlain

Moorhead, MN 7/28/23

Good Job!

Gregory Nelson

West Fargo 7/28/23

We enjoy TJ and the work he does and how quick you send help.

Chris & Monica Heise

West Fargo, ND 7/27/23

Home Heating are Rockstars!!

Dave Wambach

Fargo, ND 7/25/23

Prompt, efficient, professional.  Couldn't be better!

Mary Klabo

West Fargo, ND 7/25/23

Very good staff. I've had quality service with Home Heating.

Richard Shaefer

Fargo, ND 7/19/23

The two men were very respectful and kind and helpful. They did a good job.

Deb Dawson

Fargo, ND 7/19/23

Always professional and courteous.

Audrey Farol

Fargo, ND 7/19/23

Great work, the only thing that could have made it better was a follow-up call that the work was done. 5 stars! Thanks!

Darryl Riegel

Fargo, ND 7/19/23

You're lucky to have this man work for your organization.

Charles & Diane Pieper

Fargo, ND 7/19/23

Competent, professional, friendly.

Claudia Anderson

Fargo, ND 7/19/23

Always a positive experience!

Deb & Steve Satrom

West Fargo, ND 7/19/23

We have been very pleased every job.

Lu Burngardt

West Fargo, ND 7/19/23

Easy to work with, answered questions appropriately and offered feedback.

Andrew Seter

Glyndon, MN 7/19/23

We always have excellent service when you guys come out and the work is great!

Bill & Chris Hagen

Moorhead, MN 7/19/23

Great job. Works great!

Dean Vollmer

Fargo, ND 7/19/23

Fabulous job. Knowledgeable, great clean up, and very professional.

Dean Stamnes

Moorhead, MN 7/19/23

Very Knowledgeable about the job.

Gary & Jackie Ness

Fargo, ND 05/23/23

The tech did it again. Great guy and great work!

Gary & Jackie Ness

Fargo, ND 05/16/23

TJ was great! Very nice to work with.

Greg Seelhammer

Moorhead, MN 05/10/23

Very friendly and competent

Duane & Pam Brehmer

Moorhead, MN 05/10/23

Great Technician!!

Darin Haverland

West Fargo, ND 05/02/23

Gentleman was very nice & knowledgeable!

Craig Schnell

Fargo, ND 04/28/23

The tech did a great job efficiently. Will be glad to have him again.

Fran Betheuson

Fargo, ND 04/26/23

Very pleased with the plumber. I have had since I bought this home. Very pleasant & helpful to me.

Amy Rinowski

Fargo, ND 04/21/23

We had you out for 2 different service calls, very happy with both. Thank you!

Patricia Belknap

Fargo, ND 04/21/23

The tech was a wonderful young man!

Al Coen

Fargo, ND 04/18/23

Work was done in a timely manner. Gave good advice- very pleased.

Bryan & Sandy Howard

Fargo, ND 04/14/23

Tech did an excellent jo!!

Josh Jordan

West Fargo, ND 04/13/23

Joe was fabulous! He did a great job looking to find the source and provided great recommendations.

Bonnie Christl

West Fargo, ND 04/13/23

Home Heating employee's have always been very neat, thorough at work, job well done!!

Dottie Stegman

Fargo, ND 04/13/23

The Technician was excellent!!

Ed Tupa

Fargo, ND 04/12/23

2 guys came- very good and cordial- I'd invite them back!

Gerald & Robyn Manley Jr.

Fargo, ND 04/12/23

TJ was awesome and knowledgeable!!

Sean Oscarson

Fargo, ND 04/06/23

Joseph Eiman was here doing plumbing work today and what a professional. He was very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. This man deserves a raise and praise, for his poise and professionalism.

Richard & Jan Haaland

Fargo, ND 04/04/23

I have always been very satisfied with Home Heating-Plumbing. They do excellent work!

Mark & Pam Bourbon

West Fargo, ND 03/16/23

Best service ever!! We have always received good service from Home Heating Plumbing & A/C Inc.

Dee & David Pretty

Moorhead, MN 03/16/23

Terrific- we appreciate you!

Joyce Hains

Moorhead, MN 03/14/23

I will always call Home Heating, Plumbing

Russ Nylander

Moorhead, MN 03/

I've used Home many times for a variety of services and they have never disappointed TJ continued the long line of great service.

Dee Pretty

Moorhead, MN 03/14/23

Service was prompt, efficient and tidy! The backed-up garbage disposal was fixed in a very short amount of time with no residue for us to clean. When we were without use of the kitchen sink or dishwasher for a weekend, we appreciated the service with a smile and a prompt reply for service. We have appreciated the efficiency and service from Home Heating, Plumbing & A/C for the last 7 years!! They are our go-to for reliability!!!

Steven Busse

Sabin, MN 03/10/23

The guys were polite and decent! Good job. Thanks. You have been to my house several times!

Wayne Kundert

Fargo, ND 03/10/23

Yet another fine job by Home Heating & Plumbing! Professional all the way! Thank you Joe!

Kathy Forness

03/07/23 Moorhead, MN

Very good team was very happy with work and team.

Gary & Linda Schultz

Harwood, ND 02/15/23

It was a pleasure working with Josh.

David Krabbenhoft

Moorhead, MN 01/23/23

Far exceeded my expectations! very very pleased!

Michael & Anne Shutz

Fargo, ND 01/19/23

We love Joe & always ask for him.

Brian Kleespies

Dilworth, MN 01/19/23

Excellent communication, work and follow through! Thank you!!

Larry Murphy

Moorhead, MN 1/18/23

Awesome work & great professional serviceman.

Helen Johnson

West Fargo, ND 12/29/22

Very Respective young man.

Karen Westrick

Fargo, ND 12/29/22

Joshua did a wonderful job for us. I called for a plumber 15 minutes later, he arrived.

Erling & Darleen Schacher

Dilworth, MN 12/29/22

DJ was cordial and courteous. He was very professional in appearance and responsive to my questions/concerns, respect for customer property. His workmanship is excellent in appearance of project, work was completed in a timely manner and he cleaned up after completion.

Sheldon Hage

Fargo, ND 12/29/22

DJ was cooperative, cordial and courteous. He was responsive to questions/concerns, respect for customers property. DJ's workmanship is excellent on appearance of the project. Work completed in timely manner, and cleaned up on completion.

Kristine & Patrick Christenson

Fargo, ND 12/29/22

Tyler was cordial, courteous, professional appearance. He was responsive to questions/concerns and respect for customer property. His workmanship was very good for quality and appearance of the project. Work was completed in a timely manner and cleaned up on completion.

Ladean Schafer

West Fargo, ND 12/29/22

Very friendly, good job done. Considerate and cleaned up the mess.

Katie Kaufman

Moorhead, MN 12/29/22

Thank you for coming out the same day I called and for calling the city for us.

Sredna Kunowski

Fargo, ND 12/29/22

DJ was courteous, who did great work. We like the timeliness and professionals at Home Heating and Plumbing.

Alan Kleingartner

West Fargo, ND 12/29/22

DJ was very polite and professional. He did a good job!!

Craig Schulstad

Horace, ND 12/29/22

The guys were the epitome of professional and courteous.

Dave Werth

Moorhead, MN 12/29/22

Justin and Joshua were cooperative, cordial and courteous. They had professional appearance, were responsive to questions/concerns and respect for customer property. Workmanship was excellent quality/appearance of the project, work was completed in a timely manner, and they cleaned up after completion.

Marjorie McCullagh

Fargo, ND 12/28/22

Brandon was our hero when our water heater suddenly went out. He worked quickly and efficiently, while managing to handle the countless questions I handed him. Very professional. I would readily recommend Home Heating and Plumbing to my neighbors.

Allan Tuders

Glyndon 10/13/22

Very appreciative of the work done, can't thank you enough!

Ian Somerville

Moorhead 10/14/22

Fast service. Called in AM, service by noon.

Dick & Judy Anderson

West Fargo 10/12/22

Joe was very helpful when we had a leaking water heater - neat & efficient.

Steve & Pam Dahl

Sabin 10/03/22

TJ has been our go-to guy for the plumbing in our home & lake home. Job is always done right the first time.

Steve & Pam Dahl

Sabin 08/25/22

TJ is amazing! He helped us plan & execute this project. Work was done quickly to save excavator cost.

Theresa Link

Fargo 10/06/22

Joe was an absolute professional. He quickly diagnosed the problem, replaced our water heater, and explained the entire situation while he performed the repairs. He was extremely knowledgeable and cordial - highly recommend. We will request him again if the need should arise.

Shawn Kuck

Fargo 07/06/11

Joey was great! Very helpful and good at his job. Did excellent work.

Shawn Kuck

Fargo 07/11/22

Joey was great! He made great suggestions & made me feel confident in the work completed.

Patrick Lonergan

Fargo 09/29/22

They were both a pleasure to work with and efficient! AJ is fantastic!

Pam Dahl

Sabin 10/04/22

Top notch reliable service! TJ is amazing! He helped us plan projects and then executed them to perfection. Would never call anyone else for our plumbing needs!

Darryl Lutovsky

West Fargo 09/14/22

Excellent all around service

Dean & Nicki Hulse

Fargo 09/16/22

Always happy to see your technicians. Great service.

Douglas Fair

West Fargo 07/28/22

Grade A, top notch

Al Coen

Fargo 09/14/22

Very professional!

Steven Busse

Sabin 09/23/22

TJ did great.  My house works again.

Evan & Julie Holmen

Walcott 08/31/22

Great service! Took the time to understand the issue & ensured it was taken care of! Best service of any company I have done business with!

Jeff Torkelson

Horace 09/13/22

From the rep who answered my call to the techs that did the work - A+

Alan Fjerstad

Fargo 08/29/22

Fantastic young man.

Brad Rosten

Fargo 08/11/22

TJ was on time & did a fabulous job explaining features of new fixture to me.

Lisa Schroeder

Fargo 08/18/22

Excellent service! Joei goes above and beyond every time.

Gerry Gangnes

West Fargo 08/22/22

Great job. Will use Home & Heating again.

Evan & Julie Holmen

Walcott 08/17/22

Wonderful technicians!! Another great service call.

Lisa Schroeder

Fargo 08/22/22

Always excellent service. Joei does excellent work every time. Highly recommend.

Richard Herrig

Moorhead 08/15/22

This is as good as it gets! Thank you

Brian Bergeron

Fargo 08/10/22

This is the second time Joe has done work with us. Well done.

Scott Swanstrom

Fargo 08/18/22

Excellent service!

Duane & Pam Brehmer

Moorhead 08/11/2022

Very pleased.

Mark Church

Fargo 08/11/2022

We were very pleased with the work done. They were very professional and easy to work with.

Mark Church

Fargo 08/11/2022

Very professional and very good to work with. Answered all questions.

Greg & Nancy Bjerke

Fargo 08/11/2022

Excellent service.

Troy & Shirley Dewitz

All excellent! Thank you.

Jim Seidler

Great work!

Pat Shelver

Moorhead 08/05/22

Very personable tech!

Anita Ensign

Moorhead 07/27/22

Joey and Joshua did a wonderful job!  They advised me on what I needed, gave me my options and were fast and efficient in getting the job done.  I had a slight water pressure issue and they came back and fixed the issue.  I won't go any where else.  5 Stars!!! 

Ron & Chris Sliwinski

Fargo 07/26/22

Responsive, professional and quality work.  Highest recommendation

Susan Thoreson

Fargo 07/26/22

Timely, expert service!  Conscientious, quality work.

Ronald Sliwinski

Fargo 07/22/22

Great and responsive service to our call about a plumbing issue in advance of a family visit.  The tech was efficient, polite and able to handle additional issues without missing a beat.  We have complete confidence Home for our plumbing, heating and A/C needs.

Adam Breth

Moorhead 07/18/22

We had water heater problems for a number of years.  We reached out to Home Heating and Plumbing and they were able to get to the root cause of the problem.  They were responsive to our call and came out right away.  They installed a new water heater and gave us advice on how to prolong the life of our system.

Adam Breth

Moorhead 07/18/22

The Service crew was responsive, polite and courteous.  They finished faster than expected and left the space cleaner than they found it.  We couldn't recommend enough, thanks! 

Tate Hovland

Moorhead 06/30/22

Our technician was phenomenal.  He answered all of our questions, completed the job in a timely manner, and explained everything great!

Steven & Jackie McDougall

Fargo 06/22/22

Josh did a great job !!!  A few years ago you put in the Hydro backup, and it saved me thousands of dollars.Thank you! 

JoAnne Cook

Fargo 06/20/22

The person that we worked with was great.  Very friendly and knowledgeable.  Excellent service.  Tony, you were, as always, great to work with. 

Brian Lohse

West Fargo 06/13/22

Joe was a absolute pleasure to work with on plumbing issue and did a great job!

Thomas Hove

Fargo 06/09/22

Home Heating & Plumbing & AC comes the rescue for us again!  Thank you!

Gary & Connie Bakke

Fargo 06/09/22

TJ and Brandon did a great job installing The Flo By Moen!!!

Jeffrey Hannig

Fargo 06/07/22

The repairman who came to our house, Joseph Eiman, was courteous and professional.  He identified the problem immediately and fixed it quickly, at what I considered to be a reasonable cost.  I have recommended Home Heating and Plumbing to other people in the past and will continue to do so.

Renee Buckman

Moorhead 06/07/22

Will always go thru Home Heating & Plumbing!

Ron & Sharon Keel

West Fargo 06/07/22

Very pleased with the job Joey did.  Very professional and courteous.

Michael Brewer

West Fargo 05/24/22


Roger & Margaret Nelson


TJ is the best!  I always request him and recommend him to friends.

Ron & Sharon Keel

West Fargo 05/24/22

Have used them many times in the past for heat, air conditioning, and plumbing.  This time we had sump pump replacement along with kitchen faucet and disposal.  As always have been very pleased with the service.  Joe was exemplary.  Great work and communicated everything that was going on.  My thanks to him and would recommend to anyone.

Rodney Hoff

Fargo 05/20/22

Questionable plumbing design made this job much more difficult and messy.  The plumber was cool, professional, and made the best of it.

Richard & Carol Erickson

West Fargo 05/19/22

Technician was prompt, professional and got our hot water flowing quickly!

Fargo 0518/22

Fargo 05/18/22

DJ knew exactly what needed to be done!

Philip Meyer

Fargo 05/18/22

Ben did an excellent job!

Arland Rasmussen

West Fargo 05/17/22

Very good!

Jim Bourcy

Moorhead 05/17/22

Explained all work that needed to be done completed quickly, and cleaned up after.  Very friendly.

Kyle Millar

Fargo 05/17/22

Joey was extremely helpful and understanding of what I need to get done.

John & Gladys Kautzman

West Fargo 05/17/22

Good work!  Thank you!

Barbie Hoffarth

Fargo 05/12/22

So impressed with TJ.  He figured out multiple issues that no one else did!

Ed Berdahl

Horace 05/12/22

Did an excellent job and so personable.  We will request Joey for any new plumbing projects.

Jerry Richmond

West Fargo 05/06/22

Another great job by Joey.

Mike & Kim Skette

Moorhead 05/05/22

We appreciated Joey's responsive and follow-up.  Well done!

Dave Grosz

West Fargo 05/05/22

Excellent job by DJ!

Jerry Richmond

West Fargo 05/05/22

Joey did a great job for us and explained our sump pump operation.

Rick & Cheryl Melbye

Moorhead 05/03/22

Very good work.  Joey was professional and personable.

Cleo & Mary Nelson

West Fargo 04/21/22

TJ is the best.  I wouldn't have anyone else.  He has corrected all of our plumbing problems.

Ron & Chris Sliwinski

Fargo 04/20/22

Great service!

Nerlin Nelson

Fargo 04/20/22

Appreciate prompt service for future repair.

Steve Thomas

Fargo 04/19/22

Very fast and friendly service.

Susan Brandt

Fargo 04/19/22

Always great service.  Thanks!

Patrick Luger

Fargo 04/19/22.

Excellent customer service and workmanship!

Harvey Morken

Casselton 04/08/22

Great response time to our problem. Very satisfied.

Nick Schneider

Fargo 04/07/22

Joey took some extra time to answer some other questions as well.

Susan Heidenreich

Fargo 04/04/22

The plumber who unclogged my bathroom drain was very courteous, respectful of my property, cleaned up very well.  Drain runs great!  He even suggested products to use to avoid situation ongoing.  I'm very pleased with the service.

Becky Peterson

Moorhead 03/30/22

Went perfect!

Ross Collins

Fargo 03/23/22

Thanks for 25 years of good service! 

Matthew Klaman

West Fargo 03/23/22

I was very impressed and satisfied with the work that was done!

Matthew Klaman

West Fargo 03/17/22

I don't remember the name of the technician but he did a wonderful job replacing my water heater.  He was polite, courteous, and very professional.  He was very careful removing the old water heater and bringing in the new one.  He was very clean and he made sure there was no mess when he was done.  I called him the next day with question and he did a great job providing an answer.

Brian & Kayla Werk

Fargo 03/15/22

Thank you for the quick turn around!

Betty Rheault

West Fargo 02/09/22

Very helpful in answering questions and work area was as before they came.

David & Dee Pretty

Moorhead 02/04/22

Thankful gentleman could come so quickly to fix our drain!

Mike Stebner

West Fargi 02/04/22

Tech did an excellent job!!

Called for garbage disposal and while here he took care of a couple other items since they had time.

Brad Collins

Frontier 01/26/22

Great guy and very competent employee, like him are the reason I'll call you back again!

Charles & Diane Pieper

Fargo 01/19/22

Professional, very knowledgeable! Brian was also excellent, ready to go on his own!

Roger Hansen

Fargo 01/19/22

The employees at Home Heating is an excellent company to work with, quality and value excellent!

Mark Johnson

Home 01 17 22

Very Impressed with their overall work.


HOME 1/11/2022


Hannah Williams

Home 01/06/2022

Really appreciate you prioritizing the needs in our crazy house!

Jerry Richmond

Home 01/06/2022

Thank you for explaining how my system works.

Cheryl Raaf

Home 01/06/2022

Knowledgeable, timely, friendly

Michael Kieselbach

Home 01/06/2022

Thank You! Also, the same review for our previous tech and work earlier!

Susan Brandt

Home 12/28/21

Friendly and helpful guys. Thanks.

David & Orleen Gilchrist

Home 12/28/21

Did excellent work; solved a knotty problem that arose.

Jim Thompson

Home 12/28/21

Knowledgeable  and Efficient. Clean.

Mike and Jill Weisenberger

Home 12/28/21

Same day service appreciated.

Duane & Pam Brehmer

Home 12/28/21

Always good with home.


Fargo 12/15

Friendly and knowledgeable. Good Work!

Phil Gunderson

Fargo 12/15

TJ does great work! He's the reason I keep having you do work for me.

David & Orleen Gilchrist

Fargo 12/13

Tech did a great job; solved an unexpected problem with imagination and skill.

Edward & Brenda Deckard

Fargo 11/23/21

Justin was a pleasure to work with. Very considerate and kind.

Gail Larson

Fargo 11/23/21

Appreciated the quick service and a job well done.

John Austin

Fargo 11/23/21

Excellent work, friendly well-mannered professional. Top notch!

Jackie & Aaron Benson

Home 11/19/2021

Justin resolved both issues we were having, and I was especially glad I didn't have to clean up afterwards.

Peter & Carol Xenides

Home 11/19/2021

T.J. is an excellent worker and very knowledgeable and friendly individual.

Terry & Lorette Ludlum

Home 11/19/2021

Mild damage to handrail which was addressed, apologized for, and compensated for. I appreciated that. Gave good "flushing" advice that I hadn't heard before. Handled heavy tree root removal equipment on a monday morning without complaint.

Tim Krahn

Fargo 11 05 2021

Great Service, Quick Response.

Mike & Ladonna Bannach

Fargo 11/4/21

I have bee very impressed with the overall professionalism and courtesy of service provider.

Frank Anderson

Home 11/01/2021

Very professional-knew exactly what to do. Very Friendly. Explained what he did and why.

Chuck Steckler

Fargo 10/29/21

Joey and the apprentice did an excellent job in all facets of the service call.

Josh & Joanna Breding

Fargo 10/28/21

TJ at home heating is the only plumber we trust to work on our familys home!

Roger Christianson

Fargo 10/20/2021

Very Happy With This Experience; Joen and Brayan are Top-Notch!

Gerald Helgeson

Fargo 10/20/2021

Outstanding Customer Service. Very  responsive to questions and good advice.

Oliver Lundell

Fargo 10/20/2021

We were very pleased.

Dean & Loanne Hornbacher

Fargo 10/08/21

TJ is simply the best.  Professional and very friendly.

Dean Hornbacher

Always get prompt response to our problem.  Great technicians especially TJ....we ask for him all the time.

Victoria Dawson


Your technician Ben was at our home for a repair and he completed the job quickly and efficiently.  We are very pleased.  Thank you!

Jane Sinner

FArgo 10/05/21

Thank you for the detailed description of your work.  That is very helpful, knowing all you did.

Jane Sinner

Fargo 09/13/21

Very much appreciate your prompt response to my request for service!

Brittney Benson

Horace 09/07/21

Inquired about garbage disposal and the next day they fixed it - no hassle!

Jerry Solem

Fargo 08/04/21

Did a very good job and was done in record time, and did quality work.

Steve & Ellen Zaeske

Fargo 07/21/21

Everything went well, very happy!

Russell & Peggy Henegar

West Fargo 07/12/21

Home Heating & AC  is always my go to place when I need work done.

Robert Gust

Fargo 06/24/21

Excellent in every way.

Steve & Diane Edwardson

West Fargo 06/08/21

Excellent work!

Susan Brandt

Fargo 06/03/21

He explained why the toilet was leaking.  Great service as always!  Thanks!

Susan Brandt

Fargo 06/03/21

Always good work!  Thanks!

Oliver Lundell

Moorhead 06/03/21

Very courteous and neat.

Michael Riley

West Fargo 06/03/21

It is a pleasure to have TJ here.

Dick Stevens

Fargo 06/01/21

Both men were extremely innovative and demonstrated professional expertise.

Susan Edra

Moorhead 05/27/21

Very professional.

Steve Hauge

Fargo 05/27/21

What a treat to have such competent, friendly workers here.

Gary Kraft

West Fargo 05/25/21

Ty did a wonderful job reworking our set up for our sump pump.  We were very pleased with the quality of his work!

Nick & Donna Ellig

Moorhead 05/19/21

We greatly appreciate the excellent service and workmanship we received on May 11, 2021.  Thank you!!!

Keith Kilber

Fargo 05/18/21

TJ is very easy technician to work.  Very cooperative and thoroughly answered our questions.

Donald Vos

Moorhead 05/13/21

TY knows what he is doing, hard worker.

Keith Kilber

Fargo 05/13/21

TJ did a great job.  He takes time to answer customer questions.

Don Vos

Moorhead 05/12/21

The plumber that came to my house was very knowledgeable about his job and a very nice guy!  I will definitely keep using your company for all my heating, plumbing and air conditioning needs.  Thank you!

Hasrat Khan

Fargo 05/11/21

Courteous and good workmanship!

Hasrat Khan

Fargo 05/10/21

Job was well done.  The plumber was courteous and had good workmanship.

Sylvia Thom

Fargo 05/10/21

We appreciate working with Home Heating and Plumbing, friendly people setting up appointments by phone, and efficient, thorough work by the technicians, who are willing to explain problems and the solution options. 

Patrick Luger

Fargo 05/10/21

Prompt timely and professional as always!

Emily Kulland

Fargo 05/10/21

Carl worked at the main floor bathroom sink.  Many thanks!

Stan & Paula Wheelock

West Fargo 04/29/21

Skilled talented, efficient and friendly plumber!  Very pleased and satisfied with his installation.

Scott Jetvig

Hawley 04/28/21

Completely satisfied!

Ron & Chris Sliwinski

Fargo 04/27/21

Home always does precise, professional job, and the techs are great.

Susan Kotte

Fargo 04/23/21

Ty was a great problem solver and persistent in fixing my shower.

Kevin & Anne Klein

Fargo 04/20/21

TJ is very knowledgeable and always does a great job!

Tracy Sheldon

Fargo 04/20/21

TJ was great!

Allan & Connie Oberembt

Fargo 04/07/21

Very nice person; clean and neat; helpful.

William Marka

Fargo 03/30/21

Very good experience!

Dave & Terri Schacher

West Fargo 03/09/21

We love dealing with Tony Gray and TJ always does an awesome job at our house!

Wendell & Susan Herman

Fargo 03/09/21

Great job!  Thanks.  Your two guys and your company do a great job!

Lee & Bev Peters

Horace 03/05/21

Carl was very helpful and explained everything to me.  Always very polite.

Marilyn Stine

West Fargo 03/03/21

I'm always pleased with everyone from Hone Heating.  Thanks!

Scott Brekke

Fargo 02/16/21

100% great awesome job!  Carl and Josh are very knowledgeable and helpful!  Thank you!

Scott Brekke

02/10/21 Fargo

Carl M and Josh O. did a awesome job.  With my basement bathroom.  Both are very knowledgeable and helpful.  Their professional service set the excellent standards in customer service.I would recommend them 100% to my friends and family.  Thank you Carl and Josh!  

Michael Riley

West Fargo 02/05/21

Carl was friendly, courteous and professional, and it was a pleasure having him here.

John & Bonnie Lester

Fargo 02/03/21

I highly recommend Home Heating.  Carl was fantastic.

Wayne Koterba

Moorhead 02/03/21

TJ & Jason were excellent.

Andrew Marry

Fargo 02/03/21

Nice job done.  Nice personnel.

Peter & Carol Xenides

Fargo 12/22/20

One of the best plumbers we've ever had!  Superb service!

Carl was the Plumbing Service Technician that recently did some work in our home.  He was so helpful and did a great job.  He went above and beyond and I would highly recommend his work.Thank you Carl, your customer service is outstanding!

John & Janet Donahue

Fargo 12/01/20

Always enjoy calling Home for service always a quick response; very pleasant person on the phone when I call.  I also have a lot of confidence in Carl's knowledge and ability.

Arlue Ostrem

West Fargo 11/20/20

Excellent worker, work done in a very timely way.  Excellent explanation!

Sara Hernandez

Fargo 11/20/20

Great and fast service.  Thank you!

Peggy Tessier

Moorhead 11/18/20

Really was pleased with these two guys.

Wayne & Renae Ham

Fargo 11/18/20

Very professional, explained everything in a detailed matter.

Robert & Kathryn Wagner

West Fargo 11/08/20

He was outstanding to work with.  Explained everything thoroughly great experience.  Thanks!

Steve & Lisa Hofstad

Moorhead 10/14/20

TJ was very thorough, creative in fixing the problems, and provided me options and educated me.  I also appreciated that he wore a face covering!!!

Jen Bayne

Fargo 10/09/20

Very satisfied!

Joel Komrosky

Fargo 10/09/20

Jason was very helpful, answered questions gave us options.  Very professional, and would recommend him to anyone!

Seth Anderson

Fargo 09/29/20

Paul was great!

Alex Herz

Fargo 09/29/20

Super awesome job!  Felt well taken care of!

Truman Olson

Carl was very professional, and very pleasant!

Robert Pierce

Fargo 09/17/201

Great job!

Brenda Peterson

Fargo 09/14/20

Very impressed with TJ!  personable & competent.  He came highly recommended and now I know whey!

Kristine & Patrick Christensen

Fargo 09/02/20

Very fast response to my emergency situation and super nice guy!

Andrea Feigum

Moorhead 08/12/20

Paul was excellent!  Thank you for the prompt, quality service!

Sean & Lezlee Bertie

Moorhead 08/06/20

Very nice!  Awesome job, give Carl a raise!

Elaine Borud

Moorhead 08/06/20

TJ was just wonderful!

John & Janet Donahue

Fargo 08/06/20

Always does a great job!

John Donahue

Fargo 08/06/20

I needed a plumber pretty quickly last Tuesday for a self imposed toilet issue.  Lucky for me Carl came soon after I called.  Carl has been here before replacing my sump pump and a few other things.  I have a lot of confidence in him on any plumbing issue.  Very personable, very efficient and a pleasure to talk to. 

Keith & Hayley Schauer

West Fargo 08/04/20

Paul was very personable and professional. !  Pleasure to work with!

Janelle Klinke

Fargo 07/30/20

Very happy with service!  Thanks!

Margie Lundell

Fargo 7/21/20

Job #276357 Carl was exceptional.  On time, professional, provided options before starting work, listened to my concern.  Completed as requested.  Will use Carl and Home Heating Plumbing & Air Conditioning again.  Thank you!

Dorothy Alemadi

Fargo 07/10/20

The man that did my work was very knowledgeable.

Dennis Seidler

Fargo 07/10/20

Great experience!  Good job!

Frank Schumm

Walcott 07/09/20

Everything was top notch.  Carl was very professional and helpful.  Thank you!

Carl was excellent!  He was great to work with!  I appreciate all his help!

Helga Jones

Fargo 07/01/20

Very happy with Derek!

Shelly Barth

Fargo 06/16/20

Very personable, professional & kind.

Elaine Rudd

Moorhead 06/11/20

Great team!  Thanks!

Diane Freih

Excellent customer service.  TJ even changed my battery in my fire alarm that went off while he was here.

Gary Scofield

West Fargo 05/05/20

If there were a superior box I would have checked it.  As always best service excellent work

Alan Fjerstad

Fargo 04/29/20

Very knowledgeable and prompt.

Ken & Ginger Schneider

Fargo 4/06/20

Jason was prompt, professional and knowledgeable.  Thank you very much!

Ralph Holte

Fargo 4/6/20

Speedy call arrived at 9:00 am and left @ 11:35.  Great!

Jerel & Valerie Heggeness

Fargo 03/09/20

Great techs & service.

Tom & Kathy Halverson

West Fargi 03/09/20


Jim & Phyllis Anderson

Fargo 02/28/20

We have tried other similar services in the area.  Home Heating & Plumbing is now our 1st choice.

Randy & Pamela Aberle

Fargo 02/24/20

Carl did a great job from start to finish once again professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and very neat install.

Tom Szymanski

Moorhead 02/24/20

Excellent as always!

Wanpen Chinwongs

Fargo 02/24/20

Thank you Carl for a job well done!

Skip Wood

Moorhead 02/24/20

I've consistently been impressed with Home Heating , a superior experience.

Frank & Maary Knier

Fargo 02/24/20

Justin was excellent very helpful!  Thank you!

Keith Hanson

West Fargo 02/24/20

Paul and Justin who did my work did a fantastic job!  Very professional and when they were done everything was cleaned up nicely.

Joe & Dianna Kudelka

Fargo 02/05/20

A very nice gentleman!

Janel Pender

Moorhead 02/04/20

Excellent service as always.

Jim Enkers

Moorhead 01/31/20

Excellent service!  Very happy with Justin's work.

Robert Pierce

Fargo 01/29/20

Excellent job!!

Tom Szymanski

Moorhead 01/29/20

Courteous, professional, and always helpful.  Good quality work!

Lisa Samualson

Fargo 01/28/20

TJ and Paul were very personable, proficient and professional.  Thanks!

Tony Peterson

Moorhead 01/21/20

Very professional and courteous.

Lisa Samuelson

Fargo 01/20/20

From phone call to finish the service was very proficient and professional with my water heater install.

Breann Lenzmeier

West Fargo 01/16/20

The service was prompt.  The workers were professional and did a super job.  Very please!

Jack & Betty Demaine

Mapleton 01/15/20

We were very pleased with the personnel, he was above and beyond the average person when comes to do a job!

Kevin & Lonna Skoog

West Fargo 01/15/20

Timely response!  Easy to work with.

Brent & Kari Hitterdal

Fargo 01/15/20

Very good experience overall.  Would have them back.

Dan Sizer

Fargo 01/15/20

All the guys of yours that have been to my duplex have been great.

Steve & Lee Grineski

Moorhead 01/15/20

Paul was great.

Janna Smille

Fargo 01/15/20

Paul was prompt and got right to the problem.  Thank you!

Bruce & Robbie Quick

Fargo 01/15/20

TJ did great!  Would recommend  him without reservation!

Jared Crane

Fargo 12/20/19

Carl is AWESOME!  He's been out a few times over the years and is why I go straight to Home Heating.

Darrell Burkland

Fargo 12/19/19

Derek was very knowledgeable about our issue with the shower head.  He fixed it quickly giving us excellent feed back on what was wrong.

Seth Saarinen

Moorhead 12/19/19

Carl was wonderful!!  Thanks!!

Kyle Kemmet

Harwood 12/10/19

Carl is an excellent technician!  Wonderful customer service.

Tom & Judy Jenkins

Moorhead 12/10/19

All is well.

Steve & Jan George

West Fargo

Carl was awesome & super nice man and very efficient!  Thank you!

Gary & Jill Inman

West Fargo 11/22/19

Appreciated that Carl was so up front on cost and expectations regarding parts/returns.  Thanks much!

Sheridan Breding

West Fargo 11/21/19

We would be happy to use your company.

Katie Hale

West Fargo 11/13/19

Awesome service from Derek!  Thank you!

Jody Johnson

Moorhead 11/13/19

Derek was great!!  Very nice.

Chad & Diana Anderson

West Fargo 11/13/19

Carl always does an excellent job!

Kyle Kemmet

Harwood 11/12/19

Carl was great to work with.  He took the time to explain everything to me so that the layperson can easily understand what was going on.  He cleaned everything up when done, and I couldn't even tell he was there working!  Please pass my thank you on to Carl and let his supervisor know what a wonderful job he did.

Sarah Abbott

Fargo 11/0619

Thank you Carl so much!

Dennis & Diane Harsch

West Fargo 10/29/19

Both guys were very kind and friendly.  Their product knowledge and work ethic was impressive.

Mike Kinzler

Moorhead 10/22/19

I appreciate the prompt service after calling for a plumber.

Lendra Buck

Fargo 10/21/19

Great job!  Needed immediate service and they met that need.

Kathy Mitchell

Fargo 10/21/19

TJ did a great job.  You are lucky to have him as an employee.

Denise Enervold

West Fargo 10/21/19

Polite young men.,  Called to start early, did a great job!

Lendra Buck

Fargo 10/18/19

Excellent workmanship and personal were very courteous, professional, work and clean up done in timely manner, spent time answering all my questions and concerns.   I need immediate service and they met that need.Thank you! 

Marlys Guttormson

Fargo 10/17/19

TJ is an excellent plumber and all around nice person.

Joe & Jamie Kiebke

West Fargo 10/17/19

Very nice and helpful

Catherine Carlosn

Moorhead 10/17/19

Outstanding service!

John & Susan Deutsch

Fargo 10/09/19

Came out same day I called, friendly, knowledgeable, respectful of property.  Would recommend Home Heating & Plumbing to anyone.

Donna Hammond

Fargo 10/08/19

Your company gives really great service.  Whether it's plumber coming to my aid or Tony giving me an estimate on a remodel, everyone is pleasant, efficient and explains things well.  For single women, we always fear being taken advantage of.  I trust this company completely.

Jane Sinner

Fargo 10/7/19

Very impressed with Carl and his knowledge of problems with manufacture of product.  Thanks

Marlys Guttormson

Fargo 10/02/19

Great customer Service.  Carl the technician did a great job.  Very pleased with overall experience with Home Heating & Plumbing.

Marlys Guttormson

Fargo 10/02/19

Excellent service!  Very nice and helpful young man.

Lowell Bolger

Moorhead 09/23/19

Very happy customer, excellent job done by TJ & Derek.  Will call on them again when we need service.

Jeff Peterson

Moorhead 09/09/19

Job well done!

Ron & Kay Hegvik

West Fargo 09/19/19

Jason couldn't have been nicer or more helpful.  Great guy!

Ryan Skorheim

West Fargo 09/17/19

The fellas did a great job!  We are very happy with the job they did.

Marlene Paulsrud

Fargo 09/16/19

TJ was here to fix our kitchen faucet and install a new bathroom faucet.  He also did a bypass hard water to our faucet in the sink.  He was very professional and did a great job.  We are very pleased.

Carol Koosmann

Fargo 09/16/19

Pleasure to have work done in my home.  Will call again if needed.

Paul Gilbertson

Fargo 09/16/19

Very good work.

David & Connie Eggers

Moorhead 09/04/19

Great work!  Will definitely work with Home Heating & Plumbing again!

Sharon Windels

Fargo 08/28/19

Requested plumbing service...your man came the same morning...fixed the problem.  I had him check another issue and he resolved that also.  Expedient, courteous, and a job well done.  Price was reasonable also.

Tom Linnertz

08/28/19 Harwood

Very nice , fast and efficient.  Thanks!

Brian Bergantine

Fargo 08/22/19

Carl did an awesome job!  Thanks!

Friedrich Littmann

West Fargo 08/19/19

Excellent job!  Thank you!

Frank & Joan Suda

Fargo 08/16/19

Superior service on a old house

Bruce Gustafson

07/30/19 West Fargo

Paul was respectful and willing to check what I wanted him to do.

Amy Miller-Hawkinson

Fargo 07/26/19

Very happy!

Tom & Kathy Fellman

Fargo 07/26/19

TJ is super!

Pat & Maris O'Connell

Moorhead 07/24/19

Great job!

Mike & Nicole Ragan

Moorhead 07/22/19

TJ Krenzel was our technician.  He did an awesome job fixing our Plumbing problem in our bathtub.  He also gave us quotes on sump pump.

Ben & Marcie Hushka

Fargo 07/18/19

TJ was great!  We would totally recommend him to others!  We've worked with Home in the past and always had a great experience.

Benjamin & Andrea Williams

Moorhead 07/16/19

Matt in the office was also fantastic to work with!

Rick Abel

Moorhead 07/12/19

Very friendly and knowledgeable explained everything very well.  Good Guy!

Leon Johnson

Fargo 07/11/19

These two guys did a great job.  Very impressed with their work

Mark & Karla Craig

West Fargo 07/11/19

Another excellent job performed by TJ.

Joh & Jeanette Hood

Fargo 07/09/19

Very nice guy and he knew what he was doing.  Job well done.

Jen Schmidt

Fargo 07/01/19

Very good service all around.  Will call Home Heating & Plumbing again with any future plumbing issues.

Peter & Carol Xenides

Fargo 06/28/19

Excellent Service!  Very polite and on time.  We were so impressed we even bought Carl lunch.

James Casias

West Fargo 06/27/19

Paul did a great job coming out on such short notice.  Very fast service, pleasant guy.

Roger Koth

West Fargo 06/26/19

Jason did a very nice job, neat and clean work.  I'm very satisfied.

Olivia Carcoana

Fargo 06/26/19

We appreciated the quality of work, we would like to work with you again.  Thanks!

Dick & Judy Bristol

Fargo 06/26/19

Carl was very pleasant.

Jeff & Vickie Hoss

Fargo 06/26/19

WOW, WOW!  Service was quick, high quality & very personable!  Thank you!

Bruce & Jan Harmon

Moorhead 06/26/19

Jason does excellent work.  He takes time to answer our questions.  Best service ever!

Tim & Vicki Clark

West Fargo 06/26/19

We had a clogged sink in our kitchen and the service repair person that came out was able to fix issue with the sink.  He was very professional and respect our property.  He did an awesome job!!

Gary & Connie Bakke


TJ did a great job!

Lee & Marlys Ruhn

Moorhead 06/26/19

Was very impressed how "fast" the old heater was out, and new one installed!!

Kent & Dina Ness

Reile's Acres 06/26/19

Answered all my questions.  Thanks!

Lee Corneliusson

West Fargo 06/26/19

Great worker and will tell others.  Very fast.

Scott Mason

Moorhead 06/26/19

Paul was nice, professional and had a good communication.

Barbara Zacher

Fargo 5/2/19

TJ is great. You as a company should be very proud to have him as an employee!

Jeffrey Zarling

West Fargo 5/20/19

Excellent service. Thanks!

Jason Jelinek

Fargo 5/2/19

Fast & service was good. Answered my questions. Thanks!

Al Coen

Fargo 5/20/19

Very satisfied!

Jim & Phyllis Anderson

Fargo 5/14/19

Home is the only place that will get our business from now on.

Mary Gokey

Fargo 5/10/19

I could not have been happier or more satisfied. A real A + for Justin!

Phyllis Anderson

Fargo 5/15/19

TJ and Ty were very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them. We are now a Home Heating and Plumbing customer for life.

Jared Kolb

West Fargo 5/6/19

Excellent workmanship that was completed very quickly. These guys are great!

John Erickson

Fergus Falls 3/20/19

Awesome job! Professional and efficient.

Diane Freih

Fargo 4/29/19

Thanks for your expertise & help.

Ken Faircloth

West Fargo 5/1/19

Paul was professional, work was completed when he said and answered all my questions! Thanks!

Craig & Char King

Amenia 5/1/19

Both these guys are top notch.

Erin Mowers

Fargo 4/18/19

Excellent work. Well done.

Ken & Diane Rheault

Fargo 4/17/19

Justin was very knowledgeable and professional.

Tim Krahn

Fargo 4/19/19

Really appreciate the quick service response.

Larry & Kathy Gerhardson

West Fargo 4/16/19

Good tech, took time to teach us about the system.

Deb Pederson

Fargo 3/25/19

My sad shower now looks happy!

Pat Friese

Moorhead 4/1/19

Thank you for a great job!!

Myrna Pederson

Fargo 4/3/19

There is a reason why you folks are who we call when we have a problem!! 🙂

Diane Anderson

Dilworth 4/9/19

A pipe going to my sump pump broke this weekend and TJ came Sunday morning to repair... he was very helpful, he answered all my questions and guided me on what to do next for starting the clean up process. Superior customer service!!!

Kirsten Orvik

West Fargo 4/4/19

Jason was great to work with. He was very informative and helpful. He was very thorough. Thanks!

Kirsten Orvik

West Fargo 4/4/19

Jason did an awesome job fixing my sump pump check valve today. He was very thorough, informative and helpful! He did a great job! Thanks again Jason!

Gary Scofield

West Fargo 3/13/19

Carl is very professional and his work is flawless. Will use Home Heating for all my needs!

Kent & Diana Ness

Reile's Acres 2/25/19

Great customer service. Thanks.

Dana Froemming

Fargo 3/18/19

Carl was awesome! He answered all my questions and did a great job! Thanks!

Michael Mihulka

Fargo 3/12/19

TJ was awesome! Very knowledgeable and personable. I would highly recommend him to family and friends!

Al Schneiter

Fargo 3/4/19

The plumber that came is a great employee! Thanks!

Vickie Pfaff

West Fargo 3/11/19

I have tried other plumbing and heating companies, but nobody beats the service and caring of Home Heating and Plumbing. I have used them on the heating and the plumbing side and have been very satisfied.

Jim Link

Fargo 2/15/19

TJ was very courteous and helpful. Highly recommend him.

Ross Collins

Fargo 2/13/19

Great job, lower than estimate! Thanks!

Kevin & Jean Melicher

Fargo 2/5/19

What a great & helpful professional! Thank you Jason M.

Ross Collins

Fargo 2/6/19

Really appreciate Jason & Paul coming over on a busy day and just before a blizzard. Thanks for the dedications to customers.

Retina Associates

Fargo 1/17/19

This guy was great.

Donita Kaspari

Fargo 1/7/19

Very friendly even though UND fan.

Dick Drinka

Fargo 1/15/19

Carl & Ty were great as always. Work really well as a team to complete project really fast.

Beverly Jacobson

Fargo 1/15/19

Very nice work, seemed very knowledgeable.

Diane Freih

Fargo 12/20/18

Timely, effiecient, explained the problems & fixed it! Thanks!

Paul & Kathy Lindquist

Fargo 12/24/18

Very pleased with the work done in a timely way.

Bruce & Jan Harmon

Moorhead 1/2/19

Jason is fantastic! Answers all of our questions and is very knowledgeable.

Chad & Diana Anderson

West Fargo 12/24/18

Excellent job! Thanks

Dee & David Pretty

Moorhead 12/14/18

Appreciate the professionalism and courtesy!

Greg Seelhammer

Moorhead 12/6/18

Very prompt, helpful, personable and respectful. Great guy! Great service! Thanks

Bob Alin

Fargo 11/29/18

Perfect & professional. Thanks

Bruce Christianson

Fargo 11/23/18

Very good to work with.

Deb Olafson

West Fargo 11/13/18

These guys were so thorough, friendly, and professional! Thank you!

K. Rommesmo

Fargo 11/15/18

Very good, I would hire them anytime.

Jay Albrecht

Fargo 11/22/18

We had great service from Ty & Paul, the technicians who arrived exactly when they stated they would be showing up for the scheduled appointment. The work performed was done well, and in a very timely and professional manner. When asked by other homeowners/neighbors/acquaintances for advice on who they should call when needing plumbing or HVAC services. I will be recommending Home Heating. Our experience with your organization has always been pleasant , and with a high level of quality workmanship.

Debora Olafson

West Fargo 11/23/18

Justin and Paul diagnosed our sump and plumbing problem, explained what they found, fit us into the schedule to fix so as to not be on a wait list. I appreciated their friendly and professional treatment. They made a very stressful situation with our sump pump go away in a matter of minutes! Thank you!

Brian & Lisa Wagner

Fargo 11/5/18

Jason took a bad situation with a broken toilet and made it PERFECT by going the extra mile! Thank you.

Thomas Summerville

Fargo 11/7/18

Thanks to the guys for coming into my home while I was on my way to Mayo Clinic for my cancer checkup. Great job.

Keith & Joanne Klev

Fargo 10/31/18

Carl did an outstanding job. On time, efficient, and friendly. Thanks.

Brian Wagner

Fargo 11/8/18

Recently had Jason Madsen, plumbing technician, over to fix a cracked toilet flange that was set in concrete in our lower level. Jason not only answered all of my questions, but performed a level of service that exceeded my expectations. It would be hard not to call Home Heating and Plumbing with the work they have performed over the last two years that sets the bar for customer service and professional expertise in the industry. There is no need to shop around the next time an HVAC or plumbing issue arrives.

Shirley & Bob Montgomery

Fargo 10/16/18

Very impressed with the work that was done. Highly recommended.

Chris Letexier

Fargo 10/11/18

So happy to have Home Heating and Plumbing! Got here quickly & solved the issue fast!!

Matt & Nicole Seyfried

West Fargo 10/11/18

Amazing! Very professional & courteous! Home customer for life!!!

Cynthia & Mitch Rapp

Fargo 10/9/18

Jason did a great job. Thank You.

Leroy & Betty Rheault

West Fargo 9/12/18

We were impressed with how careful the guys were in the house.

Michelle Dehaven

Moorhead 10/5/18

Thank you! The service was done well and I was informed every step of the way. Thanks.

Richard & Annette Roberts

West Fargo 10/4/18

Called with leaking water heater, they responded same day and completed install of new 50 gallon gas water heater. Very clean, cleaned up after install. Can't say enough about both installers, they need a raise or promotion.

Craig & Anna Kuhlmann

Fargo 9/27/18

Excellent job done!

Neal Larson

Moorhead 9/18/18

Very professional, explained options for repair, work needed. Great job of servicing property and clean up.

Larry Homuth

Fargo 9/24/18

Suggested the simple fix. Thank you! Prompt service call--same day!

Angie Jallo

Moorhead 8/30/18

Joe did a great job. Would love to have him back.

Kathy Charbonneau

Fargo 8/28/18

Home Heating and Plumbing are my "Go To Guys" always!

Martin Overas

West Fargo 8/1/18

Thanks for great work!

James & Diane Nelson

West Fargo 6/27/18

TJ is a great ambassador for Home Heating. Keep him around.

Tom Chapman

Fargo 8/29/18

Your staff is top notch! Keep up the good work.

Roger & Joanne Gilbertson

Fargo 8/16/18

Outstanding service, high quality, informative. They're the very best!

Catherine & Mat Dickey

Moorhead 7/5/18

TJ was fantastic. I will definitely ask for him next time.

Donita Kaspari

Fargo 7/26/18

Very pleased with the service, suggestions, and promptness!

Rosemary Jones

Fargo 5/31/18

Jason did a great job and was very friendly!

Angela Berge

West Fargo 6/25/18

TJ definitely fixed my shower pressure issue. Knowledgeable, professional, knew what he was doing. Give the young man a raise!

Ralph Holte

Fargo 5/29/18

Great work Jason. Thanks!

Bruce & Jan Harmon

Moorhead 5/23/18

Jason's a problem solver. He always has good solutions to problems.

Leeanne Tvedt

West Fargo 5/18/18

Carl was fantastic! Fast & friendly service. Thanks.

Todd & Jill Metzger

Fargo 5/14/18

Faucet works great. Thanks.

John & Betty Moraghan

Fargo 5/23/18

Great, able, and courteous. Please come again. Thanks.

Brad Reed

West Fargo 5/14/18

Excellent work! Very nice & qualified professionals! Thanks!

Dick Lundquist

Moorhead 5/11/18

You have great people! We are very pleased with your service!

Bret & Katie Bartels

West Fargo 5/10/18

Joe was very knowledgeable and wonderful to have at our house. Would have him back anytime.

Travis Johnson

Borup 5/16/18

Justin is wonderful. Extremely knowledgeable, kind and efficient. Excellent service. Thank you.

Paul & Susan Leedahl

Kindred 5/8/18

Great! Home Heating is our "go to" people.

Charles Feeney

Fargo 5/8/18

Impressive service.

Lakewood Estates Condos

Fargo 5/4/18

How lucky we are!! Thank you for such fine employees! If I need plumbing or heating, I'll call Home Heating and Plumbing.

Lakewood Estates Condos

Fargo 5/3/18

They took care of the problem on a timely basis.

Del Enno

Fargo 5/11/18

Tony, thank you so much for sending Roger Bauch out, you saved my day. Had a lot of company for graduation.

Scott Thompson

West Fargo 5/9/18

Justin was great! Very impressed with the service. Thank you!

Betty Johnson

Fargo 5/8/18

Excellent review for both Joe and Ty who completed work for me. I am impressed.

Nick & Donna Ellig

Moorhead 4/19/18

Thank you for sending Justin. He was very professional, efficient & helpful!

Eric Carlson

Fargo 4/30/18

Justin was good and we are happy.


Moorhead 4/30/18

Joey was an excellent worker. Respectful, thorough, and conscientious giving available options.

Pamela White

Moorhead 5/1/18

Home Heating service staff and receptionist were both very personable and courteous on the phone. I was extremely impressed with their plumber who was very prompt, respectful, thorough (checked my other plumbing for possible issues since I was already paying for a service call fee), and conscientious -cleaned up after himself and left the site immaculate. He was acknowledgeable and forthright giving me options for the problems which I could consider - whether I wanted to have the plumbing fixtures repaired or replaced and the different costs for either of them. He was not only efficient, but a pleasure to work with, as well. I would highly recommend him and the company he works for to others who have plumbing needs.

Jeff & Vickie Hoss

Fargo 4/19/18

Tyler is good. Great personality

Jeff Hoss

Fargo 4/23/18

I just want to point out the excellent service I received on Thursday. Mid afternoon I discovered my sump pump had failed. I made one call to Home Heating and within 20 minutes a worker arrived. I was surprised by the quick response. It was great but better yet was Ty Brainerd. He is the kind of representative every company should hope to have on staff. He was quick, efficient and took care of my sump pump issue. I pay a lot of attention to customer service and Ty's approach was superior in my mind. Please thank him for me.

Petes Xenides

Fargo 4/18/18

Great people. Thank you.

Don & Ila Ishaug

Fargo 4/19/18

Very helpful & exceptional services. Thanks

Charlie Hanish

Fargo 4/2/18

Personable, respectful and trustworthy--excellent professional work!

Hank & Jennifer Hauge

Dilworth 11/24/17

TJ & Justin were great! Polite, efficient, and professional! Thanks

Tony & Maddi Sager

Fargo 4/3/18

Joey was very efficient and friendly! Definitely will be requesting him next time!

Navin Paul

Fargo 4/4/18

Roger is just awesome!

Charles & Carol Sawicki

Fargo 3/22/18

You folks always do a good job! This one was easily fixed, but earlier problems were not!

Tom & Mary McDonald

Fargo 3/26/18

Exceptionally helpful, professional, thoughtful & kind. Jason is a bright spot in my day.

Ron & Pat McClure

Fargo 3/26/18

Jason was very pleasant and explained everything very well.

Cal & Amanda Hofland

West Fargo 3/9/18

Great job!

Crystal Hoffman

Dilworth 2/7/18

Very helpful! We weren't pushed into buying a new water heater & he educated us on how to maintain it properly.

Donita Kaspari

Fargo 12/7/17

Roger was a joy to work with, he came up with some very workable solutions to challenges in working in an old house.

Jill & Jeff Berg

West Fargo 2/26/18

Roger is a real pro! We appreciate his experience & problem solving attitude!

Dan & Anita Hlebechuk

Fargo 3/2/18

Very helpful. Gave me some good advice concerning drains. Thanks!

Adam Kusler

Horace 2/20/18

I was able to get a water heater (105 gal) replaced within about 6 hours from calling!

Martin Johnson

Moorhead 2/21/18

Roger did a great job!

Ursula Hegvik

Fargo 2/7/18

Carl and Ty were excellent! Really appreciate the great communication & friendly service!

Shawn & Nola McNeally

Fargo 2/9/18

He was great-- Thank you!

John Nyquist

West Fargo 1/31/18

He went above and beyond! We will have Roger back!

Wendy Harmon

Fargo 1/31/18

I will always call you guys for my plumbing!

Chad Lemar

West Fargo 1/29/18

Justin explained everything he was doing. He also gave me some pointers on plugs for our kitchen sink. Very nice!

Heath & Lauren Hanna

West Fargo 1/4/18

Friendly, quick and willing to show me what he fixed in detail.

Greg Forbord

Moorhead 2/1/18

Very happy with Justin's work!

Tom & Sue Domack

Fargo 1/25/18

Excellent service in all aspects. Will ask for Jason if he's available.

Mohamed Khan

Fargo 1/6/18

Roger was knowledgeable, informative and courteous. I was happy to have him perform this work for us!

Jason Gion

Fargo 1/15/18

Put a review on Angies list and Roger was excellent.

John Koerselman

Horace 1/4/18

Roger did an awesome job for us!

Randy & Pamela Aberle

Fargo 12/18/17

Carl and Ty did a great job installing our new water heater. Thanks.

Karen Hagen

Fargo 11/28/17

Carl answered all my questions. Very knowledgeable.

Tom & Autumn Branca

Fargo 11/28/17

Joe went above and beyond, he did an excellent job! He deserves a raise!

Mark & Karla Craig

West Fargo 11/8/17

TJ & Justin were fun to interact with, knowledgeable and efficient.

Mike & Lori Ibach

Fargo 11/21/17

Answered all my questions and gave me excellent advice on keeping my sink unplugged.

Arland Rasmussen

West Fargo 11/15/17

Jason did a great job.

Truman Olson

Fargo 10/23/17

Jason Madsen represents your company well.

Craig Kulla

Fargo 11/13/17

Roger was great, another fine job by your plumbing men in action!

Tom Seymour

West Fargo 10/17/17

Carl and his partner did a fantastic job.

Julie Garrett

Fargo 10/30/17

They were great!

Jane Jacobson

Fargo 10/19/17

Very helpful and the job was well done.

Shirley Disher

Fargo 10/13/17

Joey was a personable young man! He was efficient and knowledgeable!

John Berdahl

Fargo 9/25/17

The base of our tile shower had a water leak. Carl's approach to identifying and fixing the problem was logical and thorough.

Susan Schulz

West Fargo 10/5/17

Always the best service. Joey Eiman was great, very neat, quick, and thorough!

Karen Eisenhardt

Fargo 10/1/17

Roger was great in helping me and listening to my problems. You're lucky to have him.

Donald Ommodt

Fargo 9/28/17

The job went well.

Terry & Sara Stegmann

West Fargo 09/08/17

Very friendly and positive!  Thank you for coming so quickly!

David & Carol Hanson

Fargo 09/22/17

We are completely satisfied with TJ Krenzel and the job he did for us.  He was extremely helpful.  We highly recommend TJ, also Heather in the Service Department.

Warren Hintz & Maureen Zimmerman

Fargo 09/15/17

Roger an absolute pleasure to work with a true craftsman in all he does.  Always goes the extra mile.

Jim & Linda Wilkie

Fargo 09/14/17

Very helpful and knowledgeable.  Roger showed concern for customer!

Mark & Michelle Lawson

Dilworth 09/11/17

Great work!!

Gary & Peggy Knotts

Fargo 09/11/17

Joe was quick and thorough to diagnose and address this problem and fixed it quickly

Katie Benely

Fargo 07/25/17

Fantastic, extremely delightful, informative, and over the top education about the conundrum of new home ownership.

Clint & Pat Podoll

Fargo 08/24/17

Personable & professional high quality workmanship

Harley Sprenger & Terri Leier

Fargo 09/01/17

We will request Roger for future projects/repairs.

Jim & Jocelyn Robbins

Fargo 07/24/17

Fantastic!  Highly satisfied!

Don & Pam Hartwig

Fargo 07/19/17

Tech very personable and thorough.

Greg & Rebecca Anderson

West Fargo 07/21/17

Prompt, neat and professional.

Rebecca Anderson


Easy to schedule appointment for a time I would be home.  Tech, Carl, called ahead to let me know he was on his way.  Upon arrival, told me what the cost would be for replacing a kitchen faucet.  Removed old faucet, installed new one, demoed hot/cold control & tidied up.  Carl was polite, respectful & displays professionalism.  The next time I need a plumber, I will call Home.Thank you for the prompt & fabulous service!!

Gary Fougner

Fargo 07/18/17

Carl was knowledgeable, skillful and timely in doing his job.

Laura Skovlund

Fargo 07/18/17

They did a wonderful job, quickly!!

Pam Hartwig


Home Heating plumber serviced our hot water heater.  Tech was very thorough and gave a good explanation as to the problem and what he did to fix it which we appreciate.  A very knowledgeable and personable employee.  Thank you!

Sara Schafer

Fargo 07/07/17

Jason did a great job!!!  He is a rock star!  Thanks so much!

Austin Killoran

Fargo 08/22/17

Had an Apartment that needed emergency plumbing.  My father was their trying to get it to not flood and the plumber was very helpful and fixed the problem.



Remodeled our Master bath room.  Roger B. from Home Heating did all of the plumbing work.  Roger did a great job.  Would definitely recommend them.

Dick & Helen Jane Walstad

Fargo 08/15/17

Roger took the time to explain the problem and the repair.

Merri Johnson


My outdoor spigot froze over the winter and ended up leaking in my basement.  I called Home Heating and they were very quick to respond.  Adam came over and found the problem immediately, and fixed it in record time.  I also had a toilet upstairs that was leaking and he took the time to repair that also.  He recommended I call a restoration company to come and dry the carpet and gave me a $50.00 gift card towards that.  I would highly recommend them to anyone needed quick and courteous servie!

JoAnn Fiechtner

Moorhead 07/10/17

Jason Madsen was very courteous and did a very good job and also cleaned up very good afterwards!  Thank you!

Bruce & Jan Harmon

Moorhead 07/11/17

Jason always answers questions, and has good suggestions to answer my concerns.

Scott & Geri Doughlas

Fargo 06/07/17

Always quality work and very punctual! 

Chad & Diana Anderson

West Fargo 06/14/17

Great job Adam!

Jim & Jocelyn Robbins

Fargo 06/26/17

Roger was fantastic I will use this company again.

Don & Mary Lawrence

Moorhead 06/13/17

Good job!!

Benjamin Balas

Fargo 06/17/17

Roger did great work and was cheerful and professional despite the job being tough.

Cheryl Trangsrud

Fargo 6/20/17

My new toilet is great.  I didn't know that it could be such a good experience!Thanks. 

Jocelyn Robbins

Fargo 06/29/17

Roger came out to my house and worked so hard to put in a new sump pump.  He was professional, personable, and he explained everything to me and had a great attitude!  Working in our home is difficult since it was built in 1898!Thank you!  We will definitely use Home Heating & Plumbing again!

Tim & Annie Redpelle

Fargo 06/08/17

Provided excellent customer service skills!!

Roger Larson

Fargo 06/08/17

Excellent!!!  Your guys are very good!

Shirley Disher

Fargo 05/24/17

TJ Krenzel was very competent and completed his work in a timely fashion!!!!!

Helen Montplaisir

Fargo 05/09/17

They did an excellent job replacing our air conditioner.  On time and very considerate.

Inderani Samaraweera

Fargo 05/09/17

He made sure that everything was okay before he left.

David Collins

Fargo 5/19/17

Did a great job explain what he needed to do and how everything worked at the end.

Tom & Mary Leedahl

Fargo 04/05/17

Service done in a timely, professional manner.

Beverly Cullen

Fargo 05/17/17

Wonderful gentleman, showed me what he ad done, very nice.  I would ask for Roger again.

Exceptional service and workmanship!  Posted a great comment too.Thanks!

Tom Seymour

West Fargo 05/05/17

Home did a fantastic job of installing a new water heater for us today!!!

Sheree, Spear

Fargo 05/02/17

Great service, knowledgeable.

Doug & Mary Griffin

Fargo 4/26/17

Very friendly, quick response to request for service.  Has been very good to work with.

David & Debbie Asplin

Moorhead 04/24/17

Jason did an amazing job!  Very helpful and  kind.

Daniel & Ardys Olgaard

Fargo 4/26/17

Good attitude on customer satisfaction.

Anneus & Marge Meester

Horace 2/27/17


Scott & Sandy Stephenson

Moorhead 03/17/17

Best service ever.  Will call you again if needed

Tom & Autumn Branca

Fargo 3/24/17

Took the time to answer all of our questions!

Roger Larson

Fargo 4/14/17

Just wanted to compliment the great, friendly, and prompt service we received this weekend.  The on call plumbing tech was excellent!

Jim & Marcy Simpson


He completely cleaned the area under the sink!  Thanks.

Monte Marinuccu

West Fargo 3/17/17

Roger was excellent!  Would recommend him & Home Heating & Plumbing.

Norm & Josee Leslie

Fargo 03/15/17

Roger is wonderful, knowledgeable and very professional!!!!

Brad Reed

West Fargo 02/16/17

Very professional plumber.  Will recommend to friends & family.

Susan Dow

Moorhead 02/20/17

I would recommend Home Heating and Plumbing and TJ to anyone!!

Elaine Nelson

Fargo 02/28/17

Adam Brager very efficient called when he had a cancellation.

Craig & Tiffany Johnson

West Fargi 02/15/17

Adam did a great job replacing our hot water heater, fast, efficient and clean!

Susan Doiw

Fargo 01/24/17

TJ Krenzel was here this morning for a plumbing problem.  His service was outstanding, very courteous, answered all my questions, and was very professional.Thanks.   

Jim Allred

West Fargo 01/25/17

Very quick service.

Tom Zinke

Fargo 02/09/17

Very good customer service!  Helpful and did a great job with the installation.

Tom & Mary McDonald

Fargo 01/30/17

Absolutely spectacular work, and employee!!

Mark Quiggle

West Fargo 11/04/16

I was impressed.  If you knew me that is really saying something!

Mike & Becky Sherman

Fargo 01/24/17

Carl Meckle is excellent!!! I will call Carl!!  Thanks Home we will call.

Adam Randash

West Fargo 01/11/17

We were so thankful you could come so quickly to fix our leaking pipes!

Tony & Sara Desjarlais

Dilworth 12/19/16

Fantastic from start to finish!

Charles & Rhonda Hoge

Fargo 01/13/17

Good job Adam!

Dean Vollmer

Fargo 01/24/17

Helpful and knowledgeable.  The quality timeliness and attention to detail  was exceptional.

Penny Crowder

West Fargo 01/24/17

Gave great recommendations to make the outcome even better than I even requested

David Hanson

Fargo 01/25/17

Jason Madsen was very friendly and professional.  Will request him again.

David & Carol Hanson

Fargo 01/26/17

Jason Madsen was very friendly and professional.  Will request him again!

Toni Brummund

West Fargo 01/26/17

Awesome service!  Thank you!

Donna Hammond

Fargo 01/19/17

Always friendly and prompt.  I've  never had any problems with service

Jane Wolff

Fargo 11/11/16

Home Heating is superior to any other plumbing and heating company I have used.  You have the very best service people around!

Jerel & Valerie Heggeness

Fargo 11/18/16

Carl was fantastic!  Great work & clean up!

Marlyn Stein

West Fargo 11/14/16

Thanks Adam!  Did a great job!

Mark & Penny Blonigen

Fargo 11/09/16

Serviceman was very neat and courteous!

Scott & Geri Douglas

FArgo 11/04/16

Carl did a very great job!Thanks!

Amy Butler

Fargo 10/19/16

Very nice and informative.

Barb Larson

Fargo 10/31/16

Jim Wolters and Robbie were awesome.  They both need a raise!!

Terry & JoAnn Smeby

West Fargo 10/17/16

Roger did a great job!  Will definitely ask for him again.

Ron Hosman

Fargo 10/04/16

Very friendly and very neat.  He was very respectful of the house.

John & Gladys Kautzman

West Fargo 10/03/16

Very satisfactory.  Went above and beyond.  Great tip for cleaning toilets.

Darrell Costain

West Fargo 09/21/16

Roger double checked all his work when done.  Very conscientious and easy to work with.

Tim & Cathy Lunde

Fargo 09/22/16

Brad is awesome!  He is a great asset to your company!

Kevin Dekrey

Reiles Acres 09/12/16

Brad is terrific to work with.  I especially appreciate that he takes care in teaching the customer throughout the tasks.  Very good experience!

Gary Vetter

West Fargo 09/12/16

Brad is knowledgeable, friendly and completed the work in the allotted time.  He is an asset to your company.

Very competent and professional.  We appreciated his experience; very nice.Thanks! 

Leonard Schaff

FArgo 09/26/16

Great job!

Samantha Evenson

Fargo 09-23-16

Explained options to resolve issue well.

Sharon Mattson

Moorhead, MN 09/27/16

Very happy w/your work!

Erv Ratajczak

Fargo 08/19/16

Fast service and very good!!!

Joel Komrosky

Fargo 08/23/16

Very professional went the extra mile.  That is why I use HOME , because, of people like Jason!

Dave Ross

Fargo 08/23/16

Roger went the step further than the other place to fix the problem.

Codie & Liz Bingeman

Fargo 08/29/16

Rob came same day and fixed our water heater.  Polite and efficient.  Great work!!

Jonathan & Jill Garaas

Fargo 08/30/16

Competitive cost & quickly responded to our needs.

Jill Garaas

Fargo 08/30/16

The service was fast, and the cost fair with no surprising add-ons despite some reconfiguration that was necessary.  Details of the unit and hands on functions were clearly explained.

Bob & Vivian Pearson

West Fargo 08/04/16

While here installing a new water heater, technicians addressed our concern of leaking city water meter turn off.  Installed up to date valves, we can now follow insurance agents advice to shut off supply when away.Thanks!

Brian & Jessica Shawn

Fargo 07/11/16

Our service professional, Carl, did an excellent job, was thorough and very professional!  Thanks!

Chris Haroldson

Fargo 07/15/16

Very informative, answered all questions, honestly and professional.

Gary Vetter

West Fargo 07/13/16

Work has professional appearance, work area tidy.

Kim Donovan

Fargo 06/22/16

Cannot say enough good things about Roger's professionalism, expertise, guidance and know how!  Will recommend him and Home Heating to anyone, anytime!

Loretta Wellentin


Carl was awesome!  He did a beautiful job with my sink/vanity, gave me some helpful plumbing pointers and was just an all around great guy.  Very pleased!!

Bonnie Jensen

West Fargo 07/25/16

Very helpful, courteous and worked hard.  Did not waste time.

Frank & Joan Suda

Fargo 07/26/16

Excellent all around.  Great job!

Warren Hintz & Maureen Zimmerman

Fargo 06/01/16

Roger, as always, went above and beyond to help us with our project.  He is also a delight to work with!  The best!!!

Sara Penn

Moorhead 8/26/16

Jim was great!  He was very kind, professional and helpful!  He made every attempt to find the parts we needed and did it in a timely manner.

Gary Vetter

West Fargo 07/20/16

Brad was very professional.  He explained thoroughly all the work he was going to do, and answered all my questions.  The work was also professional, and the work area cleaned up.

Mary Wolter

07/13/16 Fargo

Carl did a fantastic job!

Bean Coffee


Roger was extremely friendly and did a wonderful job!

Lee Rorman

Fargo, 06/23/16

Great work!  Roger used good customer service skills.

Bryand Niewind

West Fargo, 07/11/16

Quick, prompt service.  The job was completed in one day.  Hidden costs.  Jason called before he came and was on time.

Mel & Mary Beth Hieb


Roger & Rob said I was going to win!!  Still waiting.

Craig Schnell

Fargo 06/20/16

Roger did a GREAT JOB!  Very pleased.

Kevin Dekrey

Reiles Acres 06/20/16

Carl did a good job, and took time to explain the job, which was appreciated!

Ron McClure

Fargo 062016

Very satisfied!

Jane Wolff

Fargo 06/02/16

Great to come home to a clean & completed job!Thanks, Roger!!

Arlue Ostrem


Roger was very pleasant, explained all he needed to do.  Great job!

Roger did a great job!  I couldn't even tell he was here.  The job was completed perfectly with no mess!Thanks, Roger!

Sandy Glass

Moorhead 061416

Adam was great at explaining everything he was doing and why we had the two problems.  Very impressed with how he went about his business.

Jason Jelinek

Fargo 05/19/16

The work was done quickly and Rob worked with me to determine the best solution for me.

Carolyn Johnson

Fargo 06/03/16

Wow!!  Carl worked so fast and had all the parts to repair the toilet and he cam especially for me.

Blaise Johson

West Fargo 4/27/16

Prompt and professional service by all from time I called through completion.  Would recommend.

Jim Thompson

Fargo 6/01/16

The service tech (Brandon) went above and beyond the original trouble call.  He fixed the installation problems that were on my geothermal unit and made sure that he looked at all the otherproblems that he has seen on other calls.  I feel confident that I will not be seeing a service tech anytime soon because of the work that he did.

Jim Thompson

Fargo 6/01/16

Friendly, professional, efficient, answered all questions.Thank you!

Jay & Heidi Hesse


Brad & Rob were very professional and friendly to deal with.  Excellent service and very knowledgeable.

Jay & Heidi Hesse

Hickson 05/25/16

Adam was great and informative.  We love your guys!  Best people who work for you and great customer service.

Robert Becker

West Fargo 05/16/16

Very helpful!

Tom Volk

Fargo 04/25/16

Very clean and very friendly.  Thanks Carl!

Peter & Debbie Knudsvig

Fargo 05/02/16

Rob Mesteth was absolutely wonderful!!

Carol Behrens

Moorhead 04/28/16

These two plummers do a very good job and our very personable.Thanks

Debra Knudsvig

Fargo 05/04/15

Rob Mesteth was absolutely WONDERFUL!!

Arlene Bakke

Fargo, 04/18/16

Very personable, and great work.  Home Heating has a good name.Thanks!  

Jim Haukedahl


Adam was extremely professional, but also very pleasant.  Explained all he did.  Very pleased with his work.

Josh Tjosaas

04/13/16 Wolverton

Home Heating and Plumbing has been very good to us when we needed them.  Thanks for your great service!

Adam Nelson

04/05/16 Moorhead

Great Service!  Really appreciate!

Marianne Smith

04/11/16 Fargo

He was a nice guy and a pleasure to have as a serviceman in my house.

Josh Tjosaas


I was very happy with my service!

Keith & Joanne Klev

03/21/16 Fargo


Shanna Hensch

Moorhead 03/29/16

I was very pleased with my experience with Adam!  He explained everything very thoroughly, did great work and was extremely personable, and had everything completed in an hour's time.  If the need arises, I will definitely call Home Heating again.Thanks!

Matthew & Meg Lindholm


Adam was just great.  Second time he's done work for us.

Jacquie Hutchison


Because of workers like these  I am a very loyal customer!

Jason & Lauire Hill

Moorhead 03/28/16

Adam was very helpful in explaining everything.  What a great worker!!

Chris Peterson


The guys did a great job!  They were professional and courteous.  I appreciate the work they did and how quickly the job was completed!  Thank you!

Susan Heidenreich

Fargo 03/23/16

Roger answered all of my questions about todays work and two other projects as well.

Margi Bucher

Moorhead 03/31/16

Thank you so much for getting someone here so quickly.

Larry Odegaard

03/18/16 West Fargo

He will be our go to guy from now on!!

Tom Burner

01/22/16 West Fargo

Great job!  Very informative, cleaned up perfectly!

Daniel Van Brunt

3/10/16 Fargo

Excellent work!  Thank you!  Very nice folks to talk to!

Mark & Karla Craig

03/17/16 West Fargo

TJ was excellent!  Nice young man.  Showed me how to work it.  I'm very impressed with the company.

June Mestery

Moorhead 03/14/16

Very nice gentleman.  Very professional.

Twila Singh

West Fargo 02/29.16

Adam was friendly and helpful.  Thank you!

Richard Faus

Dilworth 02/26/16

Quick response time very satisfied .

Rebecca Nelson

Fargo 02/29/16

Brad & Rob were fantastic!  They answered all my questions, and were very professional!  Will definitely use Home Heating again!

Al Schneiter

Fargo 02/19/16

He is an exceptional employee, very courteous and answered all my questions.  I was very pleased with Home Heating & Plumbing.

Duane Brehmer

Moorhead 2/18/16

Great job! Carl is very good at customer service!!

Joe & Nicole Larson

Fargo 02/04/16

Was awesome & very helpful!  So thankful for them to help us!  Educated & talked everything through with us.

Kay Ussery

Fargo 02/18/16

Installed shower and sink faucet.  Very pleasant, and did a nice job.  Very happy with work done and time it took to do it.  Very clean also!  I have use another plumbing company in the past, but will use Home Heating & Plumbing from now on.  Already use furnace department for years.Thanks!

Kathryn Bentley

Fargo 2/3/16

The technician that came to 604 11th Street South, Apt 1 on 2/3/16 was absolutely phenomenal!  He was very knowledgeable, professional and told me what he was doing and why every step of the process.  I really appreciate that!  Thank you for your quick response to my issue.

Margaret Mohr

Moorhead 01/28/16

Very satisfied and happy.

Christian Ronalds

Fargi 01/20/16

Employees always courteous & knowledgeable and 3 out of 3 jobs turned out well.

Susan Nelson


Brad did good work

David Kerzman

Fargo 01/26/16

Was happy they were able to come the next day.  They answered all my questions as they worked.  I have always went with Home Heating.

Peg Boren

Fargo 01/14/16

Brad did an excellent job.  He was knowledgeable and showed me the process for flushing my water heater.

Patricia Rudnick

Moorhead 01/08/16

Very helpful suggested that I replace some plumbing that needs attention.  Very kind.

Amanda Brooks

Fargo 01/05/16

Great work!

Matt Borgman

Fargo 12/21/15

Carl and Adam were great!  Both Carl and Adam were very detailed in explaining their work.  Carl even stopped back out to double check on a question I had.  They went above and beyond what I expected!

Thomas & Michelle Strinden

Fargo 10/12/15

Excellent job again!  I am looking forward to you installing another furnace & AC for me today.

Jay Richardson

Fargo 12/17/15

Great to work with true professionals.  Happy to recommend Home Heating to friends and family.

Harold & Juanita Schill



Matt & Dena Bowman

Fargo 11/29/15

I had a sump pump bypass installed.  TJ was very courteous and professional.  Complete the job efficiently and helped with info on some future work I need done.  Definitely plan to call Home again.Matt

Steve & Suellen Dusek

West Fargo 11/27/15

Our service person Brad did an excellent job and we were very impressed with everything he did!

Wanda Olson

Fargo 11/19/15

It was so refreshing to have someone as professional and who actually was knowledgeable and show up at our door step for repairs to our tub!  TJ is that person and we are referring him to others as I write this!!Thank you!!

Kevin Dekrey

Reiles Acres 11/23/15

Brad provided outstanding customer service, provided detailed information, and took great care in answering our questions.  Thank you!

Brad & Dawn Franklin

Moorhead 11/30/15

They were very friendly and helpful.

Adam & Mary Kramvik

11/18/15 Moorhead

Same guy has done work for us before - very friendly and professional!

Jen Vos

West Fargo 12/01/15

rad is an asset to your company.  I have always had great service from Home.

Jenny Christiansen

Fargo 12/01/15

Very satisfied.

Dave Bergstrom

Fargo 11/10/15

It is always a pleasure to have Roger come, as he always does a terrific job!

Greg Bjerke

Fargo 12/4/15

Carl and Bob were great.  Excellent work and enjoyable to have in our home.

Susan Schulz

West Fargi 12/01/15

Responsive to questions/concerns plus Roger answered other questions I had.

Gordon Hudson

Fargo 11/05/15

Very nice and helpful young man.

Adam Kramvik

Moorhead 11/18/15

Same guy has done work for us before.  Very friendly and professional!

Carolyne Espel

Fargo 11/12/15

Carl did an excellent job!! He educated me on what he needed to do and was very professional!

Anda Rental

Moorhead 11/13/15

Carl is my guy!  Plumber extrodinare!

Joyce Duehr

Fargo 11/10/15

Everything done to perfection!

Mike & Angela Hagen

West Fargo 10/19/15

Very friendly & fast service.

Joyce Duehr

Fargo 11/5/15

Excellent knowledge work, explanations & recommendations.

Tom & Mary McDonald

Fargo 10/20/15

Hope they get assignment again.  Everything excellent!

Sheila Wickman

Moorhead 10/19/15

Was very good at explaining how the plumbing parts functioned.

Darren Wanner

Fargo 10/16/15

Robert was courteous, professional and punctual.  Excellent work. Couldn't be happier.

Steven & Judy Germaine


Brad was terrific! Great work!

Matt & Lindsey Warner


Brad K was very informative.  I would highly recommend Home Heating (Brad) to anyone!

Kathryn Wicker

Fargo 11/2/15

So pleased with Adam he is so very nice and excellent @ his job.  We are building and Home is doing our heating & plumbing.  Adam helped us with a few items to put into our bathrooms.

Ione Beving

Moorhead 11/10/14

Home Heating is the only number I keep in my phone to call for Home Heating and Plumbing!

Delores Hollenhorst

Fargo 10/13/14

Adam is very efficient yet friendly. I do hope that when I need a plumber Adam will be available. Thank you, Adam!

Delores Hollenhorst

Fargo 6/24/13

Card was misplaced. I finally found it. You are very fortunate to have Adam on your staff.

Janna Smillie

Fargo 10/1/14

Such a joy to work with a company who cares about us!!!

Jane Wolff

Fargo 12/8/14

So glad I switched to Home Heating!

Samuel Anim

Fargo 10/8/14

Third plumber to work on problem and he actually fixed the problem.

Kent & Sylvia Leysring

West Fargo 10/8/14

Jason is very good at customer service and workmanship. Thank you!

Jim Snyder

Fargo 10/20/14

Problem solver, neat, courteous, timely, and friendly. He likes his work.

Pauline Klinger

West Fargo 10/7/14

I would say he did a very good job.

Stuart & Brenda Topley

Fargo 2/13/15

Excellent, prompt service and follow up!

Chris & Lisa Giese

Fargo 3/5/15

Both Carl and Brad were great. Thanks

Anda Rental

Fargo 2/4/15

Been working with Carl for 3 years. Top notch plumber, excellent service.

Brock Engstrom

Glyndon 2/3/15

He did excellent work and answered all my questions.

Steve Odegard

Fargo 1/7/15

Charlie was great to work with.

Darla Gjestvang

West Fargo 12/6/14

Great job and fast!

Damon & Heather Gleave

Casselton 9/02/15

Rob & Brad did a great job and were very friendly and easy to work with!

Anda Properties

Moorhead 9/17/15

One word to describe Carl, "Awesome".

Dan & Jodie Kottenbrock

Fargo 9/02/15

I have used Home & Heating 3 times now! And I wouldn't hesitate to do it again!

Ravinda Samaraweera

Fargo 8/19/15

TJ was very professional & thorough. He fixed everything in a timely fashion & also answered all our questions about long term care.

Joel Komrosky

Fargo 8/24/15

Charlie was very excellent in all areas.  

Trish Bergstrom

Fargo 7/30/15

Roger is professional at all times. I always feel confident with his recommendations and his workmanship is excellent.   

Shawn & Rachel Bakken

West Fargo 8/3/15

Very professional, answered all my questions. I’ll be sure to ask for Roger on any future projects.  

Richard Moser

Fargo 5/4/15

TJ did an excellent job. He was friendly and obviously had a great deal of expertise in his work. We would definitely want him back if we needed plumbing work done.  

Troy Fink

Moorhead 4/6/15

Thanks to Carl for not just excellent service but also the education! We were simply expecting some quick notes on or plumbing and instead we got a wonderful overview and instruction on how to keep out house and plumbing running smooth. Carl and Home will be our call for any future needs!  

Rachel Grindberg

Fargo 4/2/15

Excellent service. He made sure we understood what he was doing and answered any questions we had.   

Keith Welk

Fargo 3/20/15

TJ was very helpful and professional. Did a great job in work and cleanup. I would recommend Home Heating & TJ to anyone.   

John & Jan Gowan

Fargo 2/18/15

Job well done in timely manner.  

Troy & Stephanie Fink

Moorhead 3/30/15

Exceeded expectations! Carl was helpful and he will be our first call in the future!  

CME Rental

Fargo 2/3/15

Dave is great! Highly skilled and a nice guy too…  

Scott Stenseth

Fargo 4/20/15

Excellent service  

Dave Bergstrom

Fargo 4/28/15

Roger was very customer oriented and did his best to make sure I was satisfied. If I need a plumber again I would ask for him!  

Patrick & Nancy Leier

Fargo 3/25/15

Very high quality work.  

Scott & Sharon Fletcher

Moorhead 4/28/15

Excellent work!  

Dave Bergstrom

Fargo 5/26/15

Thank you for sending such a great plumber! He is awesome!  

Julie Alin

Fargo 5/29/15

Jason M. was awesome! Came quick – did a great job—was kind and courteous – very happy.  

Judy Gibbons-Long

Fargo 6/30/15

I have used Home Heating & Plumbing three times and couldn’t ask for better service and professionalism. You guys do a great job!  

Dave Bergstrom

Fargo 4/28/15

Roger was very customer oriented and did his best to make sure I was satisfied. If I need a plumber again I would ask for him!  

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